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La route less travelled by me ...

… after a splendid win for Geraint Thomas in the “lap of France”, I proudly placed the Welsh flag on Mabel for ‘la route des grands crus’ – Beaune, Nuits St Georges, Dijon etc. 363 kata lagi

Mabel And Me

Mars 2° Aquarius Sextile Chiron 2° Aries | Migrating Towards Your Soul Tribe |Sudden Change in Self Assurance | Getting Clear About Your New Healing Direction

Today I was looking over the transits of my astrology chart because I find I see something new everyday. It reminds me of being in a planetarium and watching the sky second by second. 749 kata lagi

What a ride this is ...

… following a splendid lunch at the Porolina Gastronomic Italian restaurant in Nernier, France, I dipped my feet, followed by my body, in the waters of Lac Leman.  357 kata lagi

Mabel And Me

Welcome downpour ...

We knew a storm was imminent, yet my fellow therapists and I were taken by surprise by the deluge. Our therapy tent at the rock musical festival… 146 kata lagi


Such Grace / Such Beauty

Here we are, back in the public park in Ireland. I found this peaceful photo opportunity and want to share it with you. Such grace and such beauty right there in front of my eyes. 196 kata lagi

This Is Who I Am, This Is What I Do

Back to the Basics: The Chakras - The Crown Chakra

Hello Lovelies!

This week we culminate our exploration of the seven Chakras by learning about the Crown Chakra.

Positioned at the top of the head, the Crown Chakra connects us to our Higher Consciousness. 283 kata lagi

A Magical Place

On that same trip to Dublin Ireland last year, I came across (what I considered) a magical place, a special place. It was a place that literally called to me.   238 kata lagi

This Is Who I Am, This Is What I Do