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Reflexology and weight loss benefits.

As we step into 2019, many people feel like it’s time for a change (especially after the over indulgence around the Christmas period.) We all struggle to fit into those skinny jeans, or find our work uniforms a bit tight, however not everyone can throw themselves in at the deep end and go to the gym or get back on track with the latest diet plan. 660 kata lagi


New Year's Resolution - To Your Health!

New Year’s Resolution – To Your Health! Help improve your health with regular Reflexology Treatments – Book now!

Who doesn’t want to improve their health? A regular health maintenance program is a good way to start! 188 kata lagi


Health Benefits of Reflexology And Thai Massage in Guildford

Simply creating, reflexology could be a medical aid performed by the applying of light and controlled pressure to specific points on the feet, ears or hands. 388 kata lagi

Massage Therapy & Acute Coronary Syndrome

How hand and foot massage can benefit patients with ACS by lowering anxiety.

While many view anxiety as solely a mental health issue, this condition affects far more than just the mind. 341 kata lagi


Reflexology leads to a Better Health

When you conceive, nothing can be more beautiful and fulfilling as being pregnant is truly a blessing. Throughout this period of nine months, you need to have good food, relax and take care of your nits and bits every single day. 257 kata lagi

Massage Chandlers Ford

Reflexology Benefits: Diabetes

Today I am looking at how Reflexology can help with Diabetes.

It is worth noting that Reflexology – or any other form of alternative or complementary medicine – should NEVER replace your medication. 241 kata lagi


Reflexology as Energy Healing

Most of my writing has been dedicated to Reiki. Since many of my clients come to see me solely for reflexology (pun intended), I want to share some information about Reflexology. 481 kata lagi