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How Reflexology Can Help Improve Your Sleep.

Do You Have Trouble Falling Asleep or Waking in The Night?
Do You Feel Lethargic and in Need of more energy in the Mornings?

Then try Reflexology. 324 kata lagi

Health conscious in the 21st Century

Now, more than ever before in the history of human civilisation, it is so important to look after our health.There is a lot that contributes to the state of our health, including stress, the food we eat, exercise and our thoughts and feelings – this all manifests as signs and symptoms on a physical level, in our bodies. 914 kata lagi


When You Get So Busy Even On Weekends

Weekend is usually a time for us to unwind after the busy week from work or from school. It’s usually the time when we can do whatever we want such as watching movies at the mall, hanging out with friends at your favorite milk tea shop, or just becoming a couch potato all day long. 1.120 kata lagi


The Health Series: #5 Reflexology by Suzanne

I’m pleased to introduce this month’s guest, Suzanne Partridge. Suzanne has been the Reflexologist at The Haven on Gabriola Island for 23 years. She had a practice in North Vancouver at the same time for 18 years. 355 kata lagi


The New Approach to Anti-Ageing: Facial Reflexology

When did you last feel calm, fresh faced and glowing ? 

Facial reflexology offers not only the wellness benefits of traditional foot reflexology but also a visible softer, smoother appearance to the facial muscles and an improvement in skin tone.   133 kata lagi


Spotlight on Reflexology and Lorri Kulberg, Life in Balance

What is Reflexology?

The purpose of reflexology is to reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, encouraging the body to heal itself. The practice is performed by pressing into reflex points in the hands and feet that are directly linked to other places in the body. 730 kata lagi