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Improve your health: reduce stress and eradicate sickness

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At some time in our lives we’re going to have to deal with common illness and the information we’ll get into here can make a big difference in your rate of recovery. 614 kata lagi

Foot Exercises?

Posted by Tanis Geoffroy on Thursday, July 5, 2012
While recently reviewing a popular health magazine called Alive,¬†found an interesting article on Unbeatable Feet… 72 kata lagi


A Good Fit For Good Feet

A Good Fit For Good Feet
Posted by Serge Geoffroy on Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Good Fit for Your Good Feet

Good feet, you say? Ha! 762 kata lagi


The Best Holistic Therapy for You?

Book between now and November 30th and discover the optimal modality for your well-being!

Natural Health

November update

The inevitable is happening and our thoughts are starting to turn towards Christmas and the search for that gift that will surprise and delight. I think the gift of time is the most precious we can give, activities that create good feeling and memories. 140 kata lagi

Complementary Therapy

Weleda Events available now and Holistic Therapy in January

I am planning to start work again after maternity leave in January 2016. Bookings available soon. I am also currently available for hosting Weleda events, including facial skincare events, mother and baby events or spa events. 31 kata lagi