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Signs of Detoxification With Reflexology

It is common knowledge that our bodies are bombarded with toxins from a variety of sources daily.  Radiation, pollution, household chemicals, pesticides, long term use of pharmaceutical drugs, food preservatives, refined sugar, alcohol, plastic food storage containers and cigarettes are just some of the many examples of these toxins.  337 kata lagi

Natural Therapies

"Im frozen".. Tips for helping with Raynauds Syndrome.

“My hands are frozen!” “I just cant warm up today” “Is it just me or is it really cold in here?” “What’s wrong with the colour of your hands?” 551 kata lagi

The Holistic Toolkit

The Secret Menu You Never Knew About

I love a grande latte just as much as the next girl, but the Starbucks secret menu isn’t the only one you need to be aware of.  46 kata lagi


Reflexology - This is no foot massage

In April this year, I started seeing a reflexologist once a week. At my first appointment, I was asked to remove my shoes and lie down on the flat bed. 893 kata lagi


Green Street Luxuries: Services and Handcrafted Products that are Pure Art for Mind, Body and Soul Renewal

by Gisele R. Siebold

Green Street Luxuries, owned by aromatherapist Candy Pack, offers first-class platinum service that includes a variety of organic facials, reflexology/detox and massage therapies, as well as LED Light Healing Therapy and Amethyst BIOMat, which contains far infrared technology that improves bodily functions and assists with detoxification. 367 kata lagi

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It’s frustrating to spend good money for something and be handed something else instead. In the U.S., that is too often what happens to people who request a reflexology session from someone other than a certified reflexologist. 94 kata lagi

7. A Deepening Journey

I made contact with a man who called himself “King of Witches”. He occasionally appeared on a television programme about unusual occurrences. During our two telephone conversations he informed me his coven had six hundred members!! 1.265 kata lagi

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