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What could be better than a deep, slumbersome and peaceful night’s sleep?

Unfortunately however, for many of us this escapes us and sleeplessness may become an occurring condition with many negative side effects over spilling into the following day and preventing us to perform every day, necessary activities to the best of our ability. 524 kata lagi


I hate my feet!

… is what most people tell me when they hear I’m a reflexologist. Actually most people also say, “how can you bare to touch them?” Our feet get a really hard time, much less so than our hands. 590 kata lagi


How Your Ears Could Foretell the State of Your Health

In this article, we delve into human ears and how they are a possible road map to predict the state of our health!

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed our human body from our lips, nose to ears have a correlated relationship with our internal organs. 1.323 kata lagi


F is for... Fatigue

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is F for Fatigue.

Fatigue can affect different peoples bodies in different ways, while one person may feel tired and drained, another might have insomnia issues or be faced with continued digestive problems. 180 kata lagi

The Holistic Toolkit

The role of the Mind & Metaphysics in relation to disease & healing

Have you ever heard people talking about illness or disease being ‘all in the mind’? How often have people been diagnosed with more serious diseases or illness after a tragic incident? 1.190 kata lagi


Understanding the Concept Behind the Art of Reflexology

The art of reflexology goes back to 5000 years in the Egyptian and Oriental societies. Some consider the reflexology as another type of needle therapy since both these strategies make utilization of weight focuses. 332 kata lagi

Indian Head Massage Inverness