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Full of energy and inspiration in Spring

Spring is the time of blooming and planning. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of growth and creativity and is governed by the liver and gall bladder meridian, which is governed by the wood element. 675 kata lagi


Reflexology & Essential Oils

We have all heard about Reflexology a time or two. I never thought much of it until I saw a graphic that explained every little spot on the soles of your feet, hands and even ears, led to a specific spot in your body. 632 kata lagi

The Art of Foot Reading

I’m going to teach myself this skill as a way to add a fun twist to my reflexology sessions.  Maybe also offer it for a girl’s night or bacheloretee party. 68 kata lagi


How the 5 elements and meridians relate to Reflexology

This article gives a brief explanation on the elements and the meridians based on traditional chinese medicine and it’s use in reflexology.

The meridians are the energy pathways in the body. 736 kata lagi


Mission Relax: Reflexology with Sylvia Coloma

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I’m all about the “Me” Time. When I found myself drowning in the deep end a year or so ago, time dedicated to nothing or no one but myself was quite literally my life raft. 677 kata lagi