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"Here Comes the Sun" ~ The Beatles


Friends first?

Or love at first sight?

I’ve conveyed the three impactful words to a few;

But none stuck with me like someone I once knew. 161 kata lagi

Barefoot Place Reflexology

Perfect Solution For Tired Legs and Feet

Stimulate the nerves in your feet and improve blood circulation with our “Tired Leg & Foot Reflexology Massage “

This revitalizing foot and lower leg treatment is designed to reinvigorate the entire body. 79 kata lagi

Renaissance Day Spa

The silent world of our bodies - do we take it all for granted?

The extra ordinary making of you  countdown to life.

This BBC programme charts the intricate and precise alignment of everything in our body from conception, which  gives us perfect balance – organs, muscles, skin, brain, skeletal, neurology, blood and lymph systems.   255 kata lagi


The Happiness Advantage

This TED talk reinforces what we all know deep down, that Happiness is in the here and now or not at all, it is never on the other side of anything. 57 kata lagi

Health And Wellness

The longer I stare at this image, the more I can only see ...

… bollocks.

I’m not inclined to beat about the bush here. Reflexology is utter, utter cock. (It’s my blog and I can say what I like, but only because it’s true.) This picture has resurfaced in a couple of clickbait articles and made its way into my Facebook news feed. 108 kata lagi


World Reflexology Week

World Reflexology Week 21st September- 27th September 2015!

With it being World Reflexology Week I thought it a good time create a Facebook page for my reflexology business.