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Something new: Working with my body

I’ve started having some reflexology. J and I recognised a very long time ago that I have a lot of stuckness in my body. Not only feelings, but body memories from the time I was abused. 660 kata lagi



There are two kinds of energy, potential and manifest.  Before you think this is going to be boring, bear with me!

Potential energy is waiting to be expressed.  257 kata lagi

Rosanne Bostonian

Reflexology: A Diet Free Weight Loss

You’d be forgiven for thinking that reflexology, acupressure, and massage are one and the same thing. They can feel very similar. Reflexology is a form of health therapy used to balance the body, help it relax, and temporarily alleviate minor aches and pain. 306 kata lagi

Non Classé

The Health Series - #10 Creative Journal Expressive Arts

The Health Series – #10 Creative Journal Expressive Arts
August 17, 2017

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Jan McGinn, Early Childhood Educator, Haven Intern, and Creative Journal Expressive Arts Practitioner and Instructor. 827 kata lagi


Feet First for Fibro Relief

Call it fibromyalgia, fibro or FMS – the fact is that thousands if not millions of people have received the diagnosis of this chronic, long-term and often debilitating disease. 359 kata lagi

Holistic Healing

Reflexology - what a treat!?!

I know Aileen Lait through Friends of Breastfeeding. She is a fellow Wexford Buddy & we attended the training together.

She is the most gentle spirit & her presence is light, healing & so gentle. 387 kata lagi

Summer Skin Tips!

Keeping our skin hydrated and protected is so important for maintaining that youthful, radiant glow, especially over the summer months. Many of us are jetting off for some much needed down-time in the sun and the holiday checklists are being ticked off as the excitement grows. 348 kata lagi