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In Time...

I wanna fall in love when the war within stops,

I wanna fall in love when the struggles and turmoils in my mind calm like a like river running deep, 172 kata lagi


Radical Hospital-ity

This week has been particularly rough for me. I’ve been in a new appointment only three weeks and multiple parishioners in the churches I’m appointed to have ended up in local hospitals. 625 kata lagi


Fetishization, Revenge Porn, And Habo Ifka's Talk to the Ladies

Any ajnabi who talks about how much they love Somali women should send alarm bells ringing in anyone’s head. That’s not love – that’s fetishization. Somali women are not a monolith. 631 kata lagi


Word For The Day...

From Gratefulness.org

There’s nothing “ordinary” about decency, courage under fire, compassion, tenacity, lion-heartedness, and that is what is being called forth in a moment – a deeply mythic moment – like this. 7 kata lagi


Why Sneezing is a Blessing

Unbridled sneezing is amazing. It expands your voice without any effort on your part. I once suddenly sneezed while walking at a street corner and let it freely go. 752 kata lagi