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Sometimes I wonder if life in quarantine is really all that different. I am still trying to carve meaning out of routine, to find some purpose in a time that bleeds and blends into an inseparable swirl. 176 kata lagi


The Spring of Corona

The Spring of Corona

I started this post a couple of years ago and revised it for our corona focused world. I highly recommend Charles Eisenstein’s essay called Coronation… 441 kata lagi


Travelling through Painting

Exploring nature and wild(er) places is an important part of my life. Among other things, it helps me to relax, re-focus, and spend some quality time with my husband away from daily distractions and worries. 214 kata lagi


A Library's Nightmare

The public library in Midland, Michigan has been having a rough time. Like other libraries across the country, they had to close their doors back in March when the coronavirus reached the area. 275 kata lagi


Back to the Retro: Java Feature Phone Games

I’ve been really intrigued about Japanese feature phone games recently, no thanks to playing Flyhight Cloudia, the first of the G-Mode Archives of old feature phone games released by G-Mode. 933 kata lagi


The Holy Spirit?

This is the last of our weeks where we are are looking at post-resurrection experiences that people have with Jesus.  This week is not so much an encounter with Jesus as it is the Holy Spirit.  530 kata lagi