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I generally like dreams. I tend to have an overactive imagination so I can get some pretty interesting one. Like the one more recently where I was by a lake and there were all these rabbits that looked like rabbit / deer hybrids who were floating on the water like ducks and then darting in unison every so often. 142 kata lagi


One Year of Wood Wide Web Stories

Last year, during the autumn equinox, I decided to start this website and blog. It has been already one year that I posted my first blog:  1.820 kata lagi

When worldviews fall far from the tree

I recently read a biography of William Wilberforce. He was a British Member of Parliament from 1780 – 1825 and is well known for fighting for the abolition of the slave trade, and then the abolition of slavery. 559 kata lagi

World Views

Renungan 5 Tahun Pernikahan

Jika ditanya tentang gejolak dan rasa selama saya dan suami mengarungi bahtera pernikahan, tentulah banyak naik turunnya, banyak khilaf dan salahnya, banyak pula tangis dan tawanya, dan banyak syukur dan harapannya. 520 kata lagi


And Away I Go

It’s OK to be sad, right? I think this just means that I’m capable of feeling something deeper than a light superficial wound. That I was recently alive enough to love someone as much as myself. 429 kata lagi


Identity and Audience

Reflecting on the project identity:

I feel I rushed the poster and programme a bit as I had to get it done before the performance whilst doing other things such as editing the final video, finding dancers, and sorting the studio, costumes, scores, and lighting designs. 954 kata lagi

Working Process