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Sacred Time - A Reflection

Time… society says we can lose it

We can waste it

We can borrow it

Society also says that time is money

In the Abbey of the Arts course, Jubilee Year, Christine Valters Paintner, our Abbess says: … 297 kata lagi


On Spiritual Humility

Muslims are superficially familiar with the concept of spiritual humility. Our elders often scold us and remind us of the virtues of humility. Nonetheless, a question that is rarely answered (or even asked) is how does one attain spiritual humility? 1.353 kata lagi


A Reflection on Confidence

I recently went out to dinner with my best friends from high school. Once we were all caught up on each other’s lives, the conversation naturally turned toward other acquaintances and where they’ve wound up. 334 kata lagi


The Power of Environment

Recently, I’ve been noticing my environment more and more.  Here are some questions that popped up:

  1. Who and what do you surround myself with?
  2. What do I think about on a daily basis?  
  3. 161 kata lagi

[Book] Timo Schmitz: "The-Self-Reflecting State" (2019). ISBN: 978-3-748548-64-5.

“The Self-Reflecting State” shows a post-modern concept which treats human-interaction in a state-like quality: We choose our friends in certain ways, as we want to be treated well by them and at the same time love them for who they are. 95 kata lagi