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Old can become new

I have some old sweaters that I love but I cannot wear them anymore. I search on the net for clever ways to use them by transforming them in different items. 15 kata lagi

Sas shopping bag

In Belgium and The Netherlands crochet is trendy, and so is the grocery store Albert Heijn. They sell jute shopping bags, and it’s a real trend to crochet around one. 139 kata lagi


Fall is coming

We are in the middle of October already, the days get shorter and it is getting colder. Time to change your living area a little bit to get some blankets and pillows out. 78 kata lagi

Transform spaces into cozy retreats

Cool weather often drives people to spend more hours indoors than they do during the warmer months. Autumn is a time to winterize gardens, put away lawn furniture and prepare for the holiday season. 567 kata lagi

Hi-Tech Your House Out

Technology is every where and is used for almost every thing. A trip to the shops? You take the car or other transport. In the stores themselves you can see aisles full of the latest gizmos and gadgets. 675 kata lagi


Revamp Your Patio :: Fall Edition

Happy Fall! Another season, another excuse to redecorate your home! And who doesn’t love decorating?! I love when the air turns a little crisper, leaves start to change colors on the trees, and I can pull all my boots, sweaters and comfy warm blankets down from the attack. 215 kata lagi

Bigger Home, Smaller Spend: Expand Your Property For Less

It’s pretty common to start wishing that your home had more space. Your family might start to grow or maybe you even pick up a hobby that starts to take over your home. 509 kata lagi