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Muslim Kok Bangga dengan Setan Merah?

Sobat, kenapa ya sampai banyak muslim yang begitu bangga dengan setan merah (red devils) di dada, padahal yang dibanggakan adalah setan. Setan itu bukan diagungkan, namun dihinakan.


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Hair Today, Gone Tommorrow

A few years ago, Libby was writing in a diary-type book designed to help record your life’s memories and the question was asked, “What things do you wish you had done differently?”  Libby wrote this response, … 801 kata lagi

Barry Gilley

August 29, 2014


That’s right kids, the “Red Devil” went down on Wednesday. Done. Gone. Finished. Adios. Goodbye. So long, farewell. I’m finished with the two-drug chemo combo!!! {Happy Dancing} 387 kata lagi


“I have to be the one of the most passionate football fans ever!”

Yes, I’m a female and yes, I love watching football. No, I won’t get back in the kitchen and make you a sandwich and no, I’m not one of those attention seeking females that pretends to like football for the sake of retweets or guys showing some interest in them. 792 kata lagi


The Devil Drinks Snapple

I’ve heard of the devil in a blue dress and I’ve heard he occasionally wears Prada but according to my friend, Austin over at The Return of the Modern Philosopher… 325 kata lagi


Rood Duiveltje: Gratis Haakpatroon (Dutch)

To see this pattern in English, click here

Hallo! Een weekje geleden kreeg ik een verzoek om een duiveltje te haken als cadeautje. Ik had niet zo veel tijd, dus ik begon eens te zoeken naar een patroon op het internet. 727 kata lagi