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Some Sunday pickin'

Last Sunday we saw a CL ad from a man a few miles a way trying to “clear up” some items on his property… before the county did it for him. 252 kata lagi


Tee shirt rug

Yes! Upcycle those old tees into a cute little throw rug – step out of the shower onto it, give it to your dog to sleep on…the possibilities are endless…especially depending on the tees that you use! 6 kata lagi


Another Blog Post

That’s right, it’s another blog post


First blog post

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Back-to-School Special: Helpful Ways to Keep Our Oceans Blue!

Hello! As summer comes to an end for most of us it’s time to go back to school. it’s important that we are always aware and active on conserving our world, here are some helpful ideas on how to keep our oceans blue! 763 kata lagi

Ocean Pollution

A bit about Me

Hi, my name is Francis, I love everything computers along with reading, writing and art. I am always learning something new and my personal philosophy is, “Anyone can learn and do anything they want if they want to badly enough”. 240 kata lagi


Denis Roussel's Aesthetics of Waste

“Waste”: from the Latin vastūs, vast, or vastitas, desolation. It’s a word that implies a loss of value, a loss of substance, a loss of integrity. 1.097 kata lagi