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Recycled Cat

In an effort to live with less, I’m going through my office trying to determine what can be donated, what can be sold and what can be recycled. 13 kata lagi


Target Golf Putting Practice

Make a version like this for your favorite golfer or make one for the kids with larger holes for bigger balls. Family fun!

Use a utility knife to cut different sized notches from the edge of a cardboard box. 66 kata lagi


recycle beat

yours is yours

and the mind is mind

and yet its easy

to take of the enjoyment

and explore

and shift the need

and how it floats… 50 kata lagi


Reducing waste

Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose.  All great in theory for reducing our waste and our carbon footprint.  But sometimes you need a little guidance for how to reduce our disposable waste. 10 kata lagi


Toy Car Art

This would look awesome in your toy room or even in the man cave!

Grab a large tray and spray paint black. Glue on cars in a color coordinated pattern like in the pic. Cool!

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