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Small Acts of Kindness: 7 Ways to Teach Your Kids Respect and Kindness

By Chidinma

These days, with technology and access to information, teaching kids values is a hard job. I have found 7 ways to teach your kids respect and kindness; they seem to work for me, and they have a lasting impact on your child’s life. 649 kata lagi

Small Acts Of Kindness



with server troubles, but despite their help I think I’ve finally made the break through and am back on all four paws again (and me being effectively these days a technological dodo). 380 kata lagi


Goodbye, Waste

With my ample free time, I end up researching a lot. I go down rabbit holes I never expect to venture down, but here I am. 903 kata lagi

Random Tidbits

Earrings lover

I am obsessed with earrings. They are one of my favorite accessories. I love all kinds of earrings, from stud earrings, long earrings, round earrings, big earrings, Small earrings etc… 173 kata lagi


Wabi-Sabi Life

Sometimes you get lucky and feel like you hit the jackpot even when you are rifling through discarded things. While I did not discover a pot of gold under a rainbow, I saved this beautiful Elite serving tray from becoming part of the city dump. 247 kata lagi


New Uses for Old Containers: Why You DON'T Need to 'Break the Bank' to Start a Garden

I admit it.  When I first started getting serious about gardening, I thought I had to buy everything in the seed starting section at the local Big Box store!   571 kata lagi


Sand Cloud Towels - Help Save our Beaches

Our beaches are beautiful places to enjoy your sand all year round. The salt sea is the ultimate playground, and the sandy shoreline is the ideal place for your holiday. 466 kata lagi