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Tiny Living is Not RV Living

Tiny houses are a relatively new concept and as wonderful as they are, some people might wonder what is the difference in RV living and living in a tiny house?  418 kata lagi

Tiny House

Environmental Wellness

Hello Everybody!

This week’s topic is Environmental Wellness! As a Biology major with a minor in Environmental Science, I am very excited to write about this dimension of wellness! 474 kata lagi

This Company That Restores Old Chairlifts For Home Use Is Awesome

Have you ever wanted to decorate your living space with an authentic chairlift but don’t want to go through the runaround of finding one and restoring it yourself? 222 kata lagi


Live with Intention: Reuse

My grandmother is a dying breed. She lived through the great depression, benefited from Roosevelts “New Deal”, witnessed World War II, and she still collects plastic hotel water cups like they were being discontinued. 388 kata lagi


Hosting a sustainable kids birthday party

Week 29 of the living natural project takes a look at my attempt to host a sustainable kids birthday party.

The kids turned 5 recently and to celebrate this milestone we held a party in the backyard. 669 kata lagi

Sustainable Living

King County Green Schools in action

Here are a few examples of what King County Green Schools Program participants are doing this fall to engage students and staff members in conservation practices. 268 kata lagi


Mint box earphone holder

Do you absolutely hate tangled earphones, especially when you’re really in the mood for some soothing stress-free music???

Detangling those phones definitely increases my stress levels. 279 kata lagi