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March 29, 2015: Day 88

Tonight was one of those nights where you start off washing the dishes, get distracted by how disgusting your stovetop is and spend an hour cleaning that, and then realize that your spice cabinet could stand to be cleaned and reorganized. 162 more words

Chicfinds a wardrobe springcleaner

Time to get rid of those much loved unused pieces that take up space in your wardrobe.

Get in touch with ChicFinds as we expand into recycling clothing, accessories and home wares. 154 more words


Wear Green.

Want to be a little greener?

Got a lot of friends? A church group? Any group?

Why not try hosting a clothing swap? You just take clothes that you don’t wear, get your buddies to do the same, and VIOLA you’re set. 28 more words


Upcycling a Security Door to a Pot Plant Hanger Garden Feature

When my family first heard these words from me “don’t throw it out as I will use it for something”, they were concerned.

Concerned that perhaps I’ll become a hoarder. 204 more words


Sunday Morning Crafting

I see tutorials everywhere for tshirt bags, so I had to make one. It took me about ten minutes and it turned out pretty great. I wouldn’t say it’s sturdy, but it will be perfect for a towel, a book, and a bottle of water when I go to the beach in the summer. 60 more words

Compassion for Garbage

I’ve been looking for a new place to live for almost two months and it has brought to my  attention many things about the way we live in the Western world. 480 more words