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The clothing conundrums.

And so back to the clothes.

I disappeared down the fashion rabbit hole for a while after reading the WRAP report on Valuing Our Clothes. 517 kata lagi

Monthly sewing update: May 2018

Another month has passed and a lot of creativity has happened in that time! I’ve been very busy preparing fieldwork for my thesis for university, planning a wedding (not my own) and lots of other stuff. 1.317 kata lagi


Patio Chairs

I love the beginning of summer. People are cleaning out garages, getting new patio furniture, and tossing out their old stuff! Good news for me! My son and I found these at three different houses. 53 kata lagi

DIY Pallet Raised Garden

It’s planting time here in upstate NY and I am so excited! It seems I spend months mentally planning out our garden and “patiently” waiting for warmer weather to arrive. 505 kata lagi



Trees to plastic, plastic to trees

Reduce, reuse, recycle-

the circle of life will never cease.

Cans made by a machine’s hand

that make up a tree’s trunk… 62 kata lagi


Spare piece of glass?? Let's paint it.

I went to the dollar store 2 days ago and needed to buy just one more item to get enough for $5.00. I chose a small photo frame coz I figured I’d have some use for it at some point. 253 kata lagi


We are Garbage People Living on Garbage Island!

Every time I open up an Amazon package, I suppress the urge to scream. When I open up my prepackaged salad and have to dig through five layers of plastic, I almost lose my mind. 478 kata lagi