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Climate Change and Its Impact on Soil

Many people are well aware of how climate change has increased average global temperatures and fueled extreme weather, but few stop to ponder how climate change can affect soil quality. 812 kata lagi


Something Old, Something New...

“Something old, something new; Something borrowed, something blue.”

Wedding season is almost upon us! Curate your own special collection of treasures for your big day using antique and vintage items no one else will have. 115 kata lagi

Back of Chair- Art Storage

My son is a bit obsessed with drawing and coloring.  I am all about him having his paper and crayons/markers out and spending time being creative.   1.160 kata lagi

Trash Fashion hits the Westside Runway

With members of the staff and faculty serving as judges, our Middle School students (grades fifth through eighth) collaborated with their Advisories and pulled together the best fashion they could – with nothing but trash. 47 kata lagi

Middle School

sticky things

The backdrop to my 2017 is the year long art project, TWELVTY, where each month has its own color. An unexpected side benefit to this is I’ve got this clear delineation in my time. 752 kata lagi