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Baby Carriage (How To Make)

As always tips for motherhood, baby shower and baptism, never hurts!

See with us, check out a cute tip for your baby shower.

This baby stroller can be both decorative and a souvenir of the event.


Reduce, re-use, recycle: Handy tips for a healthier future.

I would absolutely love being one of those environmentalist, tree dwellers, living off the land, up-cycling bits of old furniture, no waste etc. No stress, no fuss. 633 kata lagi

What Am I Doing?

the other rooms

As I move away from the kitchen, the biggest culprit in creating trash, I found that for most of our other rooms, the living room, bedroom, and office/music/craft room, all I really needed to do was remove the waste bin in order to better divert those items to recycling or compost. 1.545 kata lagi


Blog post #35 – July 23, 2017 It’s new to me!

Good morning, Cuddlers!

Do you ever have those moments when you’re looking at your belongings and get the urge to re-organize? All of a sudden the furniture needs to be rearranged, the books on the shelves need a different organization system, or the closet needs purging of all things stuffed inside of it. 432 kata lagi


Sustainable Sunday Swap: Reusable Shopping Bags

Swap plastic shopping bags for reusable shopping bags.

This is no shocker – plastic disposable shopping bags are not cool. They’re terrible for the environment, choking up waterways and destroying sea life (just google “plastic bags in the ocean” for some imagery) or simply going to landfill. 265 kata lagi


Sell your used skis on outdoor marketplace

It is only few months for the winter season. Are you keen on to buy new skis? You might have few old skis already on your closet, so why not get some extra money for your skiing trip by selling them. 171 kata lagi

Hey June – racer back dress review

So when I was thrifting a couple months ago I came across this amazingly stretchy extra large skirt. I had no idea what it was going to be, or if I was going to shrink it to fit me. 64 kata lagi