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The Proper Management of eWaste Part I

The first article in a series about the current state of ewaste management around the world by SORT South Bank Hub participant Chris Blair. 846 kata lagi


Favorite Finds Friday

I’ve decided to start at least one regular weekly post to NLL. Every Friday I will post some of my favorite finds from other blogs, social media, websites, YouTube videos, online shopping, brick and mortar shopping, etc… 220 kata lagi


DIY Copper Scrap Decor

Copper is such a beautiful metal. If you have any scraps lying around from the previous copper crafts, put them to good use. Cut a very thin strip along the side of the sheet and it will curl like a ribbon all on it’s own. 30 kata lagi



Innovation is just fancy word for change that should take place in order to improve a situation or process. 


But in our minds, this is what we instinctively think: “CHANGE = THREAT”

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Yesterday's projects

Yesterday, we finished the double oven mitt that’s shaped like a heart. The kids loved it. Now, we will move on, to the apron. We are doing that as a recycle project.

Urban composting system

If you are in a small space or just in an urban environment – it is challenging to compost.

I love this simple solution (partly because it reuses and repurposes milk crates): 6 kata lagi


Veronika Richterová: PET sculpture

“Czech artist Veronika Richterová creates new life from repurposed plastic PET bottles. For the last decade the artist has used various methods of cutting, heating, and assemblage to build colorfully translucent forms of everything from crocodiles to chandelier light fixtures to plants. 44 kata lagi