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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These days, there is a lot of negative talk going on about plastics; howeverything is made from plastic, how plastic is polluting our planet, how plastic is ruining the environment. 19 more words

Hunks And Chunks

Children's Verandah Cubby Play Area - a Birthday Present

I had grand plans for our Little One’s cubby house, so despite a month of bad health, I am proud to say I finished (just in time for her birthday as this was to be her present). 214 more words


DIY: Clean Candle Jars!!

I love everything about candles: from their range of scents, to their colors, and jars they come in. I kept looking for ways to reuse these jars instead of throwing them away every time they burn out. 314 more words



And What Remains I Will Simply Embrace


The World’s First Plantable Coffee Cup

We have a trash crisis – not just in Hong Kong but also globally. As consumers none of us really know where our trash goes, and the problem with recycling is that none of us really know if the things we put into the bins are actually getting recycled. 211 more words

Coffee Cup

"Family Cloth"

Disclaimer: This post is going to be…icky…for some. Bodily fluids, bathroom habits, and the like. Consider yourself warned.

My basic criteria for trying new things is that it has to meet at least one of these requirements: Is it cheap? 370 more words