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Rā 274, Rāmere 30 o Mahuru

So, do I share the photo of the 5 comatose 17yr olds that were strewn slug-like across my living room this morning after an all-nighter playing computer games and watching horror movies? 45 kata lagi

52 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint - 2. Straws

Last year there was a very powerful video posted by the Leatherback Trust showing one of the problems straws are having on wildlife.

Straws first become popular in the 1900’s as a way to limit the spread of infectious disease such as polio, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s in the good old US of A that straws really became popular with the advent of fast food. 275 kata lagi


Fair Trade day - ECOM

Hi guys,

I’ll introduce myself. I’m a student at Can Tho University. This semester, I study a subject: Ecommerce

Today, each group in the class shares ideas about selling somthing. 52 kata lagi


Everything You Need to Know about Single-Stream Recycling

With more and more people learning about the importance of sustainability, recycling has become a routine part of life across America. In fact, the practice has grown so common that people rarely stop to think about the processes (for example, single-stream and dual- or multistream) involved in recycling common household items. 750 kata lagi


Diary of a mothering worker. September 21, 2016.

Post 228.

Instead of focusing entirely on the upcoming budget, we should pay closer attention to the changes we need and can secure without money being a problem. 1.049 kata lagi

Momentous Trivialities: Diary Of A Mothering Worker

One Less Straw This October

Do we really need to use straws? What is wrong with just drinking from the glass?

Every day in the U.S. 500,000,000 plastic straws are used and then tossed in the trash, or in some cases, … 171 kata lagi