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Pengertian RECOUNT TEXT adalah tulisan yang menggambarkan pengalaman yang telah berlalu dengan cara menceritakan kembali peristiwa-peristiwanya berdasarkan urutan waktu terjadinya. Recount text ditulis berguna untuk menceritakan kembali peristiwa yang terjadi agar bisa diketahui oleh pembaca atau menjadi hiburan. 9 kata lagi

Recount Text

Generic Structure dari Recount Text

Generic structure (susunan umum) recount text ini terdiri dari:

  • Orientation tells who was involved, what happened, where the events took place, and when it happened.
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Recount Text

Valentine's Postcard [RECOUNT]

Okay, so this happened about 2 years ago when i was in 7th grade. Like always, i spent my day at home sleeping, eating, and stuff. 236 kata lagi

English Task

Example of Recount Text

My Vacation in Bali

When I was in senior high school, I went to Bali. Actually, it was the first time I went to there. I went with all my friends on the second grade in my senior high school. 136 kata lagi


Example Of Recount Text - Holiday At Bintan Island

Two years ago, I and my family holiday at bintan island. The trip to bintan island turned out to be quite easy, from the punggur harbour’s we only need to use a speedboat for 15 minutes or roro ships than can carry some cars and motorcycles to the bintan island. 181 kata lagi

Tugas TIK

Descriptive Text

My grandparents’ house is in the village and is my favorite place to visit. What I like about the place is that there is a shallow pond near the house. 64 kata lagi

English Lesson

Recount Text - My holiday at Sanur Beach

Name : Ni Komang Sri Indriyani
Number : 9
Class : XA

My holiday at Sanur Beach

Last year, My Family and I went to Sanur Beach. 254 kata lagi