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Example of Recount Text

Recount text is a text that retells about the event or experiences in past. Its purpose to inform or to entertain the readers. do you want to see the example of recount text? 13 kata lagi

Example of Recount Text

My first Experience to Play Ice Skating

On Friday my friend and I went to Bintaro X Change Mall (BXC Mall) to play Ice skating. BXC mall has the biggest Ice Skating Rink in Indonesia. 544 kata lagi

Contoh Recount Text Holiday

A Trip to Borobudur Temple

Three years ago, I and my classmates visited Borobudur Temple. We went to Borobudur temple by bus. We left our school at nine o’clock. 366 kata lagi

Contoh Teks Recount

Recount Text

Visiting my Friend’s Wedding

Two weeks ago, my friend  at boarding house told me that Kamal had a wedding at Pati on Saturday. I agreed to come Kamal’s wedding because I never visited Pati with motorcycle. 183 kata lagi

Genre Based Writing

Unforgettable Birthday Surprise

Unforgettable Birthday Surprise

I had one unforgettable experience. It happened when I was in high school. One day, I was called for a meeting. All teachers and my friends were scowling at me. 99 kata lagi

Reading Passage

Recount Text

My holiday started after the remedial test days were over, which was after the end of semester exams. On the new years holidays my goal was to finish my internship task, and have a joy new years with my sister that lives in Jogjakarta. 113 kata lagi

Recount Text

Recount Text № 1: Holiday.

Talking about the holiday, my holiday wasn’t bad at all. I spent well my holiday, the only time that I can relax pretty well. It used to be filled with a bunch of boredom, but since last year, my Christmas-New Year-Holiday has been great. 263 kata lagi

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