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One day, Philip put on his skates – metal things put on shoes for moving on ice – and prepared anything to go for a run on the ice. 191 kata lagi

Recount Text

My "After 8 Years" Short Trip.

8 years in my life was turned so fast. I remembered the last time when I came home to my grandparents’ house at that time, it was on his funeral with my whole family from my mom. 505 kata lagi


Example of Recount Text

Recount text is a text that retells about the event or experiences in past. Its purpose to inform or to entertain the readers. do you want to see the example of recount text? 13 kata lagi

Example of Recount Text

My first Experience to Play Ice Skating

On Friday my friend and I went to Bintaro X Change Mall (BXC Mall) to play Ice skating. BXC mall has the biggest Ice Skating Rink in Indonesia. 544 kata lagi

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A Trip to Borobudur Temple

Three years ago, I and my classmates visited Borobudur Temple. We went to Borobudur temple by bus. We left our school at nine o’clock. 366 kata lagi

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