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Jeong Kwan, the Philosopher Chef

Recently, I have read several articles about this nun after she is featured in “Chef’s Table”, but none of them can compare with great piece of Jeff Gordiner I read in 2015. 2.489 kata lagi


David Sedaris Is Depressed — Longreads

Definitely worth reading. Found this through WordPress from Aaron Gilbreath. I would also encourage you to check out the full piece in the Paris Review… 46 kata lagi


Something That Has the Potential to Destroy the Traditional Family

I saw this one last week on the NZ Conservative Coalition, and while this technology has the potential to save lives and in turn help make a stronger argument against abortion, if this technology isn’t used properly, it can undermine the traditional family. 16 kata lagi

Thank You, Chester.

This week has been really tough for me.

On Thursday night I heard the news and broke down. A friend or a family member didn’t die. 715 kata lagi

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A heartfelt goodbye to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, someone who not known personally, made a big difference in Zebra Mom's life at a time when she really needed it. I also said goodbye this week to a musician made their mark on my life, Kenny Shields of the Canadian rock group Streetheart. They were part of the Regina bar scene when I was in university and one of their members was a classmate of mine. They agreed to play at our residence Christmas party which gave me a bunch of brownie points! But it was much more than that. It made them approachable and just like the rest of us. Much like Chester did for Zebra Mom. RIP Chester and Kenny. Lydia!

Reblog: "We need to stop calling professional development a “pipeline”

Excellent post by Small Pond Science on why ‘pipeline’ is a problematic metaphor for the scientific career path.

When we talk about increasing the representation of women and ethnic minorities in STEM, the path towards a professional career is often characterized as a “pipeline.” The pipeline metaphor is so entrenched, it affects how people think about our deep-rooted problems.

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The 10 Best Foods and Drinks in South France

While it’s easy to think of Nice as France’s second city, the town is actually just fifth largest in the country, with a population roughly the size of Anaheim. 1.742 kata lagi

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It was Alex’s dream cabin – 10,000 square feet of luxurious space overlooking a majestic waterfall, near the famous Sundance Ski Resort. It took him and his wife several years to design, build and furnish it. 675 kata lagi

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