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The Parallel Runiverse - A New Mini-Series!

They say in this world, that there is an alternate universe where everything is the complete opposite, otherwise known as a parallel universe. However, I have always wondered what would happen if we really did live in a parallel universe. 324 kata lagi


"People taking their own decisions"?! How the Lewis' gang up on IFAs.

I don’t know if there’s something in a name, but if I was an IFA, I’d be butting my head against anything called “Lewis” 753 kata lagi


Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters

A lot of clues point at red dead redemption 2 being a prequel, meaning a lot we may have been introduced to a lot of who seem to be part of  Dutch’s gang already. 293 kata lagi

John Wick: Chapter Two Review

Back in Black

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

High octane action. Tightly choreographed action. A next to silent protagonist. These are the hardly new qualities of most gritty action flicks since the 70’s. 730 kata lagi

Movie Reviews

Blurring Genres, Lives and Design in Open-World Mosaics: Why ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Made Games Better

On 29 March 2007, Rockstar Games – through their flagship development studio, Rockstar North – declared its mission statement for the upcoming era of high-definition interactive entertainment: forget what you know, what you expect, and even what you love, about the  5.569 kata lagi

The Walkthrough Dead: The New Frontier #3 I'M A HOMEWRECKER

This week I try to kill off the more useless of the herd and ruin my brother’s marriage. Such fun!


The Walkthrough Dead: New Frontier #2

This epsiode we learn that sometimes you eat the walkers and well… sometimes the walkers eat you. Also kids suck. Check out more on twitter @reeldudereviews and facebook.com/reeldudereviews