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The Walkthough Dead: New Frontier #1

It’s time to cry again with Clementine and newcomer Javi in the latest episode of Telltale’s Walking Dead. Tell me which part made you feel on Twitter @reeldudereviews!


John Wick: Chapter Two and Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Drop

Two new trailers dropped today and boyyyyyy they’re a doozy. Check them out below and tell me how many willies you get on a scale of 1 to HOLY CRAP… 88 kata lagi


Nocturnal Animals Review

Reviewed By Nicholas Vandeloecht

You know, with this movie being called Nocturnal Animals, I was half-expecting to see a fox, a deer or even a cat, but in the film’s kickoff I got a whoooooole lot of something else instead. 1.408 kata lagi

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Why I'm Worried About the Announcement of The Last of Us: Part Two

Hastily written by Mason Manuel

PSX is gone and behind us but it left some stunning bombshells in its wake, mostly through developer Naughty Dog products. 755 kata lagi


Loving Review

Reviewed by Nicholas Vandeloecht

Loving, directed by Jeff Nichols, is set in the late 1950s and early 1960s D.C./Virginia region and stars Joel Edgerton… 1.044 kata lagi

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Reckoning or Retribution?

It’s not easy being one of the biggest developers in the gaming industry. With 35 games* to their belt and several movies, Rockstar games truly is a behemoth. 458 kata lagi

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Intro to: Ruff Diamond Rescue (RDR) ♡

Good evening, Earth Supporters!

Earth Support has two main branches: From Dust to Dawn and Ruff Diamond Rescue. A little about RDR:

As you may guess from the name, Ruff Diamond Rescue (RDR) is a rescue project for animals. 159 kata lagi

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