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Panacea comment for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

26 Apr 2016

Financial advisers that accept invitations to sporting events, concerts or social events from product providers may be breaking conflict of interest rules, the FCA has warned. 819 kata lagi

Panacea Comment

Should You Trust Your Hard Earned Investment or Pension to a Robot?

These robots, of course, aren’t like those you see in films. Instead they are capable of providing investment advice usually delivered by a human adviser sitting behind a desk — and for a lot less money. 732 kata lagi

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Sing Street Review

Rock On

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

A band. A love struck teen. 1985 in all of its cheesy glory. You would be forgiven if the name… 512 kata lagi

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Let's Play Ratchet and Clank #1: Galactic Rangers Assemble!

We try out for the space police in our first Ratchet and Clank Let’s Play!


If Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 Map is Real, I Give Up

Rockstar…you’re killing me. Apparently a prequel to RDR, this game will take, in my estimation, roughly 300 man hours to complete the main storyline to say nothing of the inevitable online content, DLC and numerous side quests. 31 kata lagi

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April fool, decide for yourself?

All advisory firms in a post RDR world have had to look carefully at their proposition, segment their client base and decide what to charge their clients taking into account the underlying costs of running their business. 609 kata lagi