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If Not Us, Then Who?

When Legislation Restricts Access to Important Advice

Irish people have long held a reputation for being generous to those less well off. The number of charitable donations made in Ireland each year have secured us a place at the top of the… 775 kata lagi

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Red Door History

To many, a red door on a house is simply a feature that adds to a home’s curb appeal. If you’re like me, seeing a painted door makes you look twice. 389 kata lagi

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Tax-subsidies on retirement advice; a waste of public funds!

The Government intends to extend tax breaks on pensions to allow those with pension pots to use them to pay for advice. The details are… 1.078 kata lagi


Tips for Standardized tests.

Mark Kantrowitz

If you’re taking a standardized test soon, whether it’s the SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE or one of the other tests, there are a few tips that can help you prepare. 832 kata lagi

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Motivational Monday


Years ago, while running a business for engineering and electronics conglomerate Siemens, Denice Kronau burned out. She blames a mix of ugly travel—flying to India for a four hour meeting, then flying straight back—and perfectionism: “I could play with PowerPoint up until the moment we would beam it up on the wall,” she says. 850 kata lagi

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Each year on the last Thursday of July, hot dog lovers across the United States top their hot dogs with delicious chili to celebrate National Chili Dog Day. 63 kata lagi

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Why Seller's Remorse Is So Common, and What to Do About It

By: Jamie Wiebe

Thinking of selling your home and worried you’ll regret it? Here’s how to cope.

Selling your house can be scary: It’s been your home, where you’ve lived and made memories. 855 kata lagi

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