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Rola-J @ New Bohemia Brewing Co.

Playng with Rola-J at NuBo’s Funk/Soul Fridays this Friday night! Get up and drive your funky soul to New Bohemia Brewing Co!! Kickin Chicken will be hosting food that night too! Music from 7-9pm!


99 Bottles

Thanks to Ken Payton, I got a couple pictures from our rasta soul funk show at 99 Bottles in downtown Santa Cruz Thursday night. Also thanks to Daniel Antonio (Rola-J) and his band for having me there again! 11 kata lagi


Plus Size Outfit of the Day: Rasta Vibes

How do you wear a sexy fishnet dress without revealing all? With a strapless bra and leggings, and voila. Sexy, fun and still respectable :) 24 kata lagi

Sexyplus Clothing

EMO-tions @ Hairology

At the 10th of September the new round of Hairology will start again. A real paradise for all hair addicted people. One of the participants also in this round is EMO-tions with this awesome long rasta hair, called Aysa. 6 kata lagi

आसाइशें ऐसी

हमराह हज़ारों मिल भी जाएँ मगर
हमकदम हमसाया हर कोई नहीं होता

एक उम्र गुज़री रिश्तों को सहेजते-सहेजते
आसाइशें ऐसी कि खुद को भी संभाला नहीं जाता

दिल के रिश्ते से उम्मीद कुछ जियादा थी
गुज़रा कुछ अरसा तो जाना वो रिश्ता ही अधूरा था

टूटी किरचें ख्वाबों के, अह्द के संजोंते हुए
उस मोड़ पर हूँ जहाँ से कोई रास्ता नहीं जाता


Boy expelled because of his Rastafari faith — Repeating Islands

Banning burkinis from beaches, denying entry to schools according to hairstyles or rather, religious practices . . . What’s next? Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sharing this item: Immanuel Marica (4) is presently being home-schooled by his parents because Sister Regina Primary School in St Maarten will not allow him to attend “because of […]

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