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malabrigo march: the homestretch

So far, my first Malabrigo March has been pretty successful.  (For a quick recap of what “Malabrigo March” is all about, check out my last post… 556 more words


Bob Marley and His Musical Career

Bob Marley is the legend of Reggae music. Teenagers nowadays only see him as a big stoner, and not as this amazing artist that he was. 366 more words

You’re a good rapper but spare us your butt

Saturday was a good day. I violated my typical schedule and went to watch some art spinning at the Kenya National Theatre. I had anticipated to reach at KNT right on time to see the event begin as the performers as I had seen them before were great. 614 more words


Warrior King gets set to rise again.

For some of Warrior King’s fans, especially in Jamaica, their relationship with the artiste could very well be summed up as “out of sight, out of mind”, and no-one is more aware of this than Warrior King himself. 525 more words


Bob Marley Did Not Give Up Rasta.

So many articles all over the place are claiming that Bob Marley repudiated Rasta and became a Christian over a year before he died. Only those who were close to the man like his family and friends can attest to that. 217 more words

Bob Marley

Wait, You're Doing What Exactly?

Well, here we are again; Sunday night in New York City. 12:56 a.m. which I guess actually makes it Monday…pure fuckery. Stressing out to the point that I’m convinced that my body has turned on me…we won’t even begin to discuss the physical effects of everything happening in my life. 462 more words