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Tacky Teezday: Major Lazer (Cartoon Series)

Major Lazer, Jamaican Superhero (and embodiment of the musical artist trio Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire), is our hero of the future. The world needs a hero to counter the forces that have created this dystopian future, which are led by President Whitewall (voiced by J.K. 554 kata lagi



On those very rare occasions when I turn on the TV, I scan through the channels for something, anything that won’t annoy the utter drizzle out of me and I settle down to enjoy a brief snatch of light and colour. 308 kata lagi

Rasta Mermaid Sea Glass Pendant

Rasta Mermaid Sea Glass Pendant
A One Of A Kind Mermaid Necklace In Genuine Red Yellow And Green Sea Glass Finely Hand Crafted In Sterling Silver. 46 kata lagi



As one skims through life, you find yourself in the company of people who you might not immediately choose as a friend. Through school, work and generally knocking about in your own merry way, you discover that you are not the only nutcase in town and for me, I discovered that in the form of a now former colleague who we shall refer to as “Bod.” 384 kata lagi


What's in a name?

It is 5:30 on a most glorious Sunday morning. Two turtledoves are basking in the rays of the November sun. It is quiet in this privileged neighbourhood where I live here in the friendly city. 378 kata lagi


Letter Leaf's and Pen Pal's

Writing letters to your dear ones was a way to communicate and express our Love to a special one or was sometimes also used to share welfare amongst families. 384 kata lagi