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Mz Mumsie's pick Protoje - I&I (Official Music Video)

I love love this tune!!! the video is done great and very entertaining! Had to highlight Mi Rasta Bredren “Protege” 


Man Cuts Off His Dreads, To Get A Job.

Derrick Davis, 41, gave his dreadlocks the cut as he was feeling his hairstyle was stopping him from getting a job.

The Ex-Offender from Jacksonville Florida, had not had a pair of scissors anywhere near his mane in over 10 years. 71 more words

Veganism's New Anthem

“So like, what do you eat?” 


Every vegan has heard this question hundreds of times. While it might not be a question aimed to offend, it can definitely get annoying trying to explain that there are literally thousands of foods that don’t come from an animal. 371 more words


An Introduction to Ital: The Original Way of Man and Wombman

Ital is the Rastafari Word for Vital, Natural, Pure, Unprocessed, JAH-Made – not hand-made. It is one of the most important components of the RasTa trod and identity, being the way in which I and I love, purify and rejuvenate the land and ourselves – mind, body and Irit. 1.705 more words


Rastafarian Flag Meaning; Red Yellow Green Lion

King Selassie I

King Selassie I is the Lord and Savior of the Rasta People. The same way Christians look to Christ as their lord and Savior, is the Same way that Rastafari look to (Ras – Tafari) King Selassie I as our Lord and Savior. 772 more words


Rastafari Stereotypes & Myths!

10 Rastafari Myths and Stereotypes!!!

  1. All Rasta Smoke Marijuana – Not all Rasta smoke herb. This is optional. Some Rasta smoke herb, to smoke, and to avoid smoking cigarettes, some smoke herb for relaxation.
  2. 663 more words