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Reggae, the music synonymous with Rastafari and its icon. Bob Marley, was created from the blending of African, neo-African, and African-American musical styles. The Rastafaris were chiefly responsible for introducing the African and neo-African elements into reggae music. 231 kata lagi

Higher Learning

Rasta Chica

‘Tis a simple portrait of a babe donning a Rastafarian hat (or “rasta cap”), like they wear in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. In other words, she would be a rasta chica, mon!


Marijuana & Rasta 5 clarifications

Discovering Rasta

Rasta is about so much more than Marijuana. Due to the fact that it changed my life a few years ago. On the other hand, my hair and ethnic history remain. 297 kata lagi


Rasta Cowboy Unicorn

When I was home for the holidays, I found a letter I had written to my mom. I was 15 and at an overnight retreat with a group of kids from different high schools in the area. 427 kata lagi


The New Testament: Jah International Version

Pen and Spirit Publishing has just released an edition of the New Testament especially for Rastafarians.  The Jah International New Testament is a revision of the KJV New Testament, and includes two books from the broader Orthodox Tewahedo biblical canon. 31 kata lagi


Zimbali Retreat Westmoreland

Stay here if you possibly can.

A seven-acre organic farm. Most of the food used at the retreat is grown here.

Iron nut

Iron nut… 112 kata lagi


Rasta Tam Custom Order

Latest #rasta #tam on its way to its new owner. Should be there for Christmas!

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