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RASTA Racketball Tour – Whitecraigs LT&SC Saturday 27th August 2016

Would you like to play in a fun Racketball Tournament?

Well why not come to Whitecraigs LT&SC in Glasgow this Saturday

There will be graded 3 events: 37 kata lagi

[Comic Review] The 4HORSEFEMMES #1

Superheros and super-human beings are always a great subject for a comic, it allows for an unlimited amount of possibilities and stretches the imagination. The fact that so many comics deal with these kinds of characters is a testament to that, but with so many in the marketplace how does one distinguish their characters and story? 547 kata lagi

Comic Reviews

The Rastafari Religion

Rastafari is an abrahamic religion (religion whose people believe that Abraham and his descendants hold an important role in human spiritual development). It was developed in Jamaica in the late 1930’s. 590 kata lagi



You went a little mad in Jamaica.

When your friends dragged you to the beach party you saw him standing at the edge of the crowd, skin like melted chocolate, hair like snakes hanging down past his shoulders. 477 kata lagi