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Today's Goddess April 19 2015

Rangda’s themes are thankfulness, magic and fertility.  Her symbols are a pregnant Goddess, round-shaped fruits, hibiscus and the color yellow.  A witch Goddess in Bali, Rangda takes on a function many witches have throughout history, that of a woman’s helpmate, especially in conception. 200 more words

Morning Thoughts

Galugan e a Harmonia do Mundo

UBUD, INDONÉSIA: Você ainda conseguia sentir o cheiro da chuva da noite anterior. O odor de terra úmida abria o dia enquanto o sol apareceria no horizonte. 1.506 more words


Gunung Agung and Besakih

Orientation in BALI begins with the sacred mountain, Gunung Agung, which stands 3,142 meters high in the eastern central part of the island. Gunung (Mount) Agung is the dwelling place of the Hindu Gods. 1.058 more words