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Mythic Creatures at Denver's Museum with Zeb the Duck

I, Zeb the Duck, saw Mythic Creatures at Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science.

This is a special exhibit through September 7, 2015.   It is good; don’t miss this one.   554 kata lagi

Rangda & Barong (Negative & Positive aspects from Balinese Mythology)

is a Demonqueen of Bali.

She had a Flaming Tongue and hanging breasts and eyes that roll.
This Dark and deadly creature commanded witches. Her name means ‘Widow’ and she was probably diverted of a Queen from Bali from 11th century who was banned because of witchcraft. 185 kata lagi

Hari Raya Penampahan, Galungan, Lan Umanis

Bulan Juli 2015 merupakan bulan spesial buatku. Pertama kalinya aku membuat penjor dibantu ibu, Ni Luh Ketut Karyawati beserta pacar, Putu Nuniek Hutnaleontina. Ada juga anjing putihku, Vinno dan anjing kintamaniku, Chocky yang mengawasi kami. 214 kata lagi


2.3 Offer

Long hours dwindled to moments. Dances, music, stories, conversations all spiralled inwards, mixing together along with the drinks I downed as time rushed by at a madcap pace. 3.624 kata lagi


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Through the gaps in the thin screen of whip-like trees, Lake Ontario’s second night sky shimmered and roiled with every wave churned up by the gentle breeze, lapping against the shores of the little peninsula. 4.395 kata lagi


Today's Goddess April 19 2015

Rangda’s themes are thankfulness, magic and fertility.  Her symbols are a pregnant Goddess, round-shaped fruits, hibiscus and the color yellow.  A witch Goddess in Bali, Rangda takes on a function many witches have throughout history, that of a woman’s helpmate, especially in conception. 200 kata lagi

Morning Thoughts

Galugan e a Harmonia do Mundo

UBUD, INDONÉSIA: Você ainda conseguia sentir o cheiro da chuva da noite anterior. O odor de terra úmida abria o dia enquanto o sol apareceria no horizonte. 1.506 kata lagi