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Shiny Red Toes

Took a time out for a pedicure today and now I have pretty toes again. I is happy!


Late Night Thoughts, Early Morning Dreams #44 Under The Influence of You

2 a.m.

Feelings embrace me through the darkness

Thoughts of you

Come through

You should be here, I should be there

My head on your chest, your hands on my breast… 138 kata lagi

Random Mind Tricks

Level UP!

Guys I think I’m entering into the second level of motherhood.

All my people sleep in their own rooms, ok well that isn’t entirely true, but all of my people are capable of sleeping in their own rooms. 695 kata lagi



sleep it off
close the door
leave them alone
raise your sore feet
and succumb to sleep

you are miles from miles
beyond distance and times… 10 kata lagi


Burden of grief

My head is aching terribly. I am freezing on the outside but burning up on the inside. Litu One on the other hand is burning up both on the outside and inside. 1.557 kata lagi


Information Needed For Jeopardy

Ready to make your brain explode with (possibly) useless information? I now have another file folder in my brain titled “information you might need on… 335 kata lagi