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Deep Thoughts on a Rainy Walk

My business managers, who are not allowed to enter The House on the Hill because I’d never want the money side of things to corrupt the creative flow, are always after me to add new features to the blog, Modern Philosophers. 916 kata lagi


Random Thoughts - 67

Everyone does, what he / she is best at…….and which is: natural talent……or potential.

It starts right from childhood… Call is “tabiyyat”or “mizaaj” or “modus operandi”… 222 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Thank You for Your Kindness

Rustic Country Charm Fox and Flowers Thank You Card

My inspiration for this thank you card design came from all of the people who have helped me during very difficult times in my life.   156 kata lagi

Michelle Istanish

"I didn't do it."

I’m not sure if I made myself clear when I wrote about how much I hate fire ants, but I’m happy to recap:


Cat Sick

I was woken by the sound of a cat regurgitating its food onto the bedspread. It is not the ideal way to be introduced to a new day. 412 kata lagi

Random Thoughts


Been a whirlwind trip and it is almost over. Trying to sit back and make the most of it. Trying to just enjoy, but a little nervous here and there.

Random Thoughts

Better Together

Interesting to think it is the spokes of a wheel that hold it together, strengthen it, and help it move along; even when there are bumps in the road. 21 kata lagi

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