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North Korea A State Sponsor Of Terror

The news today say Trumpette will declare North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism.

Well, duh.

Hacking a US company and threatening the lives of the employees of that corporation should have had them back on the list a long time ago. 64 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Kahapon Lang

Kahapon lang doon sa kalsada ay madalas maglaro’t maghabulan. Maliliit pa tayo. Mas matangkad pa nga si Fita. Si Fita yung asong sinunod natin ang pangalan sa biskwit. 548 kata lagi


A Magical Holiday in NYC Bucket List - 2017 Edition

Anyone who knows me, knows about my slight (in the most gigantic of terms) obsession with the holidays. I have already started binge watching Hallmark Christmas love movies this year enough so that I’m seeing reruns and it’s not even Turkey day yet. 490 kata lagi

Random Thoughts


Lately I’ve been thinking about metaphors (nothing new about that in itself) and how the words chosen when talking/writing about science, ethics, and environmental issues might influence the reaction in people and their willingness to reflect and act. 243 kata lagi


To say that this past weekend was a busy one would be an understatement.  That s what happens when you’re part of a team that is responsible for moving 65 people into 58 open spaces along with their files.  591 kata lagi


Some random experiences in Kansas - Anti Social Syndrome

Just a week before the Thanksgiving, my husband and me happened to visit Walmart for our regular errands. Owing to the festive season, there were a lot of people in the superstore. 522 kata lagi


Random thought 

When my oldest was little, she was easy to take care of. She was cautious, well behaved in public to the point where we got complemented on her behaviour. 103 kata lagi