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Forever Learning

There’s so much information, especially today, available online and in libraries for anyone to access and educate themselves on various topics/disciplines.  Unfortunately when in school as a kid, like many I didn’t fully appreciate my free education.  201 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal

Recovery Update

It’s 2 and a half months into my eating disorder recovery and I’m doing very well.  I’m to the point where I eat when I’m hungry and don’t obsess about whether I should or not.  261 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal

Random Post/Playing with My Camera

Arkham Horror Card Game


Drawing Book

Have been having fun with my digital camera lately.  I still use my 3DS despite having a Nintendo Switch, it has a wonderful library of games available too so I will keep on playing it.  110 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal


Messing around with my digital camera, this is just a pic of my favorite coffee mug.  There’s a blue one with a deer on it I’d like to get sometime too.  10 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal

Just Do It

I’ve been very productive lately.  Studying math on Khan Academy, Italian on Duolingo, drawing, exercising, reading a lot, cleaning.  I feel good!  Having trouble sleeping the past few days, it’s going on 5am now, I only got 4 hours of sleep though, same the previous night.  137 kata lagi

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It's Raining in My Apartment

My ceiling is dripping, it has been almost all day for the past several days.  Maintenance is supposed to find out what the problem is on Monday.  152 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal


I love nature, this is a picture I took around the autumn of this year

I’m extremely frustrated with the place I currently live, I’m trying to get into a different apartment, hoping there’s an opening soon in the place I applied to. 217 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal