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Our darling Gracie-Lou past over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday. I can’t go into details. I’m not ready it’s all far too soon and I’m very raw still. 86 kata lagi

Life As A Witch

Day 29: Your Angel Wings

Hi my love,

Since you were brought home there has been an ongoing joke that you were an angel.  It dawned on me one day while playing with you that you have this very distinct stripe on your back.  347 kata lagi

Pet Loss

Rainbow Bridge Revisited

During my morning, daily reflection; I not only thank my Higher Power for all the gifts I have received.  I thank Her for every animal who has graced my life. 50 kata lagi



If you have never lost a pet, it is indescribable sorrow. Mixed emotions of being grateful for all the wonderful memories that you shared together, but deep loss that you no longer will share your days together. 517 kata lagi


Been Gone 5 years now....

This was my baby pic at the shelter in Haverhill, Mass that my Daddy saw.  I was named “red rover” at the time.  Then he came to see me with Mary.  265 kata lagi

Sunday Selfie

Sunday Selfie Time!

We again are joining The Cat On My Head and the Kitties Blue including newest resident Cooper Murphy (!) in sharing a SELFIE that would of course be based on an old photo of me since I’m now an Angel and not “photographable” in the here and now!     62 kata lagi

Life With Cats

Farewell Jamison

A New Angel

Jamison – a tragic loss in Blogville

Today is a day just for Angel Jamison………….

We’ve been following Jamison’s family blog for a while but didn’t really know HIM as well as we did his brother… 206 kata lagi

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