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Beautifully Said: Pets

Shadow dressed as a witch and Stormy as a devil for Halloween a few years back.  They weren’t too keen on the idea.

I lost my beloved pets in 2013.  312 kata lagi

Colleen Eccles Penor

Six Word Stories #2

Missing their kisses and daily shenanigans


"The Heart's Choice"

Through the years, I have seen a lot of friends cross.   I have held many pets in my arms as they took their final breaths.   Other mornings I have awakened to a quiet lifeless body, not a barking, wagging tail.   341 kata lagi

An Animal Communicator's Blog

Rainbow Bridge Time Lapse

I found myself with some free time early Sunday evening. The kids were out with their mother, and I had a new camera to try out. 114 kata lagi


Thursday's Art D.E.A.L.S.!

From now until the New Year, I will be bring Thursday Art Deals to all of my fans. Stay tuned for a piece you just can’t live without! 69 kata lagi


My life with Colman

Dylan told me I could write the post today, since it’s all about Colman, my buddy, who went over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday evening. 723 kata lagi


Whoever be worthy, Hold thy Hammer

Thor is one of those characters that has permeated through several cultures. He is worshipped as a God, when really he is an alien being from another world. 39 kata lagi