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Welcome Home Angel

 Skyler James was born on July 1, 2016. He was a perfect little baby with ten fingers and ten toes and a head of brown hair.   704 kata lagi

Loss Of A Family Pet

It’s been since Thursday the day we had to put Jager down. I’ve been feeling series of sadness and pain from this loss. My husband too. 198 kata lagi

Thrift Finds

For Every Puppy Born and Bought There is a Dog Already Waiting in a Rescue, Shelter or Pound...

If i hear one more idiot tell me that they don’t want to have their pet neutered or spayed because it will change the dog’s personality, take away their “man-hood” or they simply do not see the benefits; i may scream. 580 kata lagi

Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

Saying goodbye is never easy, at least not for me, but sometimes remembering and reminiscing can lessen the pain we feel when we say goodbye after a loss. 1.112 kata lagi

Family Life

Of The Manner How People Wear Their Dogs

Yes, I meant to say “wear,” for how else could one explain all these small dogs that get carried and driven around…

on the lap… 135 kata lagi


I could barely see anything through the stinging haze of my tears, as I slid into the passenger seat of my vehicle. The radio turned on as the engine started, and I didn’t think it was possible to cry any harder than I already was. 651 kata lagi