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Tuesday Teaser

Hello Class! 

Ready for THE BIG TEST today?   I hope so.   I think I’ve got a DOOZY for you.

Please remember that whoever is the FIRST PERSON to comment on this blog (yep – this very one you’re reading now!) will be winning a badge we call the FIRST COMMENTER badge…….sometimes it’s one person sometimes it’s a four-way tie….if a tie, each of you gets a badge!    501 kata lagi

Life With Cats

Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

I’m liking this perch – BobbieSue is usually up here, but I think she’s softening on me a bit and not running me off.

Oops! Here she comes! 107 kata lagi



Holidays are certainly interesting.  You hear from and are visited by your family and you need to be able to deal happily and quietly with them. 313 kata lagi

The Farewell Tour

Friends, we perhaps should have told you before now – but sometimes sad news ON TOP of other sad news is just that much more sad.    397 kata lagi

Cat Humor

Single-handedly catching up

It has been a crazy month, so I will take a few post to get you guys caught up on the shenanigans that have been my life. 510 kata lagi


Rainbow Bridge Altar

I finally got around to buying the corner shelves so that I could create a space to honour the animals who have left our family and gone to… 129 kata lagi

Altar Room