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Day 9, Tokyo: The More The Merrier

Best day in Tokyo, my real first day!

Today we had to be up around 7:30 to head over to Asakusa Shrine/Temple. Getting there alone was quite the experience. 1.523 more words

Expedition Asia

Symbol of Love


Sparky, I miss you

Swishing tail, excited bark

My sweet baby girl

My eyes look for you

Long for your angelic face… 17 more words

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Tribute to Syrus Mitchell, Border Collie 2002 - 2014

#BorderCollie, #Dog, #Syrus, #canine, #companion, #rainbowbridge

Syrus was a black and white border collie who served his entire life as my first forever dog. Although socially unacceptable in his behavior and never trained in any capacity, Syrus taught me how brilliant and demanding the border collie breed can be. 175 more words

Border Collie

Losing Little Turnip Cake: A Hard Lesson in Raising Animals

We were overjoyed when Scout, our Nigerian dwarf, kidded a triple bundle of cuteness. Imagine how lucky we felt about her having not just triplets, but triplet doelings! 1.076 more words

Backyard Herd

The Hardest Goodbye

I sit here with my oldest companion, Jesse James.  He’s my 15 year old Boston Terrier.  He came to my family when I was 15 years old and finishing my sophomore year in High School.   673 more words

Life Lessons


Yesterday I promised Lacey a Yappy life… Help came too late … She passed away last night … R.I.P pretty girl I’m sorry we didn’t find you sooner. 9 more words

Rainbow Bridge