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From beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Greetings Humans! 🐾

This is Shrimp “reporting” from beyond the Rainbow Bridge!

Shrimp (May 2009- October 11, 2017)

As most of you know, I’ve gone over the Rainbow Bridge… 2.247 kata lagi


In memory of Abigail: Life's Ups and Downs

There wasn’t a post last week because I wasn’t feeling well and then things went downhill over the weekend with my dog becoming sick and crossing the rainbow bridge on Monday. 453 kata lagi

There is No Immortality, But There Are Times I Chose to Believe Anyway

Death, an eternity of not eating,  not drinking, not being with loved and liked ones, not dancing,  not playing or listening to music, not walking the nature trails, not playing with the grandchildren, not playing with your four legged or winged family, not seeing a sun rise/set, not seeing the moon and stars, not going to the movies, not watching baseball, football, basketball, soccer, sports, not talking, not napping, not enjoying the rhythm of the ocean beach.  791 kata lagi

Comforting animals at the end: a plea for them

I would like to ask a favor of you, the reader.  As you read through this, if you feel like it’s touched you in some way, or you think that there is someone out there who can benefit from reading it, I would ask you to share it with them.  979 kata lagi

Animal Love

Blooming Memories

Available soon for ordering

a beautiful remembrance of a pet who has traveled to The Rainbow Bridge

One of the most heartbreaking times in a pet parent’s life is when a beloved pet takes its trip to The Rainbow Bridge. 270 kata lagi


Teaser Tell All

Gather Round Class!

Time for class and this is the one where we hand out AWARDS in the form of adorable TEASER BADGES – you know you want one right?   631 kata lagi

Life With Cats

Rainbow Bridge

For my Inktober drawing today, I chose to go with Zentangle All Around‘s (a Facebook group) prompt: rainbow bridge. I featured it in a quarter mandala. 30 kata lagi