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China Wall at Donner Summit

Down Highway 40 right after crossing Rainbow Bridge you will come to the China Wall, a memorial to Chinese laborers who helped unite the Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad in the Sierra’s. 144 kata lagi


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

It’s Double Duty Day! 

Thankful Thursday and

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

First let’s talk about being thankful – because we are – all of us!   I’m thankful to be here in this home with my two parents who love me and spoil me rotten (Sammy told me they would!) and they think they are lucky to have found me at the shelter where they found Sammy so long ago…….(what they don’t realize is that Sammy arranged that to happen on purpose!).    600 kata lagi

Life With Cats

Lake Powell- 1 Us- 0

(If you prefer youtube click this link:  … sometimes diff sites are less grainy on diff computers/phones)

Our cute friends the Taggart’s invited us to come to the lake with them and their cute friends the McAllister’s.   1.925 kata lagi

A Sad Goodbye to Our Bud

Bud left us a week ago. He was 16 years old and had been in kidney failure for a long time, but he was doing well on medication. 127 kata lagi


You Were My Dog and I Was Your Little Boy

To my sweet little puppy Celia,

Yesterday, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and left me here with my memories.  Just before you left me, we had a chance to say goodbye.   1.230 kata lagi

Tunnel Hike at Donner Pass

Get ready to go Spelunking!  Okay its not a cave but its still an awesome adventure. Up at China Wall near the historic Rainbow Bridge… 275 kata lagi


Rainbow Bridge on Donner Pass

Want to take some amazing pictures of Donner Lake?  Well Rainbow Bridge is where its at.  This historic bridge was designed by Norman Raab who coincidentally designed many bridges on Pacific Coast Highway AKA PCH or HWY 1.   162 kata lagi