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Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain 반포대교 달빛무지개분수

We missed the rainbow fountain the other time during our march/april trip. Hence, we decided to come over and give a try during our summer trip. 99 kata lagi

All About Korea

DIY Rainbow Bridge

A fun part of the candyland game is taking shortcuts across the rainbow bridge! I will use this DIY “bridge” as a connection between two of the lands at our candyland birthday party. 322 kata lagi


Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago today our beloved Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join her many blogging friends. She is still missed very much. With Suzy crossing in July and our upcoming move to Oregon it has not been a good time to bring a new furry friend home. 12 kata lagi


Naz - A Loving Tribute to my kitty sisfur

Dear friends, it’s Chloe here. I have been a bit absent from Twitter as my kitty sisfur went over the Rainbow Bridge at the grand old age of almost 20 and our little fambly has been very sad. 488 kata lagi

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Shine.

Been feeling sad about the closure of old relationships and old way of living. It is obviously a new start for me, so I’m annoyed a little annoyed that this has come up. 29 kata lagi

Memoirs Of New Earth

Guest Blog Post Rommy Today's Haiku, Inspiration and Hope

Hi, my name is Rommy.

I’m a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

Animal Haiku is instinctive and natural, can you learn from this simple message? 37 kata lagi


RIP Jaggy

My heart is broken once again.

On Friday, my friend Professor texted and asked if I could run her and her cat Jagger to the vet before I went to work. 458 kata lagi

Zoo Tails