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जिन खोजा तिन पाइया, गहरे पानी पैठ,
मैं बपुरा बूडन डरा, रहा किनारे बैठ।

पावस देखि रहीम मन, कोइल साधे मौन.
अब दादुर वक्ता भए, हमको पूछे कौन.
अर्थ : वर्षा ऋतु को देखकर कोयल और रहीम के मन ने मौन साध लिया है. अब तो मेंढक ही बोलने वाले हैं। हमारी तो कोई बात ही नहीं पूछता. अभिप्राय यह है कि कुछ अवसर ऐसे आते हैं जब गुणवान को चुप रह जाना पड़ता है. उनका कोई आदर नहीं करता और गुणहीन वाचाल व्यक्तियों का ही बोलबाला हो जाता है


The News From Harran Week 1-Us and Them and Us Again

I’m playing Dying Light at the moment. It’s a first person survival zombie game set in the fictional city of Harran, which has fallen victim to a zombie outbreak. 617 more words

Everything Else

Thank you for the lowbrow magnificence, Papa!

The last time somebody was referred to as Papa The Great in a movie was Kishan Kumar, paradropped on the innocent audiences in the eponymous movie released in the year 2000. 887 more words


Aurad Basmalah

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim dengan kasih sayang
Menerbarkan rahmat dan menabur berkah
Kuhirup kasih sayang Mu sepenuh hatiku
Kurasakan kenikmatan dan kekuatan dahsyat

Bismillahhirrohmanirrohim kuwiridkan
Hantarkan diriku menjadi penuh kasih… 325 more words



The council is a big deal in the occult world, which means that everybody wants us dead. They drive at this with “excessive prejudice” which means that you’re having a meeting and then BAM a dreadlord is crashing through the skylight and trying to rip off the councilman’s face, which gets really annoying after the third or fourth time (why do we even HAVE that skylight?) but you have you pay attention because if a councilman dies your pay is docked and we’re not paid enough as it is. 699 more words

On Gimmicks

While I bitch about the awks and Escherites and stuff I gotta admit that most of our problems are gimmicks. there’s a lot of things that only one person does, ever, so we’re called in to deal with it once (’cause that’s our actual job) and never again. 418 more words

Rahim the Douchemancer

On this job you gotta learn to adapt. A lot of the stuff we deal is really scary, but we don’t get that much support from the council. 667 more words