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Tips Menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat Dengan Cara yang Gak Mainstream!!!

Gile ndro….gue dapet tips baru dari kakak kelas gue ni…ini tips cara ngilangin bekas jerawat dengan cara yg gak mainstream

1.siapin mental lo karna ini cara yg gak mainstream… 80 kata lagi


The Bureau of Machinations

Let’s have a small history lesson. The council’s been around for a very, very long time. We were arguing about pointless shit before the Greeks figured out what arguing is. 937 kata lagi

Al-i İmran 6

Al-i İmran 6: O, sizi rahimlerde, dilediği gibi şekillendirendir. Ondan başka ilâh yoktur. O, mutlak güç sahibidir, hüküm ve hikmet sahibidir.

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Training, Turtles, and Lemonaide

Miskillaneous is sort of the eclectic dust bin of Council members where you get people from all backgrounds and reasons. For example, I like field work but am too cool for the Grey Knights (and also bombed the magic quals); Rahim came over because a lot of his friends were here; this one peep who does analytics pissed off the wrong boss and got transferred here; etc. 908 kata lagi

Man killed by Boston police planning to behead police officers, FBI says

BOSTON, MA – More details unfolding about an apparent ISIS-inspired terrorist plot in Boston.

This is a photo of Usaama Rahim, from his 2007 high school yearbook. 322 kata lagi


Kebaikan Energising Soy Protein (ESP) Untuk Wanita

Salam Ceria,

Buat pembaca, Energising Soy Protein (ESP) diekstrak daripada Soya Bukan GMO. Apa itu Soya Bukan GMO? Saya akan kongsikan pada entri yang lain. Sekarang ni saya ingin kongsikan bersama pembaca lelaki dan wanita tentang kebaikan ESP Shaklee kepada wanita. 165 kata lagi


Zombies Are Lame

Zombies? I guess we deal with zombies too. Not very often, though. Zombies are a little too conventional to fob off onto us, so the greys usually handle it. 1.111 kata lagi