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Mini Meh: Choose your Rafting Buddies Wisely

We didn’t have to go, in fact my father advised my mother and I against it. We didn’t have to use our gift card for a free rafting trip down the New River Gorge, we could just stay home and cuddle with our kitties instead. 659 kata lagi

Mini Meh

Kevin Fedarko will be reading & signing his Outdoor Book in Evergreen

October 19th, 2017, 7:00 PM, Evergreen High School Theater

Go hear great stories about the Grand Canyon and rowing Dories

Boy Scouts Of American, National Office

Adventure Racing Urban Style

I’m going to put it out there … I was a sceptic. Geraldine is my hometown (OK, village) and if you’ve followed my adventures, Mt Peel is without a doubt my favourite adventure playground in this big wide wonderful world. 2.404 kata lagi


G4. Riding the River

Jay wrote everything Jango said in his notebook. He considered recording the lecture with his phone, but didn’t want to interrupt Jango’s story to ask permission. 1.724 kata lagi


Ride, Raft and Ligligkot Fort

Himalayan Roads invited us to celebrate their 1st anniversary for an overnight trip of riding and rafting. After that we the Sacred Summits Team went onward to Ligligkot for an official visit. 12 kata lagi

River 'Otta' - Skjåk

Idag viser vi et bilde av elven ‘Otta’ tatt i nærheten av ‘Skjåk’. Elven har sitt utspring  i Tafjordfjellet til vest, er 147,8 km lang, og tømmer seg i Gudbrandsdalslågen ved stasjonsbyen Otta i øst. 103 kata lagi