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Country review - Slovenia

So a few friends and I decided to take a short break to Slovenia in May. We decided on Slovenia mainly because we wanted to go somewhere that none of has had been before and plus Slovenia is super easy to get to from Frankfurt – only about an hour flight. 2.085 kata lagi

Have you Ever?

Have you ever dived in an ice-cold river in 4 degrees Celsius, felt as if the chilling water is pricking every single pore of your skin and that your limbs might just fall off, and yet, floated in the water on your back and looked at the sky for a few moments and felt like there’s nothing else besides you and the sky…that nothing else surrounds you… no water, no cold, no sound, no person, nothing… just you and the vast, unending sky that is unfolding for you… ? 394 kata lagi


May Day -- A Fever Dream, Part 3

Hey, DY, GFY

“All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I’ve been…
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Green River Revival, Sun Poisoning, and Ride-Alongs

Hi ya’ll. Sorry for the gap. Yours truly managed to get into the honors program at the college of her dreams for environmental science, so things have been a bit busy as I prep for that.  677 kata lagi

The Wood River - Navigable History

A little less than 2 hours from Medford is the historical town of Fort Klamath. Through that town runs a river, with ancient history and epic scenery. 386 kata lagi

Mary Jane Feetham

CP Rail installs locked gate at Kicking Horse River in Golden

A proposed solution between CP Rail and the provincial government over an entry point to Kicking Horse River for rafters in Golden, B.C. appears to have fallen apart, just one day before whitewater rafting season begins. 484 kata lagi


The Road Less Travelled:5 Camping sites you didn't know of

Is the camper inside you bored of going to the same cliched spots and waiting to explore new surreal campsites? Don’t worry, India has no shortage of places to visit.Here are a few campsites you probably wouldn’t have heard of. 428 kata lagi