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Justin's Sarcastic Guide to Guiding a Raft

In my rookie year, I had 28 swimmers out of 54 commercial trips that I had in the river. That’s 50% of my trips, it’s as if every other trip I’ll have a customer flying off my raft. 2.034 kata lagi


Whitewater rafting on the Tara River

We enjoyed doing small hikes in the Durmitor National Park, but we wanted to get on the water as well. Although we had our own whitewater kayaks in our van, we decided to book a rafting trip. 203 kata lagi


Turrialba Things To Do

The enchanting little town of Turrialba is made up of fertile lands, vibrant green pastures and incredible natural scenery. Agriculture is the principal industry here as well as the only place allowed to produce the popular Costa Rican cheese “Turrialba”. 66 kata lagi

Around Turrialba

Class teaches Waynesboro students about the outdoors

WAYNESBORO – Before this school year, Shantay Patterson never thought she would find herself out in the woods hiking. Or in a kayak on the river. 565 kata lagi


Had Fun Rafting in Ayung River!

Had fun rafting with the team! The last time I had rafting in Ayung, Ubud was about 8 years ago. I can say the experience just got better. 87 kata lagi

Snapshots Of Indonesia

Chapter Twenty Two: Bolivia Pt. 1 (La Paz & Rafting the Rainforest)

Getting around in South America is not as easy, or inexpensive, as you might think. The continental flight game over here has nothing compared to Europe’s answer of Ryan Air and Easy Jet. 868 kata lagi

Mesmerizing Nepal before earthquake

#Nepal holidays have been by far the most extraordinary. The magnificent  #mountains and #rivers are still so fresh in my mind. You can dare to perform some adventures or just unwind in  natures’s lap. 2.360 kata lagi