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Voss Rafting | May 1st 2015

May 2nd is my birthday, and on May 1st I got surprised with a rafting adventure in Voss, Norway :) 182 kata lagi


The Trip - Day 13: Whitewater Rafting on the Tuolomne River

Nearly everything since leaving Houston was a first for me: tent camping, Grand Canyon, BEARS, but most of the experiences for Randy had so far been a new location rather than “I’ve never done that before” level. 714 kata lagi


CUSCO parte 2

14 de Junio del 2015

7hrs Estamos despiertas, nos cambiamos y sin tomar desayuno salimos del hostal para ir a Plaza de San Blas . 1.183 kata lagi


Kayaking, Canoeing and Rafting in the Richmond Region

Adventurous piece I wrote for VisitRichmondVA.com for the rvablog.org on outdoor water activities in the Richmond Region!

View Article Here.

The dog-days of summer are approaching and outdoor adventurers are looking for an opportunity to get an adrenaline rush while staying cool. 328 kata lagi



  At present, there are means of transport which our ancestors could not even imagine! We travel thousands of kilometers in no time! However, long, long time ago people used primitive ways to move from one place to another and more importantly to transport cargos. 380 kata lagi


Extremesport - Rafting

Det finnes mange muligheter til såkalte ‘Adrenalin-kicks’ innenfor begrepet ‘ekstrem-sport’ og ‘rafting’ er en av dem. Her sitter man trygt i en stor gummibåt sammen med en gjeng med andre padlere, men vi understreker behovet for å kunne svømme!  82 kata lagi


Winning camping MVP

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly

You never know the circumstances that will lead to the emergence of the camping trip MVP. Sometimes it is as simple being the person who brought the tarp, the Deet, the GPS, trail tape, GoPro, drone or cookies. 221 kata lagi