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The next stop on the Kiwi Experience was Waitomo as we gradually worked our way down south. This was a fairly long drive, which is partly why we set off so early. 650 kata lagi


Checked an item off the bucket list

I’ve always always wanted to do exciting things, whether it be with family or friends. I just want to do fun things and not just the normal hanging out at malls or family vacations of just sight-seeing. 544 kata lagi


Pelajaran Berharga dari Rafting di Sungai Pekalen

Banyak pelajaran berharga yang bisa kita dapat di kehidupan sehari-hari. Apalagi kalau kita suka traveling. Nah, ada satu pelajaran berharga yang saya dapat di Sungai Pekalen yang sampai sekarang masih suka saya inget. 336 kata lagi

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ATV Ride and Telaga Waja Rafting

Bali ATV Ride and Telaga Waja Rafting Packages is one of the great Bali ATV Ride Packages offer amazing adventure tours between two hours rafting in Telaga Waja River and two hours ATV Ride in Ubud village. 555 kata lagi


The River and the City

Kampala is a city of hills and motorbike taxis (known locally as boda-bodas). After crossing the Nile River on the bus in darkness, the only light emanating from some industrial smokestacks nearby, we arrived and hired a ‘special taxi’ to take us to my friend Michael’s house, of which I had the address and the name of a nearby road but not much else. 735 kata lagi

ATV Ride and Ayung Rafting

Bali ATV Ride and Ayung Rafting Packages is one of the best Bali ATV Ride Packages offer exciting activities which is all the location take place in Ubud and this adventure tours is the most famous in Bali island. 525 kata lagi


Rafting in Colorado - The Ultimate Whitewater Guide

Rafting in Colorado

May marks the beginning of Colorado’s whitewater rafting season for Wilderness Aware Rafting. While that is still a couple months away, I know that we aren’t the only ones getting excited for the adrenaline rush paddling against the frothy rapids gives us.   243 kata lagi