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Sisters Brawl While Rafting Down North Carolina's Scenic Nantahala River

“In the heart of western North Carolina, the Nantahala River Gorge joins other wilderness and natural areas to create a vast recreational paradise,” reads what appears to be an official site for the… 134 kata lagi


Kunti Betta and Antaragange Night Trekking

Anthargange Night Trek : Anthargange is situated 68 Kilometers from the city and consists of one of the greatest terrains for trekking activities. It is situated at a height of 1226 meters and is strewn with caves and hillocks. 66 kata lagi


Rafting Citatih

Sabtu, 17 Januari 2015.

Setelah kumpulin masa anak-anak kantor sejak beberapa bulan sebelumnya, akhirnyaaaa kita berangkattttt Rafting.

Mundur ke beberapa bulan sebelumnya, saya lagi duduk-duduk di RS untuk tunggu giliran Medical Check Up tahunan trus keinginan rafting bener-bener udah memuncak. 362 kata lagi


Try Rafting In The Grand Canyon

Try river rafting inside the Grand Canyon for an adventure that you will never forget for your personal entire lifetime. There are lots of excellent river rafting firms that can guarantee you of a safe yet exhilarating ride on the beautiful Colorado River that meanders through the huge cliffs in the Grand Canyon. 465 kata lagi

Grand Canyon

Have Fun with Grand Canyon Adventure Sports

If you are interested in having a great time outdoors, and love to travel as well, then you may want to consider adding Grand Canyon adventure sports… 469 kata lagi

Grand Canyon

Two Words: SPRING.BREAK - Part I: Cairns

I never thought I would be ending up going on Spring Break in October – in Australia! But yeah, that’s what happened. So basically, the whole trip can be described with four r-words: Reef, rafting, rainforest, red. 930 kata lagi


Let's be 21 and Outdoorsy

In the past fifteen days I have jumped off a 4m bridge, climbed a 2339m tall mountain and turned 21. I have never been as active as I am here in France and I’ve never felt better for it minus the shin splints. 789 kata lagi