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Borneo - An Island Apart

Borneo is the third largest island in the world.  Approximately one-third of it is East Malaysia made up of the states of Sarawak and Sabah.  Prior to actually visiting Borneo, all I knew about it was that it was home to some very special simians including orangutans and proboscis monkeys, and used to be home to head hunters before that term was used for recruiters. 13 kata lagi


Nature Enthralls at Osaka's Sakuya Konohana Kan Botanical Garden

Schizophrenics tend to live in cities, research shows.  Grow up in a city and you are more likely to have psychosis, and urban life can lead to depression and anxiety. 1.258 kata lagi

Nature Divine

RAFFLESIA: The Banished Princess (Gautam) ~ Book Review


“Rafflesia: The Banished Princess”
The curtains draw up. Lights are dimmed. The musical is about to begin. As the beautiful princess descends on stage, the mythical creatures from her kingdom come alive. 422 kata lagi

Book Reviews

Book Review- Rafflesia: The banished Princess by Gautam

Paperback: 397 pages

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Private Limited; First edition (20 March 2017)

Language: English


“Rafflesia: The Banished Princess”
The curtains draw up. Lights are dimmed. 483 kata lagi

Book Reviews

A Blooming Stink

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
July 17, 2017

The cool climate of the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia is a welcome relief from the all-pervading sauna that is the rest of the country and not surprisingly, this is a wildly popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. 347 kata lagi


Book Review : Rafflesia

​”Rafflesia: The Banished Princess” is a novel written by Gautam. This is the first book by the author. The book is tale of love, friendship, loss and betrayal.

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Book Review