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Rafflesia is the world’s biggest flower and it is mainly found in South-East Asia. It can be up to 100 cm in diameter.

We visited a place where Rafflesia arnoldi was growing. 89 kata lagi


The tribe has spoken...

“Once the votes are read, the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.”

We are back in Malaysia, and we spent a couple of days hanging out at Pulau Tiga, the location for the first ever series of the TV show, …

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Alpha Odyssey

Ty asks:

Glad the Mr. Mime question got the ball rolling! I just have one more for the time being regarding your favorite Vileplume. With Alola forms in mind, if you could pick any region where Oddish’s evolutionary family had a regional variation, which region would it be, and what would make the Oddishes, Glooms, Vileplumes, and Bellossoms different there?

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4 years ago I visited this place and fall inlove with its pristine surroundings and cool temperature. With the permission of local officials we put up our tent just at the back of the elementary school where wide green field and tall pine trees thriving so perfectly. 272 kata lagi


Litter Box Gold-- Drinking the World's Most Expensive Coffee

Kopi Luwak is a variety of Indonesian coffee with a well-deserved reputation. The beans are hand-selected by experts and undergo a totally unique process of collection, ultimately giving them the title of… 430 kata lagi