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Rafflesias and Rain

Is it weird to enjoy planning travel itineraries?

I think for a little while, I’m not at home tapping on my phone or Googling the cheapest way to get to Kerama Island. 436 kata lagi


Nov 25, 2016 – Poring Hot Springs and the Rafflesia Flower

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskPYLsq4

The Poring Host Springs is a very popular local tourist destination. It was a spectacular day as it decided not to rain (surprisingly). 349 kata lagi


A few years ago while teaching the topic on adaptation, I came across a unique flower that uses not butterflies, moths, birds or bees as its pollinating agents but rather the disgusting carrion flies.   425 kata lagi

Experience Antique: In Search of the Elusive Rafflesia

The life-giving rainforests that once carpeted large tracts of our country hold a lot of amazing secrets. Beneath their thick canopies are a plethora of mysterious flora, fauna, and other organisms that are yet to be discovered and documented—many of them beneficial to mankind. 1.692 kata lagi


Flowers that smell like the dead

My least favourite plant for smell alone is hedge woundwort. It’s related to mint but is really unpleasantly stinky. It makes me shudder just to think about it. 175 kata lagi

Philippines Wildlife

A dream

We learnt about you in school, the largest flower in the world- Rafflesia. Without a stem or leaves or roots you are a botanical miracle, albeit a smelly one. 212 kata lagi

Soul Juice

Malaysia - Cameron Highlands, Rafflesia tour


To be able to see the world’s biggest flower unfortunately you have to book a tour. It cost me 60RM for a half day and you have to ask around the different tours because some have found the flower and others haven’t. 370 kata lagi