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Malaysia - Cameron Highlands, Rafflesia tour


To be able to see the world’s biggest flower unfortunately you have to book a tour. It cost me 60RM for a half day and you have to ask around the different tours because some have found the flower and others haven’t. 370 kata lagi


The Cutest Rafflesia species ever

Rafflesia consueloae is the newest and smallest Rafflesia flower discovered in Luzon island, Philippines.  This shows that new plants species are just under our noses… waiting to be discovered… 695 kata lagi


Ugly but Beautiful Too

“I’m going to paint flies.”


This is the second part of the conversation i had with my daughter, when i told her what i was going to paint next upon request by Lindamartinanderson. 73 kata lagi


Ugly but Beautiful

“Why are you painting this Rafflesia? Why don’t you paint other pretty flowers?”

“Why not? I think it’s fascinating and interesting.”

“But it’s so ugly!!” 281 kata lagi


Rafflesia spotted in Mt. Irid

Mt. Irid: A Haven of Rich Biodiversity

I first documented our Mt. Irid experience last August 2014 in the entry mt. irid: gateway to the mossy forest  808 kata lagi


Kinabalu National Park 

 Kinabalu National Park was one of the first national parks created in Malaysia. It has enormous significance biologically as it is home to over 4,500 fauna and flora species, over 300 birds, 100 mammals and if you would believe 110 species of snails. 651 kata lagi

Family Travel

Erudite Explosion Potion

Many of us students suffer the same thing: we burn our eyebrows and bury our noses at the depths of our books and notes in attempt to retain the information in our minds. 304 kata lagi