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Natural Rafflesia Bengkulu top luster
High quality with ring silver gold filled
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Price IDR 1.500.000,-


Fourth Week in Malaysia: Cameron Highlands and Penang

Our last week in Malaysia was spent in the cooler climes of the Cameron Highlands and the delightfully spicy Georgetown, Penang. It was a simple task to get to the Highlands, we just hired a taxi for the grand sum of 150 ringget and even had a few stops along the way for photos. 1.017 kata lagi


Rafflesia in the Cameron Highlands

Did a great day tour in the Cameron Highlands. Had to walk three and half hours bit it was worth it to see the Rafflesia. Also, visited a tea plantation. 9 kata lagi


Sabah, Part I: Mountains

After my two months of teaching it was finally time for a family holiday! This time we were off to Sabah, Malaysia. If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, it’s basically just the other portion of Malaysia that is on the island of Borneo, which on it exists Sarawak and Brunei. 1.278 kata lagi


WPC: Searching for a Rafflesia, the Largest Flower in the World

Our jungle trek in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, searching for a giant Rafflesia.

Torrential rains had turned everything into rivers of red mud.  We all had to get out and walk….

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Зүүн Өмнөд Азийн хамгийн өндөр цэгт гарах оролдлого

Өмнө нь Малайзаар дайрч явахдаа арай олон хоног төлөвлөдөг байж гэж гоншигнож байсныг маань биелүүлж байгаа мэт одоо энд нутаг дэвсгэрийнх нь зүүн зах болох 



First, I spent the better part of last week refining the ogdoad poesy, which is supposed to be a magix script based on chess pieces, but anyone who wants to can use it for representing the phonics of real words in established languages for mundane means…even though I curse myself for how clunky I made it, and wouldn’t personally use ogdoad for such a purpose. 658 kata lagi