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Production Coordinator

We are a video production company seeking a production coordinator. We are interested in meeting people who are excellent communicators, with great interpersonal skills, and 2+ years experience working on professional video sets and at post-productio […] 6 more words

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Fresh delights from Couples a semi-improvised sitcom from Julia Davis and Marc Wootton. Imagined couples attend a therapy session with Vicki Pepperdine and discuss their issues relationship problems, from – difficultly with intimacy to the confusing multi-realities of filming yourself watching Gogglebox. 239 more words


Audiences, Technology and Consumption

Baker gives us A Transitional Perspective on College Net-Radio Audiences (Baker, 2010) in this text by outlining the ‘5 distinct characteristics of the internet’ (Baker, 2010: 121) that allow net-radio to accumulate power. 436 more words

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Media Convergence: Online Radio

What’s happening?

Due to the rapid evolution of technology, radio has transitioned from an exclusively airwave format to a largely online format. This phenomenon is known as media convergence. 272 more words


Saint FM vital to island spirit, says director Dieter

Three minutes into Dieter Deswarte’s BBC film about St Helena, viewers around the world heard the smooth welcome of Tony Leo, veteran island broadcaster.

“This is Saint FM Community Radio. 390 more words

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