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Week 18: Sign up for a radio competition.

I have majorly been neglecting my blog. Okay, no one actually reads this but still I used to be so dedicated to it and also it is a record of me (hopefully) emerging from the worst period of my life. 355 kata lagi

Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed to Speak in Public

As a teacher I can quite happily talk in front of large groups of children without feeling phased at all, but the mere thought of having to speak in front of adults makes me shudder. 609 kata lagi


My Not So Super-Bowl Experience

I like to think I’ve had numerous accomplishments in my life and here I find myself today in a new and some what exciting position….able to watch the Superbowl 50. 961 kata lagi


Beyonce's "Formation" is EVERYTHING

Beyonce, AKA “Queen Bey,” reminded the world that she has not lost the crown and doesn’t plan on handing it over anytime soon. The Houston native released the surprise song and video on tidal, after taking a hiatus from Instagram. 236 kata lagi


(02 06 2016) Damien Jay & Bruno Browning on d3ep radios Undisputed Grooves

This weeks edition of Undisputed Grooves featured Damien Jay dropping new tracks from Glasgow Underground, State Unknown, Matt Zo and more track including a little funky ones… 409 kata lagi

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Podcasts Killed the Radio Star?

Not many people listen to the radio anymore for their news updates or to stay current on a topic, but many have been listening to a similar format of news called podcasts. 165 kata lagi