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It's official: Vin Scully to return to Dodgers in 2016

By Jon Weisman

With a reveal in the second inning of tonight’s Dodger game, Vin Scully has officially announced he will return to the Dodgers broadcast booth for his 67th season in 2016. 143 kata lagi

Vin Scully

Episode 25: Gesture Bending and the Poetics of Schizophonia with Navid Navab


This episode showcases the work of Navid Navab, a Montreal-based media alchemist, composer/improvisor, audio-visual sculptor, and multidisciplinary artist. Navab’s catalogue of work is diverse and varied, from interactive, public, sound extravaganzas to the design of precision sonic interfaces that make medical perception in the surgery room more accurate and intuitive.  108 kata lagi


Struck by Fate

I heard a story on the radio about a couple who were going for a walk and were struck by lightning. However, since they were holding hands, the lightning flashed into the top of the man’s head, then came along his arm to the woman, where it slid down off her foot into the ground. 149 kata lagi

Ramblin' Mushroom

#Katrina10: Interpreter and Language Access

I happened to visit New Orleans in early August for an Interpreting conference. In fact, I was in New Orleans on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and was treated to a wonderful… 121 kata lagi


Parnaz Foroutan: The Girl From the Garden

Parnaz Foroutan is a writer based out of Los Angeles. Her family fled Iran during the Iran-Iraq War and eventually found themselves in Los Angeles. She grew up listening to stories from her family elders – usually speaking of a harsh, demonic matriarch. 132 kata lagi


Cristina Henríquez: Unknown Americans

Cristina Henríquez is a novelist based out of Chicago, originally from Delaware. Her latest novel is The Book of Unknown Americans, which follows the lives of different Latino immigrants residing in the same apartment building in Delaware. 158 kata lagi


INTERVIEW: @OhSnapJBSmoove On Bill Cobsy "What If You Had To Give Your Inspiration All Back..." Genius Words WATCH:

Comedian JB Smoove drops some unexpected knowledge on the folk….

In an interview with Power 105.1 The Breakfast club, JB Smoove gave an answer to a question that made you say…damn what if? 112 kata lagi