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I love that when I moved to Bristol I found a Soca support group who could help me one day at a time with (fueling) my Soca addiction. 316 kata lagi


7 Facts Radio Presenters Never Tell You.

Over a year ago I stepped into a radio studio for the first time and began presenting. It was one of the most frightening moments of my life. 627 kata lagi

Communications Organisational Roles

In a situation where we have had to bug out and the initial event has dies down there will be a need to help ensure ongoing survival to form small communities. 2.258 kata lagi


Why We Love Internet Radio For Business Advertising

Does your business or agency take advantage of the amazing benefits of advertising on Internet radio? While everyone focuses on spending their marketing budgets on social media, online ads and digital marketing techniques like SEO, there are a few savvy business owners getting huge success from getting plays on the commercial breaks in Internet radio. 696 kata lagi

Online Marketing

Now That’s Selling

Here are three short stories for you to ponder.

Story #1

The other night a radio salesperson was in a restaurant. Business was a little slow, and so he struck up a conversation with the owner, who told him that she had used radio advertising for a restaurant she had owned back in California, and it didn’t work, and she didn’t intend to use radio ever again. 317 kata lagi


Extremist Puddysticks

The difference between the political Left and Right in the U.S. can be compared to the difference between watching tV and listening to Radio.

tV… 443 kata lagi


Digital One is here at last

Digital One is a clutch of radio stations on DAB, or multiplex, that has been broadcasting to Britain for more than ten years. It includes Classic FM, TalkSport and Planet Rock. 123 kata lagi