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Blood-Sucking Bats Kill 12 Children

At least 12 indigenous children in Peru have died from rabies after being bitten by blood-sucking bats, which locals at first blamed on witchcraft, health officials said. 90 kata lagi


Rabies in Southeast Asia


Lack of coordination between various ministries  are expected to control rabies is the cause of failure of many programs intended to lower the number of incidents or create a sustainable system to eradicate rabies. 3.917 kata lagi


Naughty Indian Monkeys

Namaste !

This big guy  visited the roof of our hostel for food from Mukhus, the cook.  Mukhus would hold the food in his hand and have one of the monkeys get close enough to take it in his hand!   298 kata lagi

Where will the next bat virus spillover?

A few weeks ago, I went spelunking for the first time. Since then, I’ve had bats on the brain! And that means that for a few weeks, Parasite Ecology is going to be all bats, all the time. 547 kata lagi

Cool Literature

Rabid Raccoon Bites Bridgeport Resident

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — A Bridgeport resident who was bitten by a raccoon that tested positive for rabies is receiving the vaccine to treat the disease. 86 kata lagi


Travel Advisory: Notable Infections & Vaccinations

Living in the States, one thing I usually don’t think of is my need to get certain vaccinations. Prior to my arrival in the States eons ago, I was fully loaded with the latest in vaccinations. 1.348 kata lagi

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