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Rabid Fox Killed In Raleigh

Authorities in Raleigh are warning residents after two incidents this week involving aggressive foxes. An aggressive fox killed on Monday tested positive for rabies. On Sunday, an aggressive fox bite one person and attacked a cat. 135 kata lagi


Cyclists attacked by rabid fox near Bur-Mil Park in Guilford County

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Guilford County Health Department is warning people that a rabid fox recently attacked two cyclists off Highway 220 North, also known as Battleground Avenue. 310 kata lagi


Live Long and Prosper #science #health

In the last two centuries, life expectancy has more than doubled from under 40 to over 70. This is the difference between parents burying their children and children not knowing both parents to today where grandchildren and grandparents are commonplace. 446 kata lagi


When Everyone Else Is Going Bigger, Go Small. Entry #1

I like to think of myself as being ahead of the curve. :P I get this sick satisfaction from doing something nobody has done yet. (Well nobody I… 3.236 kata lagi


Hadean 2: Survivor Road, Chapter 6, coming tomorrow

Chapter 6

Drew palmed his gun and aimed the business end at the vertical blinds covering the sliding doors to the backyard. So much for the golden plan to shelter in place. 550 kata lagi