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Kuliah tropik Kapita Selekta (HIV/AIDS, Rabies, IO pada AIDS, Vaksin, Demam Tifoid, Ricketsia) 9 April 2018

Kuliah Tropik Infeksi 9 April 2018 – Kapita Selekta

  • Antitoksin : Pasif. Vaksinasi ada yang aktif dan pasif
  • Bila sudah terkena rabies sulit disembuhkan. Kalau digigit anjing bisa dicegah dengan debridemant dan pemberian vaksin…
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My Medical Notes

Baguio City implements new policy on animal bite treatment

By MIKKO OCHAVE | 19 April 2018

BAGUIO CITY – The Animal Bite Center Treatment Center of the Health Services Offices in Baguio City implemented a new policy concerning the treatment of animal bite victims last April 16, 2018. 386 kata lagi

Baguio City

Vaccinate your equine aginst Rabies

Viral respiratory and neurologic diseases are the leading preventable causes of horse deaths. One of the core equine diseases—rabies—has a 100% fatality rate once clinical signs appear, but is easily preventable via vaccination. 358 kata lagi


Singapore is rabies-free, but travellers should beware overseas

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

Singapore has been free of rabies, a deadly viral disease affecting the central nervous system, since 1953. However, rabies is still prevalent in other Southeast Asian countries and poses a risk to Singapore residents travelling overseas. 391 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Raccoon test positive for rabies in Yorktown

YORKTOWN, Va. – The Peninsula Health District has confirmed that a raccoon in the area tested positive for rabies.

The raccoon was found in the area of Castello Court and Showalter Road in the city, according to officials. 160 kata lagi


New 'God of War' keeps the violence, drops the sex and offers a fatherly take on an angry anti-hero

Fatherhood can do strange things to a man. Sleeplessness. A perpetually empty wallet. Weight gain, in the form of the so-called “dad bod.” A sudden awareness of the many, many dangers lurking in the world. 594 kata lagi

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Oceans, Deserts, and Rabid Dogs

Lately I have felt very compelled to continue writing about my recent travels, but every time I sit down to write I start thinking about other things and getting distracted by more recent events. 1.855 kata lagi