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Create a Calendar Part 1

Have you seen the papermilldirect 2018 Create a Calendar? It has a gorgeous Teal cover, and the beautiful heavy weight card that you would expect from papermilldirect. 54 kata lagi


Juuni Taisen Episode 7 review -- Holy Shit, Dragon Can Actually Fly

For some reason, the fact that Dragon can fly surprises me, even though this show has necromancy, anthropomorphic monkey martial arts masters, and a girl that can control birds. 1.095 kata lagi


Scamper the rabbit

Our big, fat, white rabbit
Called Scamper
Has short white ears and pink staring eyes
I like feeding it carrots or lettuce
But Scamper likes sunflower seeds best… 40 kata lagi



I continue to spot new critters at my place. July 4th this year was my second anniversary at this home, and even after two years I am pretty sure I haven’t seen them all. 424 kata lagi

Looking At The Land

Billy bunny

There is a new resident here at 569. When we first saw him, we assumed he was just passing through but it seems he has made a home here, safe under a spreading grevillea. 59 kata lagi


Kite To Rabbit

Here I sit. You, my dearest Rabbit haven’t spoken to me, I’am quite disappointed. At the very moment, I’m sitting in the midst of an argument between two individuals, the older P and the younger W. 125 kata lagi