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BREEDING RABBITS BY THE MOON — Rise and Shine Rabbitry

How did breeding rabbits or other farm animals get tied in with the phases of the moon? Is this hillbilly folklore or fact? And where did this concept of breeding by moon phases actually come from?

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The pine shaving saga in South Africa.


Some scientific studies have suggested that fresh untreated wood shavings made from pine can contain levels of aromatic hydrocarbons which have the potential to cause health problems in small animals. 241 kata lagi

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United Airlines pay five-figure compensation to rabbit breeder whose giant bunny froze to death

The owner of a giant rabbit has received a five-figure compensation pay out after her giant bunny froze to death on its way to America. 101 kata lagi

I am a Rabbit Breeder.

I am a rabbit breeder. I spend a lifetime learning about genetics, going over rabbits, talking, and learning from those in my breed and those outside it. 237 kata lagi

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