Poxy Passwords

I don’t know about you but I get pretty pissed off with the number of different passwords I have to remember.

On the radio the other day, the news report talked about the Top 10 common passwords that people use. 217 kata lagi


1984 Books publishes hi-tech satire novel, 'The Qwerty Man'

LONDON (October 30, 2017) – Dan Savery Raz, journalist and Lonely Planet author, has published his debut novel, a dystopian satire, titled The Qwerty Man… 458 kata lagi


QWERTY was designed to slow you down

There are actually two theories to this. The first one starts to make sense when you look at manual typewriters. If someone typed too fast, the keys would jam. 78 kata lagi

Ekaterinburg: QWERTY?

Ekaterinburg was just a day-stop from Kazan to Irkutsk as Kazan isn’t technically on the transiberian line. So I arrived in Ekaterinburg groggy in the morning after sharing a cabin with a very nice Russian grandmother with whom I communicated solely through waving and smiling, and two Russian ladies with whom I also communicated through gestures. 426 kata lagi


26 - Introdução à Qwernomia

Introdução à Qwernomia


Subculturas qwernômicas resultam do legado da máquina de escrever e de sua simulação computacional, baseadas nos sistemas de código com shift-lock… 1.394 kata lagi


Great B Sides: Linkin Park- QWERTY

When bands record albums they have a tendency to record more songs that don’t show up on their albums. This new topic highlights those songs (B-sides), that the band didn’t put on their albums. 84 kata lagi

Linkin Park

Weekend Away at Media One Hotel (...and 10 reasons why you should book a room here too)

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have noticed my overflow of Insta Stories from last weekend. My wee family and I were invited over for a staycation at Media One Hotel, and I have to say this has to be one the most Instagram-worthy hotel stays I’ve been to in Dubai! 2.173 kata lagi