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Traces of the Past: Some Car Bits

I took some photos of some old cars for Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past – well not exactly the whole car just some bits and pieces that I found interesting. 74 kata lagi


Rare Vintage American Hi-torque Motor Pulley Machine Steampunk Gas Oil

Rare Vintage American Hi-torque Motor Pulley Machine Steampunk Gas Oil
RARE Vintage AMERICAN Hi-Torque MOTOR PULLEY Machine Steampunk Gas Oil      Great Vintage Original Piece, The American Pulley Co., American Hi-Torque Motor Pulley, Wooden (2-1/2"x2-1/2"x5/8") In As Pictured Condition With Light Storage Wear. 237 kata lagi


Two Blocks on Inclined plane

44. Two blocks are connected by a light string passing over a pulley of radius 0.15 m and moment of inertia I. The blocks move (toward the right) with an acceleration of 1.00 m/s2 along their frictionless inclines (See figure below). 151 kata lagi

Solved Physics Problems

Authority Zero joins Bird Attack Records and Announces Release Date for "Broadcasting To The Nations"!

Since ’94 Authority Zero has brought their unique signature blend of anthemic melodic-punk and reggae to the masses. A lot has changed in the 20 plus years since the band got their start and they’ve found a way to persist and thrive in today’s ever-changing music world. 1.236 kata lagi

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10 up, 10 down. 20 questions w/ Scott Radinsky (Los Angeles Angels, Pulley, Skatelab, Skateboard Hall of Fame).

As a “punk”, I knew Scott and his stint with Ten foot Pole.When realizing he was also a pitcher for the Dodgers . I thought it was the coolest thing. 1.141 kata lagi

Simple Machines. Levers, pulleys... 3ºEP

Check this video about machines and tools to learn more about this lesson.


Buy Pulley for Heidelberg from Shop.printersparts.com

Buy Pulley for Heidelberg from Shop.printersparts.com

Pulley for Heidelberg

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Weight .1 lbs

Dimensions 2.75 x 1 x 1 in… 17 kata lagi