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How To Tape Your Finger For Climbing

You’ve probably seen climbers in the gym with their fingers battered and covered in tape. Taping your fingers can help you to still climb even when they’re a bit achy, or prevent a tweak from becoming an injury. 264 kata lagi


26 Weeks Letter Challenge - Letter P

We are already halfway through the alphabet.  Here is this weeks  26 Weeks Letter Challenge and this week the topic if Letter P.

Qi (energy) hugs… 7 kata lagi

Cee Neuner

We don't need to Automate everything

I travel everyday from my living place, ‘Old Sangvi, Pune’ to my work place at ‘Banner ‘ in a six sitter rickshaw.

Two people in the front except the driver, and 8 at the back ( I don’t understand why its still called 6 sitter). 316 kata lagi


Climbing finger injuries, physio and things I've learnt

So after two finger injuries, two different approaches and having read what feels like a lifetime of articles in finger injuries I thought I’d add my two penneth with the addition of advice from my physiotherapist. 482 kata lagi

An Asymmetrical Static Equilibrium Physics Problem Involving Pulleys and Hanging Masses

An interesting phenomenon in physics, and physics education, is the simplicity of symmetric situations, compared to the complexity of similar situations which are, instead, asymmetrical. Students generally learn the symmetrical versions first, such as this static equilibrium problem, with the hanging masses on both left and right equal.  1.050 kata lagi

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