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An Asymmetrical Static Equilibrium Physics Problem Involving Pulleys and Hanging Masses

An interesting phenomenon in physics, and physics education, is the simplicity of symmetric situations, compared to the complexity of similar situations which are, instead, asymmetrical. Students generally learn the symmetrical versions first, such as this static equilibrium problem, with the hanging masses on both left and right equal.  1.050 kata lagi

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Backup Plans for Blowing a Finger Tendon/Pulley

No, I haven’t blown a tendon or a pulley, but some days my left ring finger aches enough that after 1,000 words my typing is reduced to my grandfather’s pointer-finger-only method. 627 kata lagi


Simple Machines: A Lego Pulley!

On Wednesday of this week English Class third graders had an impromptu visit from the fourth graders and their teacher. The fourth graders have been learning about simple machines and their teacher, Ms. 74 kata lagi

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Specifics of Pulley Machining

At BearingshopUK we offer various options for machining your pulley, so that it may arrive with you ready for use. These options are only available if the pulley is made of aluminium as most cast iron variants come with taperlock bores as standard. 7 kata lagi

3sgte Gen3 vs Gen4 Differences

There are plenty of notable differences between the Gen3 and Gen4 3sgte variants. For reference purposes, here are a few of them:

Gen3 vs Gen4 3sgte Timing Belt Idler Pulleys… 15 kata lagi