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Datuk Paduka Berhala's Real Name

Legendary Figures of Jambi’s Past

We’ve written considerably about Orang Kayo Hitam, as well as the person who is believed by many to have been his father ( 604 kata lagi


When everything we have ain't enough

Sometimes we forget that we already have enough in our lives. We keep on wanting what we don’t have and lead a life that is so miserable and sad. 118 kata lagi

DON'T KILL THE OCEAN - Educate People in Nipah Panjang (Jambi)

Setelah perjalanan saya ke Miospun, Saonekmonde, Saleo dan Napriboi (Raja Ampat – Papua) dan melihat sampah meski pulau-pulau itu kosong, saya jadi punya 1 teori. Tentu aja gak mungkin ada yang buang sampah di pulau-pulau itu, kalaupun ada pasti gak akan mengakibatkan sampah-sampah sebanyak yang saya lihat saat itu. 546 kata lagi


Datuk Paduka Berhala Myth 2

Jambi’s History is Intermingled with Myths

Most countries have fascinating stories of historical characters which have been amazingly embellished. The USA has the story of… 3.212 kata lagi


Pulau Berhala (Berhala Island) - Jambi (The Trip Planning)

Hi Travelers,

You might never heard about Pulau Berhala (Berhala Island).

There are 2 Berhala Islands in Indonesia, what I am going to visit is Berhala Island in Jambi. 224 kata lagi


Datuk Paduka Berhala

Datuk Paduka Berhala Myths

A Legendary Figure Who Forms the Basis for Much of Jambi’s History

Knowing there are many thousands of university students in the… 2.045 kata lagi


River Sea Island

Tourism on River Sea Island

(Pulau Sungai Laut)

Recently we wrote several posts about our visit to the island of Pulau Berhala. We’ve previously gone to the island of Sungai Laut with some friends who had come to visit us from the USA. 61 kata lagi

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