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Lab 13 for COM 210: Writing a press release

Today we will be writing a press release. Here is the Power Point:


Connections + knowledge = PoweR

“It’s not what you know but who you know.”

How often has this been said? It’s a cynical question, based on the belief that professional success is primarily due to connections rather than knowledge. 322 more words

The Importance of 'Reliable', 'Credible', 'Substantiated' & 'Accurate' Research in a PR Campaign

At the core of all effective public relations campaigns is research.   Research not only links public relations needs with business outcomes to achieve all important credibility with organisational management, but it also assists in the construction of effective communication programs.  375 more words


How to build trust with your customers

Ever wondered why your products, services, websites or social sites aren’t causing traffic and attracting new customers or leads? Well the first thing you need to consider is have you built a trusting relationship with them? 527 more words


Why It’s Important to Know Basic Research Methodologies: An Overview for PR Girls and Boys

In the wake of communication fails and misinformation, it is imperative that we look to research before moving forward on any form of communication. It shouldn’t be news to you, but we love data and new information, even more so infographics, that detail startling statistics in a visually appealing manner. 668 more words

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Blog 3: Twitter as a social networking media for Public Relations

Twitter is an on-line social networking platform which uses short messages known as “tweets” for communication between its users. Twitter helps to create and share ideas and information instantly without any barriers (Twitter, 2015). 365 more words


Mockingjay and the Power of PR

My day job is in corporate communications. From what I’ve heard from other authors at writing festivals, etc., many of them work in corporate communications too. 288 more words

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