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Fighting Obesity or Defending a Company... or Both?

In recent years, there has been an increase in health consciousness in our world. The companies receiving the most backlash are soda and fast-food companies. In order to combat this backlash, … 261 more words


Social Media As It Relates to Public Relations

Billions of people around the world use social media. It is a wonderful tool used to connect people together like never before. People can share photos, videos, talk to users, and much more. 574 more words

CAP 220

Social Media and Public Relations

Everyone these days uses some form of social media. Whether it be Facebook to post photos of their cats, or Twitter to post their day to day updates, anyone and everyone can utilize social media in some way. 668 more words

2014 National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero Award

2014 Health Freedom Hero Award


The NHF Board of Governors also voted to present the NHF Health Freedom Hero Award for 2014 to Katherine A. 216 more words

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It's Time to Get Social

As I have mentioned in previous posts, social media of all forms are becoming increasingly more integrated into public relations and advertising campaigns for clients. Now, there are even strictly digital marketing agencies, and campaigns that are only dealing with social media and nothing more. 1.652 more words


my top 5 films with PR themes

I was watching a film the other day that I thought was purely about survival and heroism (any guesses?! I’ll come on to which one later!) until my Dad pointed out a PR storyline they had going on.  515 more words


Social Media in Public Relations

Since the inception of social media, people have used it to connect with one another in faster, more efficient ways that the previous methods. It didn’t take long for corporations to discover that capitalizing on this convenience could help them deliver their message to consumers in a quicker, easier and much cheaper way that traditional media. 564 more words