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“A Qualitative Examination of the Impact of Social Media on Media Relations Practice”

In a never ending quest to become a Social Media Maven, I chose a research article about how public relations is practiced in this relatively new realm and how/if social media has seen a significant shift in its users and their purpose. 1.746 kata lagi


July Summary: D.C. Intern

Our nation’s capitol is stunningly beautiful, each building shines bright with a pristine and pearly white exterior. Even more, D.C. has a melting pot vibe – hardly anyone is a true “D.C. 284 kata lagi

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The "Client" Coincidence ...

It was in December 2004 when they first met at one of his clients’ events. He was the public relations executive handling the account and she was the newly-hired marketing executive on the client side. 257 kata lagi


How to make life a PR tactic.

(Photo courtesy of PRSSA.)

            Twas two weeks before finals when all through the campus, every single person was stressing, especially me. That’s right, we all know what this means. 383 kata lagi


What I Learned at my PR Internship

I spent all semester at my internship at a small firm in Dallas. It was quite the experience, both good and bad things. I learned a few things about the field, about myself, and about the work environment. 354 kata lagi

Using Social Media Correctly

As most PR professionals, we’re taught that social media is the bridge between the people who dwell in “corporate talk” and the audience they are trying to reach. 299 kata lagi

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