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Cast Yourself

Fashion is already a competitive industry, so you can imagine how intense breaking into public relations can be. Believe it or not, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do until last year. 388 kata lagi

PR 101



I am currently in my second semester of my second year at University. This is quite the milestone as I have officially surpassed the half way mark; and the pressure keeps on building. 381 kata lagi


7 Ways To Spend Your Next Mandela Day

July 18th is the birthday of the late former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and if he were still alive, this year would have been his 97th birthday. 1.018 kata lagi

PRINZ Senior Practitioner Event guest blog one: Wicked Connections

Written by Tim Marshall, LPRINZ, Communication by Design

Many years ago on the telly there was a documentary series called Connections. Science historian James Burke drew his audience in with riddles – intriguing and unlikely stories of connections throughout the history of science and technology. 370 kata lagi


Social Marketing & Unifying Your Message

There is a simple truth to marketing. It becomes a lot easier when your message is unified and consistent wherever it’s being delivered. In marketing, you’re trying to get your audience to assemble around a single, universally understood idea. 706 kata lagi

Public Relations

Macam-macam Teori Komunikasi

  1. Teori Behaviorisme

Tokoh aliran ini adalah John B. Watson (1878 – 1958) yang di Amerika dikenal sebagai bapak Behaviorisme. Teorinya memumpunkan perhatiannya pada aspek yang dirasakan secara langsung pada perilaku berbahasa serta hubungan antara stimulus dan respons pada dunia sekelilingnya. 1.035 kata lagi


Press release

As published in Women’s Journal on August 3, 2015.

Public Relations