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Last train to cumsvile

Alcohol has always been a problem for me. Or rather the problem’s not the alcohol it’s the person I am when I drink the stuff. 1.093 kata lagi


Caramoniña Allotments || Abalo Alonso arquitectos

Dear Diary,

The Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela became a World Heritage Site in 1985. Since then the Council has been working on buildings, both public and private. 719 kata lagi


How To Know If Its About To Get Stupid In A Public Place

Source: Modern Survival Blog, by Ken Jorgustin

The situation: You are out in public. Maybe you’re simply walking the sidewalk. Maybe you’re sitting in an establishment having something to eat. 459 kata lagi


The gym

I like the gym. I like exercise in general – it’s a bit like sex for me. You work hard, you build up a sweat and you feel good afterwards. 1.562 kata lagi


Tigapagi, Anti Sosial dan Makna-Makna yang Mendangkal

Menjelang pukul 03.00 saat mulai menulis ini. Kuputar sebuah lagu dari album Roekmana’s Repertoire-nya Tigapagi. Jauh lebih syahdu mendengar Banda Neira sebetulnya daripada lagu yang sedang akan kuputar ini. 1.582 kata lagi


City of Culture of Galicia || Eisenman Architects

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The City of Culture is a new cultural center for the Province of Galicia in northwestern Spain. Its design evolves from the superposition of three sets of information. 501 kata lagi