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Faliraki Beach, Rhodes - May 2017

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Taking a selfie

Hidden amongst the rocks, penis showing

Hidden amongst the rocks, with ass showing

Fully Nude

Street Art or Graffiti?

Pictures taken during my 21 years in Thailand


Personal Space in A Public Place

A quick search of the term “personal space” in google greets you with the following result.

So personal space is the immediate physical space surrounding our body. 465 kata lagi

Public Place (Part one Short story under construction.) 

From the first note I know it’s one of my favourite songs.

“A lovestruck Romeo sings the streets of serenade…”
Not only does this new cafe make excellent brunch they also do soup bowl size coffee. 295 kata lagi

Struggling with family gatherings/public places.. 

I need to say first of all that I LOVE my family and friends. I am fiercely proud of them and so, so lucky.
But I really struggle with family gatherings. 269 kata lagi

Life Tips


This is your very popular city of india after #mumbai . We are happy after being official on facebook now we serve better to our #thane residents. 7 kata lagi


Make My Space- Ab Nahi Toh Kab?

By Mahima Dev

Hoshiyaar banoongi, sabse main ladoongi,

Arey mujhe kya rokegi yeh duniya,

Kal logo ke bandhan ko sehme main chali thi,

Aaj bandhan ko tode main aage chaloongi, 877 kata lagi