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Focus on What we Have, Not What we Lack

There are times when we will be dissatisfied with our life. This may allow negative thoughts and sadness to develop. The thing is we can not allow those negative thoughts to consume us. 346 kata lagi


Because dominant people crave power and success, which often bring fame or notoriety, there are many prominent examples: John Wayne, General Patton, football coach Vince Lombard! 2.043 kata lagi


Identity Politics As "An Enemy of Reason and Enlightenment Values"

One of the world’s greatest operatic Tenors, Jonas Kaufmann, is quoted as saying that half of Europe’s operas performed could face the axe due to the #MeToo movement and the antipathy toward perceived misogynistic stories. 272 kata lagi


Standing on the threshold... #SoCS

As I knocked on her door I hear the excited barking of dogs announcing my arrival. The canine sentinels are ushered into their beds before Dr Siskin opens the door. 707 kata lagi

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Have you ever felt lost?

Who has not once felt lost in his existence? We all had doubts, at some point in our lives, about where to go and what to do. 91 kata lagi

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