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PS+ Games of August 2016

The news are up and we finally know which are the games that will be available for download to us playstation plus subscribers next week. An angry friend of mine thought it would be a neat idea to let other people around the interwebs know what the games are about since sometimes sony chooses some obscure games that most people haven’t even heard about. 512 kata lagi


There is no proof against Anees Qaimkhani claims his lawyer

There is no proof against Anees Qaimkhani claims his lawyer

There is no proof against Anees Qaimkhani claims his lawyer There is no proof against Anees Qaimkhani, claims his lawyer


Day 42

Fa caldo, troppo caldo, talmente caldo che ho dovuto abbandonare il profumo a favore dell’acqua profumata: mi dispiace perché ero quasi alla fine ma ho deciso che lo riprenderò non appena finirà questo periodo così afoso… 132 kata lagi


Crosstix Reviews: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PC) or Child Murder - The Game!

Danganronpa is what happens when a writer drinks a bit too much and binges The Hunger Games series and Battle Royale in a night. Fortunately, child murder seems to be pretty entertaining, as it turns out, and Danganronpa is no exception. 1.440 kata lagi


Day 41

Oggi ho finito tantissime cose: per quanto riguarda beauty e affini ho deciso che farò un post a fine mese unico nel quale li elencherò poi tutti; quelli di questo mese un po’ ne ho già postati, per cui posterò il resto (niente ripetizioni, prometto ) invece, per quanto riguarda il resto, vi annuncio subito che le mie ballerine nere (quelle che ho postato in parecchi look) mi hanno definitivamente abbandonata, in più oggi ho buttato via la bustina makeup con le banane… 143 kata lagi


Video update

Hello everyone still checking this blog out. So I kinda sorta forgot to update this with the newer videos, so underneath the cut will be full reviews of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, and The 3rd Birthday. 13 kata lagi

Video Game Review

Ep 23 - Console's VS Hand held's

It would appear that the success of Pokémon GO has encouraged more gamer’s to get out of the house than ever before. Does that mean hand held devices like the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are becoming more powerful than home based consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Wii U? 141 kata lagi