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PDP release evidence that SSS DG is an APC card carrying member


The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has produced evidence linking present DSS Director General to the APC.
The PDP insisted that Daura performed crucial roles in the APC Presidential Campaign as Chairman of Buhari’s Campaign Committee on intelligence. 362 kata lagi


Berks County DA Dismisses Charges in Relation to Putative Domestic Violence

This week, attorney Jorge Pereira, in conjunction with Chief Counsel Joshua Prince, was successful in having the Berks County District Attorney dismiss felony charges against a client in relation to him putatively providing false information on an application to purchase a firearm as a result of a prior conviction, which the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) erroneously contended was related to domestic violence. 253 kata lagi

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Dante's Inferno - Throwback Thursday

So here’s a game that was much better than people may let on, at least in my opinion. I was shopping for some cheap PSP games and came across a brand new, in the wrapper, copy of Dante’s inferno. 713 kata lagi