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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days - October 26th, 2009: Call Me Queen

October 26th, 2009: Episode Eight: Colosseum Depths – Putrid Courtroom
Two flanking groups of archers, a wall of Heavy Knights, and healers with more archers behind them, all on Heal 20% and Attack +1 Geo Panels. 488 kata lagi

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A New Generation Of Gaming And Psp Download

Gone are the days of spending hours sitting in front of the television as you robotically maneuver a joystick in an effort to control a small yellow circle; the main objective of which was to devour each and every tiny dot meticulously positioned throughout a maze as it vacillated between running from or chasing fast moving ghosts. 470 kata lagi

Text and Data Mining Are Growing and Publishers Need to Support Their Use – An AAP-PSP Panel Report

Author’s Note: I moderated a panel on text and data mining at last week’s Annual meeting of the American Association of Publishers–Professional and Scholarly Publishing. 1.743 kata lagi


Saints Row on PSP?!

That’s right, there was a Saints Row game being developed for the PlayStation Portable. It was never released on store shelves, in fact it was cancelled several years ago. 111 kata lagi


[Game] Best-Selling Otome Games of 2015

แรงกิ้งยอดขายเกมโอโตเมะของญี่ปุ่นประจำปี 2015 ค่ะ คัดมาเฉพาะ 20 อันดับแรกนะคะ

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【ยอดขายรวม (ยอดขายสัปดาห์แรก) วันวางจำหน่าย แพลตฟอร์ม ชื่อเกม】

*73,358(67,237) 15/03/12 PSP  Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret
*26,243(23,272) 15/03/05 3DS New Prince of Tennis ~Go to the top~ 111 kata lagi


Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days - October 21st - 24th, 2009

October 21st, 2009: I changed back to English vooiceovers. They’re just cuter. 456 kata lagi

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Monday VLOG #2 PSP Bargains, New Game and BIOS Failure

We look at some bargains I got when shopping for new PSP games, a new game I imported a physical copy of and my adventures in a BIOS update failure.

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