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Siapa Aktor Dibalik Arwah Gentayangan?

Bismillah …

Dalam seminggu belakangan ini di berbagai media nasional heboh berita tentang seorang pelacur yang tewas dibunuh pelanggannya di tempat kos nya. Kasus sejenis (pelacur yang dibunuh) sebenarnya adalah hal yang bisa dikatakan sering terjadi di negeri ini. 1.500 more words


The Passport That'll Get Me Frisked

And I finally appeared for the passport interview! It might seem a tad bit surprising, but yeah, I do not have a passport yet; but a police investigation and another month from now, and that will be sorted out, although I really doubt what the police are gonna find out about my history. 388 more words


"Gemes" Chubby

Berita tentang pembunuhan seorang PSK terlalu mainstream dengan telinga kita. Bukan meremehkan, tapi kita sudah biasa dengan berita pembunuhan PSK lantaran berbagai alasan. Berita yang berbeda belakangan ini tentang pembunuhan PSK yang diketahui berinisial @tataa_chubby. 98 more words


Jonathan: Kisah Seorang Gigolo Muda (Lesson 2)

PERHATIAN!!! Cerita ini tidak cocok dikonsumsi pembaca di bawah 18 tahun. Tapi kalau masih ingin baca ceritanya, silakan. 834 more words

Abang Kyle

Burst PSK Modem with LDPC Coding in GNU Radio using Message Passing and Eventstream

Bursty wireless communications are widely used as a multi-user channel access sharing technique in the real world.   This has long been a frustration in GNU Radio as it has traditionally focused heavily on continuous stream processing blocks and applications.   1.843 more words

Software Radio

Social audit cell opened up in Passport Offices to clear long pending cases

The regional passport office has opened a social audit cell, which will help candidates carry out audits of their passport applications. The candidates will certainly be offered with specifics on why applications are pending, reasons for the hold-up as well as what calls for to be done to quicken the process. 310 more words

News And Passport

RFID Reader, Day 4: Nothing But Trouble

I haven’t updated this project in a while since I haven’t had much time for it and the time I have had has been learning what I don’t know! 645 more words

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