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Flyer: Get Your Oil On

Get Your Oil On flyer, featuring Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit, is back and better than ever! Revised with the new vitality oils and fresh, new colors! 308 kata lagi

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Hello November!!!

Ring in the Holiday Season with a FREE bottle of Christmas Spirit Essential Oil!!

This is one of my favorite oils to diffuse and wear during this time of year!!   126 kata lagi

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DIY Household Cleaner

A lot of people think that essential oils are only meant to be used aromatically but there are sooo many things you can do (See my post on the different ways… 154 kata lagi

Essential Oils

Introducing the PSK's Admins 

1) Bacon-bringer of the House

Name: Gemillen V. Plata

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Female


Nothing special 😂 but i really like to dance especially when nobody is home. 89 kata lagi

Oil Bottle Labels: The PSK

We have for you oil bottle labels for each of the oils included in Young Living’s U.S. Premium Starter Kit. Each label is hand designed and put together on one sheet. 442 kata lagi

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Oil Spotlight: RC

I’m failing a little at this #write31days challenge so I will be doing a few short posts to catch up. These posts will be some oil spotlights! 460 kata lagi

Essential Oils

Kelamaan di Ranjang, Pesepakbola Ghana Kepayahan di Lapangan

Hubungan seks tak selamanya dapat meningkatkan aktivitas dan kinerja sehari-hari. Ada kalanya memberikan efek negatif seperti kelelahan, mengantuk, hingga stres dan penyesalan akibat terlalu cepat keluar atau tidak sengaja keluar di dalam. 556 kata lagi