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Transfer to into Spring

With my birthday at the beginning of the month that allowed some money to come into my grubby little college paws.  Which means makeup… all sorts of makeup I’ve been putting on my wish list for months. 181 more words


PSB Ep. 8 "Dzień Dobry"

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 8 “Dzień Dobry”

Tonight we discuss our Easter, our thoughts on the passing of Mrs. Lennon, the selling of Burt’s Pontiac, our movies we saw, Show & Tell, and we go chipmunk! 28 more words

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Spring Food: Herb Omelette

With all these lovely new shoots everywhere, it is hard to believe that among gardeners, the months of April and May are also known as “the hungry gap”. 246 more words


The Race for Space - Album of the Week #5

‘The Race for Space’ is a craker of a concept album, taking the listener through eighteen years in the history of human space exploration from the first beeps of Sputnik to the last Apollo (17) Moon landing. 286 more words


PSB Ep. 7 "Lucky #7"

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 7 “Lucky #7″


The first episode with my buddy Robert “Ferg” Ferguson as new co-host! I am very excited as you will here in this episode. 69 more words

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PSBroccoli, Parsley & Almond Pesto.

My little lady has finally stopped throwing up but is having an extra day off school to regain some energy. To help refuel her we made this delicious and nutritious pesto pasta for lunch. 226 more words

17/03/2015 - O dia em que Jonas e a Câmara venderam Campinas

17 de Março marca um dia bastante estranho e para ser lembrado para sempre na democracia campineira e brasileira com um exemplo de que o Estado de Exceção não é assim tão longínquo. 635 more words