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A Little Bit of Philippine School (Bahrain)

So, what is Philippine School (Bahrain)?

Well, it is a school that currently stands by the land of A’ali, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Philippine School (Bahrain) is a Philippine-curriculum based that was established in the year 1994. 354 kata lagi

Philippine School (Bahrain)

Don't burden the, er, shoulder.

My shoulder’s been a little wonky. Have I been neglecting good body mechanics during massage sessions? Not paying attention to my form during workouts? I’m not sure. 130 kata lagi

22nd Foundation Day

Competence. Creativity. Commitment and Compassion

The C’s of the core values of  the Philippine School Bahrain takes pride in carrying out through its faculty and student body.

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Nine Orders of Magnitude in Two Days

This post documents a journey through nine orders of magnitude in energy, undertaken on a weekend in late September 2016. Starting at the highest energies currently available in the laboratory (TeV), we went down to fission (MeV), fusion plasma energies (keV) and finally back up again to GeV. 696 kata lagi


Freestyle Friday: “Domino Dancing”

This is the 10th post in a biweekly series. Read about the series — and just what we mean by “freestyle music” — here. Freestyle Fridays post on the first and third Fridays of each month.  851 kata lagi