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PSB Ep. 14 "Visiting Rights"

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I finally got to meet my wonderful cohort, FERG!! What a great time we had! Tonight, we play clips of our visit to a diner in Middletown, CT. 40 kata lagi

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Out of season

Look at any gardening book and it will tell you when you ‘should’ sow certain seeds. Search the Garden Organic website and it tells you that in August (at least here in the UK), you should be planting (amongst other things) amaranth, chicory, Chinese cabbage, kale, lambs lettuce, winter lettuce, oriental greens, rocket, spring cabbage and turnip. 366 kata lagi

Gardening And Growing

Head and Shoulder (pads)


The PSB’s are responsible for so many hit records from the 80’s (and some from the 90’s), we could list 15 right here right now, they simply stood head and shoulder (pads) above everything else around them, and screamed “THIS IS LONDON” to the entire world. 104 kata lagi

Balearic Classics

Pet Shop Boys

29 June 2015

The last two Electric shows

The last two opportunities to see the PSB Electric tour production will be in Sweden and Finland in August (see tour dates below). 91 kata lagi


From 大高舍村 to Beijing and back.

It was about six o’clock when we stood at the 35-bus stop.

The sign says the bus operates from 05h40 to 20h30 every day.

We’re heading to Beijing, about 40 kilometres away. 728 kata lagi

Traveling Tribe



Welcome to episode 12 of “Please Stand By’. Tonight, Arnold comes by to visit, we discuss Toronto’s “Dead Raccoon”, and we go down our favorite subjects and goodies… with much more! 14 kata lagi

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