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What's In It?

It’s the number one question I ask myself when shopping for personal care products: “What’s in it?” I look for recognizable ingredients, like cold pressed seed and nut oils, along with pure essential oils — as many of them organic as possible. 318 kata lagi

Interview | Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting released their Live at Brixton album and DVD today. Band member J. Wilgoose recently spoke to the Last Mixed Tape about the filming/recording of their  300 kata lagi


Cinnamon & more

It’s that time of year. The temperature drops and our thoughts go to cinnamon and spices to warm us up.

In addition to the warmth they bring, spices protect us. 96 kata lagi

The Night I Met The Pet Shop Boys (Again).

I’m in a community center library, on my volunteer shift, as I type this. It’s a pretty quiet night, so I’m listening to music on my phone. 1.009 kata lagi


A Little Bit of Philippine School (Bahrain)

So, what is Philippine School (Bahrain)?

Well, it is a school that currently stands by the land of A’ali, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Philippine School (Bahrain) is a Philippine-curriculum based that was established in the year 1994. 354 kata lagi

Philippine School (Bahrain)

Don't burden the, er, shoulder.

My shoulder’s been a little wonky. Have I been neglecting good body mechanics during massage sessions? Not paying attention to my form during workouts? I’m not sure. 130 kata lagi