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‘Doctors Said My Surgery Had Been A Success. They Were Wrong’

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Hollie Ismaili didn\u2019t feel quite right after her miscarriage surgery. 3.081 kata lagi


I Never Finished…inFAMOUS…Because

I decided to pick this game up because my “friend” had recommended it so I kind of knew she would leave me the hell alone if I was playing it. 634 kata lagi


The Beaten Diaries #5: The Locations and Enemies of BioShock


love the BioShock series. I was actually really surprised that I liked each game as much as I did. I am terrible with horror and meandering around dark worlds and corridors in games – absolutely terrible – but I wanted to get through  1.285 kata lagi


My Yakuza series journey begins (or has it begun?)

Last week, I decided to pick up Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on PlayStation 4 as an early birthday present for myself. I’ve been playing through… 467 kata lagi

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Assassin's Creed II / Review

Hola, a todos sean bienvenidos a este post. Hoy hablare sobre el, para muchos, mejor juego de la saga pero eso podemos discutirlo. En este caso, retomaremos la historia de Desmond donde escapara del poder de los templarios ayudado por Lucy, y otros miembros mas pero sin lograr el primer objetivo, encontrar la manzana del eden, una vez logrado el objetivo de escapar tendremos una breve historia para luego escondernos en un lugar, en esta nos explicaran que son parte de los Assassin y tambien necesitan conocer la ubicacion exacta de la manzana para esconderla. 649 kata lagi


VGBS Live 19 - Hidden Gaming Gems @ Midwest Gaming Classic 2018

For our third annual VGBS Live Panel at Midwest Gaming Classic 2018, we are talking about our favorite Hidden Gaming Gems for tons of consoles! 85 kata lagi


Download Game Genie Save Editor Para Ps3

If your Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 came with the Game Genie USB drive or you purchased the direct download version from thegamegenie, download Here you can download free game genie save editor for ps3 shared files found in our database: Meu Save Game 100 Save Editor NFS Carbon NFS Most Wanted. 432 kata lagi