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New Call Of Duty Teaser In Nuk3Town

Now what the heck is this? Treyarch has officially found a new and creative way to tease players for this next Call Of Duty game. 214 kata lagi


Escape Dead Island Review ! (PS3)

What would you do when you hear about a zombie outbreak? I would run as far away from the outbreak as possible. But apparently I’m boring because what you really do is go towards the outbreak to impress your dad. 616 kata lagi


Briefiew: Life is Strange

I think we all have some topics that for some reason catches our attention in a special way. Some love the pirate themes, others like post apocalyptic worlds, Roy’s more about futuristic dystopias with robots and myself… I’m all about time travel. 674 kata lagi


Battlefield 5 News and Announcement Day

The highly anticipated next game in the Battlefield series will be announced on May 5th, via broadcast by EA and DICE.  The broadcast will start at 1 p.m. 230 kata lagi


Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

Just what is horror in modern gaming? I remember playing Resident Evil in 1996 and being scared stupid. That was probably because I was 12 and the game was rated 15. 1.304 kata lagi

Why PS Plus should make us all angry

Console gaming offers a great platform for people who don’t own a gaming PC to play some video games in their downtime. Back in 2009 I became the proud owner of a Sony Playstation 3, sneering at those fools on Xbox 360 who had to pay for their Gold Membership just to play online. 210 kata lagi


Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Lets Rock For Europe

Europe is getting a treat as Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is coming their way but with something special. A “Lets Rock” Limited Edition has been announced. 102 kata lagi