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Gust's Beautiful Girls Festival Plans To Reveal Two Unannounced Games, 

Gust have just launched a new campaign called Beautiful Girls Festival, which seems set to reveal two unannounced Gust titles.

The campaign portal website seems to be leading to a new festival centred on the upcoming works of Gust and Koei Tecmo. 186 kata lagi

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Let's Play Sonic '06 Part 13

Congratulations. You Did it, Game, You’ve managed to piss off my Twin brother so much, that he will make the next part of the LP a living hell for me…. 33 kata lagi

3WS: PS3 Reboots

An explanation ensues. This isn’t a review nor a top 10 list but a new section we’ve come up with. 3WS stands for “three-way showdown”, here we’re going to compare three different games that have something in common. 1.076 kata lagi


A Topic On My Mind....

For days something has been eating at me and at first, I wasn’t gonna post it because the old me, (the mean, moody) Shadowlight’s trying to stay buried! 290 kata lagi


Jul 29: Release and date announcements

-Little King’s Story for Steam is dated for Aug 5 in NA and EU!
-Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs for PS3 PSN, PS4, and Vita PSN and dated for Oct 21 in EU!


Minecraft: Villager Farm Tutorial

My first Minecraft tutorial video! In this video I show you a simple build to help you breed villagers quicker. This build was requested on my last survival update video, so keep in mind I did not come up with this idea, so I am not taking credit for it. 6 kata lagi

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Persona 5 School, Cooperation and Shadows

The Official site for Persona 5 has been updated. The update has a break down of shadows (the enemies found throughout the persona world). School events that are the same as P4 and the cooperation the new social link for the game. 302 kata lagi