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Blazblue Central Fiction Nine & Act 2

Today we are getting word that we might be seeing act 2 in Blazblue Central Fiction. Act 2 refers to the arcade mode story arc as all of the arcade routs are at the moment only act 1 like the four I you have seen on this blog for instance. 268 kata lagi


This is why PSN is down again | 27 November 2015

Once again and as expected Sony just got their servers down . As everyone else,we are really shocked with the Sony’s service on peak times. Most of ps4 owners are paying the ps plus subscription fees,which is dedicated to improve online services of the company . 126 kata lagi

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Most Anticipated Game for December 2015

Did everyone get through the November rush of games in one piece? Are you still recovering from the influx of games that you might or might not have even finished? 269 kata lagi


Weekly pick-ups: Week 24

LEGO is awesome; that’s just a fact.  They have a lot of licenses that I really like (DC,Marvel,LOTR,…) but I picked up 2 pieces of LEGO from another famous franchise. 140 kata lagi


Deal Alert - PSN Black Friday Flash Sale

PSN (US) is having a flash sale, and there’s some anime-related and Japanese-related games discounted. Go here to make your purchases. Sale ends November 30th. 227 kata lagi


Videogame Stories: Jak and Daxter

“Jak and Daxter” was a PS2 series created and developed by “Naughty Dog” and by that time it was a very risky and a very challenging project for the developers at the time as the project was ambitious due to the game handling an conected open world with no “game loading” between areas. 707 kata lagi


Batman: Arkham Asylum {Game Review}

Before 2009 it would have been practically impossible to name a good comic book tie-in video game. Well that changed when Batman: Arkham Asylum from Rocksteady dropped on the scene. 896 kata lagi

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