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DidYouKnowGaming Covers Bayonetta

Popular YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming has recently covered Platinum Games’ Bayonetta series. This is arguably Platinum Games’ most popular game franchise and has received a lot of publicity recently due to her inclusion in Smash 4. 22 kata lagi


Onimusha Revival Talk

Onimusha was a series where your the player played as a samurai and used powerful weapons to vanquish demons as they take over Japan. The last entry was a back but we are hearing that their is talk to bring the sword wielding series back. 176 kata lagi


Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ (PS3) Review

Like many older retro gamers, Pac-Man was one of the titles that I cut my gaming teeth on. Indeed, I played this even before I owned a computer or console, thanks to the yellow Grandstand handheld version of the game that was available in the early 80s. 831 kata lagi

Game Reviews

Rayman Origins Review

By Daniel Lein

The 2D platformer has had a renaissance in the past five years or so. Developers are revisiting the classic genre and finding new ways to iterate and improve it while still staying true to basic formula. 683 kata lagi

Confessions of a Hardcore Casual Gamer

Okay. I have a bit of a confession to make. I’ve been playing video games since before I knew how to read. In today’s society it is rather hard to not be exposed to the gaming scene in some way or another. 308 kata lagi

Review: Fallout New Vegas

Las Vegas under a buggy renovation 

The Fallout franchises have become very popular in recent years, despite the game series starting in the late ’90s. Fallout: New Vegas is the successor to Fallout 3, a well-received game and considered to be a modern day classic by many players – but does the next instalment live up to the reputation left behind by its older brother?¬† 493 kata lagi