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Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel II (111-FINAL)

Chris and Michaela follow Rean and Valimar directly into the sequel to Trails of Cold Steel! It’s a game with a number of improvements and differences from the first, but still with the characters and music you’ve come to expect. 37 kata lagi

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Weekly pick-ups: Week 116!

What a week! Belgium won their first WC game and I finally found a collectors edition that I wanted for a very long time!

Recore (Xbox One) 267 kata lagi


Most Anticipated Game for July 2018

What an E3 this year, am I right? There were a bunch of games shown, a bunch of them come out this very year, a lot of them come out at some point in the future, but it was a show to remember, which means that my backlog is going to just continue to grow as more new games to come out. 257 kata lagi


Of Orcs And Men

Summer Trailer E3 trailer Of Orcs and Men is a great role-playing game, jointly developed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by Cyanide Studios (Concept and Production) and Spiders (Realization and Development). 19 kata lagi


June 2018 Free PS Plus Games Out Now

With all the E3 talk, it’s easy to miss some goodies that may be right under your nose. Your friends at Ctrl Salt Delete have you covered! 37 kata lagi


Watch Dogs review - Bullet-Sharp Dog Bite [REUPLOADED]

This is a review I posted elsewhere before I started this WordPress blog. It was recovered from my previous place and was slightly re-written. As such, I apologize for the overall quality of this review and will work to improve it even further. 1.468 kata lagi


Catherine (2011) by Atlus

Catherine represents a strange entry on my list of favorite games.  The game is a self described horror, puzzle, dating simulation video game.  Sign me up!  751 kata lagi

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