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Gaming Goals for the New Year – September 2016 – Update

What can I say about September. It’s been a crazy month in a year of extremely crazy months, but that’s really nothing new. With the year basically being just about over, it’s hard to think that any of these goals will be accomplished. 858 kata lagi


SNAG OR GAG: Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Previously, I talked about the 2010 release of Transformers: War for Cybertron. It was a decent title, but since it did fairly well and it is based on a beloved franchise, it was inevitable that it would get a sequel would be made. 1.331 kata lagi


Persona 5 Shipmen tops 550,000

Persona 5 is out in Japan and tops 550,000 that includes retail and downloads. With that said we are hearing more about the DLC our beloved thieves can look forward to. 82 kata lagi


Blazblue Central Fiction Es Free DLC

Blazblue Central Fiction is coming out soon and will have two DLC character in Es and Mai Natsuma. We are learning today that Es will be free to download.   37 kata lagi


Steins;Gate (PS Vita Review)

It only makes sense that the best video game story ever is found in a Visual Novel right? If you play games for their story, I urge you to give this a go, especially if you are the least bit curious. 440 kata lagi


PS Plus Games Of October 2016

New to the October lineup for Ps Plus are these games shown below…

PlayStation Plus Lineup for October 2016


  • Resident Evil
  • Transformer: Devastation

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