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New Launch Pruman, Prulady, Prueasy

This month Prudential launch  3 plan.

Pru lady 

Key Benefits

  • Preventive health screening once every 2 years2
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for women
    • Covers female-related medical conditions3 and procedures3…
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Thoughts Of The Month

Beacon Hospital’s CSR Cataract Programme (CCP)

Cataracts occur when changes in the lens of the eye cause it to become less transparent (clear). This results in cloudy or misty vision.

The lens is the crystalline structure that sits just behind your pupil (the black circle in the centre of your eye). 263 kata lagi


PRUwealth by Prudential

Prudential has launched yet another comprehensive life insurance plan called PRUwealth, here is a quick fantasy explanation of how it works

1) Philip aged 35 years old owns a PRUwealth plan with a sum assured of 1 million because the minimum you have to get is RM500,000. 250 kata lagi


Prudential Q1 new business profit rises

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

British insurer Prudential reported a 25 per cent rise in first-quarter new business profits on Thursday, driven by a strong performance in Asia, and announced the appointment of a new chief financial officer in a management reshuffle. 257 kata lagi

Money Matters

Prudential first-quarter new business profit rises, Asia head steps down

British insurer Prudential reported a 25 percent rise in first-quarter new business profit on Thursday, driven by growth in Asia, and said the firm’s Asia head was stepping down.

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My Prudential Pruselect investment tracking part 2

How many months premium had pay : Dec 14 till May 17 = 28 months  

Total premium pay : = $400 x 28 months = … 98 kata lagi

Thoughts Of The Month

Brother, why are we financially illiterate?

I was slightly relieved when I read the Prudential study, “African American Financial Experience 2015-2016.” Here are key points from the research I was thoroughly proud of as a black man: 326 kata lagi