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Spotting insurance claim and eye anomalies using GPU-powered AI

What does a fraudulent insurance claim and eye problem have in common? Well, both can be identified, thanks to powerful NVIDIA GPUs deployed by AIDA Technologies, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup which began in 2016. 650 kata lagi


The views from the Prudential

On a clear day, the Skywalk Observatory offers 360° views of Boston. It comes with a fee, of course, but the views are worth it. It was fun to try and spot places we’d already been to and those that we had yet to see, like the MIT on the other side of Charles River and the Harvard far beyond.  8 kata lagi


IGC Class of 2018 - the results are in - this is how your Chair Report stacks up.

So  here are my ratings for the principal IGC reports that I can find. There may be more reports skulking out there and I’ll be adding them if they get reported to me! 899 kata lagi


Prudential's IGC get it right - a model Chair report.

To understand why the Prudential’s IGC reports are so good, you need to go to first principals and read the opening paragraphs of their value for money definition ( 1.134 kata lagi


Do we need a medical plan?

What is a personal medical plan?

It is a plan offered by an insurance company to pay for your medical bills.

Why do we need a personal medical plan? 77 kata lagi


Balance Score Card Client Building For Sustainable Results (for Agents only)

This years, Bank Negara has implemented the Balance Score Card System. It’s main purpose is to improve the professionalism and productivity of all insurance agents in the country. 66 kata lagi


PRUmedical network


Bagi anda para nasabah Prudential, kami ingin mengabarkan bahwa pada bulan November 2017 Prudential Indonesia telah meluncurkan PRUmedical network di 42 rumah sakit di 23 kota di Indonesia, yaitu rumah sakit dalam jaringan Grup Siloam Hospitals, RS Mitra Keluarga, Mayapada Hospitals, dan RS Royal Taruma Jakarta. 197 kata lagi

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