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Thermomix at the Prudential 

Working at the Prudential in Reading today, demonstrating the excellent Thermomix with my colleague Michele


Recent Claims TPD payout from the endowment plans

TPD Payout

Recently i just help out in the claims of a TPD pay out from her/his endowment plans. it is a devastating situation i would said, and can imagine the livelihood and living expense would definitely be a challenge for the transit and future. 55 kata lagi

Thoughts Of The Month

Accident Claims Due to Deep Cuts

Recently just completed one of the claims. she/he given me a call of the situation and ask me whether is it claimable. i reply yes and i urge for she/he to go to seek treatment as the cut are deep, and when she/he call me, she/he has being self medication and does not heal well. 65 kata lagi

Thoughts Of The Month

Produk Tersembunyi Asuransi

P-D-P. Pasien-Dokter-Prudential.

Prudential selaku pengumpul dana premi/iuran nasabah (Pasien) memerlukan kerjasama dengan para Dokter perihal diagnosa penyakit yang dialami nasabah. Hasil pemantauan kami selama mengurus administrasi nasabah di RS, ada beberapa dokter yang bertanya kenapa Prudential terkadang mengeluarkan banyak dokumen pertanyaan seputar kondisi medis pasien, bahkan terkesan berulang-ulang. 324 kata lagi

Life Insurance

Concert Math

Jon wasn’t an opera fan though he’d never given the genre a fair opportunity proving itself. “I think I was spoiled by Warners Brothers cartoons,” he would tell whoever asked, though few did. 2.316 kata lagi


Kyu Coffee Bar – Minimalist Coffee Kiosk At Raffles Place, Outside Prudential Tower

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by admin

CBD friends will get another choice for your caffeine fix, with coffee kiosk Kyu Coffee Bar right outside Prudential Tower along Cecil Street. 227 kata lagi


http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/business/17220.html #Business http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/California-to-investigate-Prudential-insurance-policies-sold-through-Wells-Fargo.jpg
California to investigate Prudential insurance policies sold through Wells Fargo
California to investigate Prudential insurance policies sold through Wells Fargo:- California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced an investigation Monday into the sale of Prudential insurance policies by…