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Comparing Lorenz Corporation MP4851 Kingdoms of Life Protista Grade 912

S-Corporations (much like regular C-Corporations) are allowed to retain their net profits as operating capital. However, all profits are considered as if they were distributed to shareholders, and as a result shareholders might be taxed on income they never received (whereas a shareholder of C-corporation is taxed on dividends only when those dividends are actually paid out). 259 kata lagi

Kingdom Protista

This week in AP Biology, we performed a lab to learn more about organisms that fall under the Protist Kingdom! We examined organisms under a microscope, created sketches, conducted research on each individual protist, and created a group project on the Kingdom Protista. 43 kata lagi

AP Biology

School is for the... MICROBES!!!

These next few days are dedicated to the study of microorganisms. I have a test over prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and viruses, basically bacteria, fungi, protista, and viruses…I feel comfortable with the eukaryotes and viruses but prokaryotes worry me a bit. 49 kata lagi

Turn the Clock Backward: Not all Species Die with Age

Almost all species die with age. But a new research reveals it is not true for all species. Some species are less likely to die as they get older. 49 kata lagi


Kingdom Protista

Ciri-ciri Protista :

• Makhluk hidup bersel satu atau bersel banyak dan telah memiliki membran inti (selnya bersifat eukariot).
• Bukan merupakan hewan ataupun tumbuhan, tetapi hanya mempunyai sifat yang menyerupai hewan, menyerupai tumbuhan, ataupun menyerupai jamur. 828 kata lagi


1. Protista Mirip Hewan (Protozoa)

Tabel perbandingan anggota Protista mirip Hewan.







Sporozoa 273 kata lagi


© Born to Fight August 5th 2013 Author E.P. Hunkapiller

© Born to Fight August 5th 2013

Author E.P. Hunkapiller

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