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Pan Fried Tofu

Tofu is delicious, if prepared correctly. It’s also a cheap source of protein that can be added to many dishes in place of meat or just because it’s delicious. 444 kata lagi


Top 6 Food Combinations you need to say NO NO!

1.Mixing protein and starch. When your body is taking both protein and starch you are forced to digest protein prior to starch and most of the starch goes undigested. 320 kata lagi

Chocolate Protein Balls

Chocolate protein balls

Makes 8


2 scoops (or approx. 50g) chocolate protein powder

10g cacao powder

80g oats (use gluten free if required)

80g honey… 122 kata lagi


Kielbasa Stu

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I finally tested out my first recipe from childhood courtesy of my dad. And, yes, I punned this recipe’s name after him ;) After all, he is the reason why I love cooking and trying different creations. 302 kata lagi

The Kitchen

Can we all stop buying fat-free and reduced fat products already?

The amount of misinformation out there around health and nutrition is FOR REAL one of my biggest triggers. If you want to get me really amped up, start talking about how you want to lose weight, so you only eat low-fat ice cream, only buy reduced-fat crackers and fat-free yogurt, and always get the “lite” version of salad dressings. 590 kata lagi


My 1st Tropeaka Purchase!

I can not contain my excitement about this purchase!! I am a total super fan of Sarah’s Day and she uses these products in literally every single video she makes. 1.005 kata lagi