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low carb stuffed turkey burger

This burger threw me around for a taste bud journey to flavor land. Yeah, I don’t know what I just said but that’s exactly how I felt when I took a big juicy bite of this meaty heaven. 370 kata lagi

Low Carb

coconut oil fudge

Let’s just say you have a bit of a sweet tooth – maybe a slight weakness to the usual¬†chocolate treat?¬† This coconut oil, protein based fudge is smooth, sweet, and sinfully rich (without the sin of course.) This recipe I’m about to share with you is a master piece. 371 kata lagi


Too much Tofu?

Tofu is the Vegan and Vegetarian answer to most questions. It provides a high amount of protein, keeps you full, very low to no fat, and takes on the flavour of however you want to season it. 185 kata lagi


BCAA's: The Biggest Scam in the Supplement Industry

You see a big dude walking around the gym with his gallon jug filled with a mysterious blue fluid. “Why’s he drinking windshield wiper fluid?”, you ask to yourself. 960 kata lagi

Health & Fitness

Why Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing? Here Are 10 Reasons Why

If you are wondering why your muscles have stopped growing, here are 10 reasons why

Exercise, regular exercise, healthy eating, and a strict diet do not guarantee that your muscles will continue to grow and increase their mass and size. 529 kata lagi


Eating for Health

Even the most expensive organic beauty products...with the very best ingredients…will end up doing hardly any good at all If your diet consists only of milkshakes and hamburgers. 429 kata lagi

Getting Healthy

Meyer Lemon Chicken Piccata

Hey, welcome to my blog! It’s been a while. I was crazy enough to start this mid school year, and the end of the year got the best of me. 681 kata lagi