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Be Healthy Tuesday: Breakfast Options

Have you ever considered where the word breakfast comes from? I had a 5th-grade teacher, one among the many great teachers I have had the opportunity to experience learning with and she would remind us regularly. 257 kata lagi

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Old School Strength (2 min read)

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Okay so everyone wants to be… 442 kata lagi


30 minute vegan pizza recipe

People are always horrified amazed when I say I don’t eat pizza, but then I go on to explain that it’s not pizza I have a problem with, it’s the soggy, greasy, cheese laden things that dominate the UK takeaway scene. 209 kata lagi



Hello everyone!

Today, the new semester is starting at my school. Before heading to the school, I made some healthy protein pancakes <3

When you eat enough protein, you won’t starving quickly. 139 kata lagi


Low FODMAPs Protein, Seeds and Nuts

  • adzuki beans (1/4 cup)
  • baked beans
  • boiled lentils (1/4 cup)
  • brazil nuts
  • canned chick peas (1/4 cup)
  • chestnuts
  • chia seeds
  • fava beans (1/4)
  • hazelnuts (10)
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Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate for Building Muscle?

Between whey protein concentrate and isolate on what delivers the most amount of muscle development while leaning down. Also why pasteurization of milk and w… 6 kata lagi

Protein-Packed Three Bean Chilli

This recipe is great for a chilly (pun-intended) Sunday evening.  This recipe works well as meal-prep for leftover lunches or suppers.  You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be feeling nourished and satisfied all week-long.   250 kata lagi