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Breakfast Smoothie to Start the Day!

Morning! (At least it was when I ate this very delicious smoothie.)

Recently I have been trying to make myself things for breakfast that I won’t get sick of. 332 kata lagi


Food - about vegan food.

Going vegan is derived only from plant based foods. Vegans do not use or consume any animals or animal products including flesh (land or sea animals), milk, eggs, or honey. 3.046 kata lagi


Black Bean Salad with Radish

I have not regularly cooked or prepped lunch for as long as I can remember. All the traveling jobs and a husband that doesn’t take lunch pack, made this my reality until now. 127 kata lagi


P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I have a problem.   It’s a P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter problem.  It’s so delicious, I can’t stop eating it.  I want it all over my body.  339 kata lagi

Bright Eyed Arugula

Ostrich: they also eat meat

The ostrich, from which one can derive the fillet, stew, steak, sausages and hams, has a red meat, tender and delicate taste, almost sweet. Most of the meat comes from the muscles of the legs, especially thighs. 51 kata lagi


Watch how BPI protein supplements are made!

With lawsuits on the rise against Supplement Manufacturers, it is a great idea to know exactly what is in your protein supplements and how they are made. 158 kata lagi


Protein atau Asam amino

Protein merupakan senyawa kimia yang mengandung asam amino, tersusun atas atom-atom C, H, O & N.Protein merupakan bahan utama pembentuk sel tumbuhan, hewan, dan manusia. Berdasarkan susunan kimia protein digolongkan menjadi 3, yaitu : 456 kata lagi

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