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Protein Nut Balls Recipe

Makes 12 balls (35 grams each)


0.25 (35 g) roasted salted macadamia nuts
2-4 T xylitol, powdered
10 oz Barney’s crunchy almond butter
0.5 c (70 g) non-instant skim milk powder… 101 kata lagi


Differences in Protein Powders (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nathan Ferreira

Founder & Owner: Ferreirafitness

-Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member, Contributor, Health & Fitness Trainer

Differences in Protein Powders (4 min read) 480 kata lagi


Pizza Friday Recipe


-Pizza dough (If you have a recipe for pizza dough please share because I just bought mine at a store)
-2 Tomatos
-Mozzarella… 179 kata lagi


FFCreations #4 Salted caramel protein cheese cake

Much easier than making one big gigantic cheese cake with the added benefit of when its gone its gone. No temptations to sneak downstairs at night for leftovers. 236 kata lagi


The Easy High Protein Breakfast

We all know that trying to lose weight is a hard shell to crack. With most diets, we spend our time eliminating food from our daily intake, which only makes us want to eat more. 250 kata lagi

On The Rocks

Vegan Gluten-Free Almond & Apricot Scones - oh yes!

I haven’t had home-baked scones – or any scones for that matter – for soooo long! Many moons ago, before I became vegan, gluten-free, juicer and raw foodie, they were my favourite comfort food. 486 kata lagi

paleo banana protein pancakes for the weekend


Although I’m usually not a sweet breakfast person, I got a hankering for some banana pancakes when we were grabbing groceries late Friday night. 361 kata lagi