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Pumpkin cheesecake blondie.

It’s Friday, it’s half term and, therefore, we need CAKE CAKE CAKE to celebrate and as its pumpkin week on my blog, Pumpkin cheesecake blondies are what I’m devouring. 112 kata lagi


Healthy Stuffed Chicken Breast

Are you tired of eating the same ol’ dry chicken breast from your meal preps? Try my Healthy Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe. Stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, low fat cheese, and spinach. 236 kata lagi

Fall Pumpkin Protein Smoothie

Making smoothies/shakes in the morning is usually not an option for me because I wake up hours before my roommate does, and her bedroom is right by the kitchen. 451 kata lagi


Tuna & Farro Salad, with a Lemon-Garlic-Turmeric Vinaigrette 

To Note:

This recipe is “Day 2” of the big batch of farro I made the other night. It worked out well to prepare 2 cups of the farro, which turned into almost 7 cups cooked!! 297 kata lagi

Main Course

5 ingredient Peanut Butter Protein cookies

Super easy.  I think next time I’ll add some stevia or xylitol to sweeten it up.

1 Cup Peanut Butter (I use completely all natural peanut butter with no sugar in it) 74 kata lagi

MP45day 10, Scallops

Rest days are nice. Just going to leave it at that. Our lower body workout yesterday has my legs and abs sore as can be…lots of stretching and foam roller today. 104 kata lagi


Winter Antioxidant Smoothie

Amongst all the stress that gets thrown at us this season-holidays, shifts in the weather, school and work deadlines- (I know, I just began to admit to myself that summer is definitely over), our bodies can take some major blows. 706 kata lagi