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Proposal Writing: Recommend a Bangkok trip during the December Holidays

Material suitability: Age 12 and above

This articles shares some useful suggestions on how to write an informative and insightful proposal to recommend an overseas trip during the school holidays.  1.743 kata lagi


Tree Stewardship Organization and Distribution in Hillsborough County, FL

Trees provide many benefits to the communities that embrace them. Several organizations exist to encourage communities to grow and take care of trees in their neighborhoods, a process known as reforestation. 537 kata lagi

Elderly House

The rationale of this proposal is to provide an ultimate retirement dream house for the elderly who worked hard in their prime. The home will be built on a favorable slope that has a perfect vista of the city. 

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.23.17

Even though Kevin was no where to be found for whatever reason today, the rest of the show was here for the Bay Area to press on, especially considering today is a Double Trouble Thursday. 252 kata lagi


Proposal Presentation

This morning, I presented my proposal in a power point presentation. I included my concept, research, first couple of shoots, time plan and risk assessments. At the end I received good feedback, especially on my photos which made me feel positive about my project and showed me that what I am doing is good.


Project Proposal

The title for my FMP is called ‘Expressive Graffiti.’ I have chosen this as my title as I will be researching and finding out how people use graffiti in the way they express themselves, either as a delinquent purpose or to showcase art. 1.794 kata lagi