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Confessed My Love

I don’t get it. I really am wondering how this has happened to me.. That enchanting feeling.. I always heard about falling in love and never believed till yesterday. 247 kata lagi


Blog post test

  • Life vs. Like will explore the pressures an individual feels when using social media platforms. It aims to expose social media consumption and the negative and possible “dark side” that exists subconsciously or consciously for users.
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Stephanie & Chris

I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions!  They are so fun and a great way for a couple to get more comfortable in front of the camera before the BIG day.   48 kata lagi


The Mumma Returns


Remember me? It’s been a while. My sabbatical was totally unplanned! Life has been in total overdrive… it’s been fabulous but exhausting. Tobias is getting so big, he no longer seems like a baby anymore, all of his quirks and traits are shining through. 1.317 kata lagi


Engagement Rings: Does Retail Value Matter? 

Couple days ago, I came across an article on Yahoo! Style about a woman who was unhappy with her engagement ring because of it’s cost & overall size I guess. 295 kata lagi


Ohio proposal would label neo-Nazi groups terrorists

COLUMBUS, OH (AP) — Police in Ohio would be directed to recognize white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups as terrorist organizations under a state legislative proposal. 133 kata lagi