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Fear Cost....

​My heart dropped when you said you wanted to talk. We were doing great but my last girlfriend left in a great place as well. You knocked on the door, I swallowed, but my mouth was bone dry. 263 kata lagi


Marriage Proposal

Once upon a time there was a marriage proposal from a girl to a boy who was preparing for the civil services. Since she had no job in hand, the parents of the boy were sceptical about accepting the proposal. 328 kata lagi

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Rock Climber Proposes To His Girlfriend In The Most Romantic Way Ever

Rock climber Luis Cardona recently asked his girlfriend to marry him, and his proposal totally rocked. He popped the question to Maddy Thorpe, who he met in August 2015, while the two were at Elevation Rock Gym in Logan, Utah. 51 kata lagi

Good News

There ought to be a word for this

On the way to work, I pass through some areas where the rocky hills or mountains have been cut to provide a roadway. At these cuts or passes, the rough rock is exposed in faces on one or both sides of the road. 83 kata lagi


"I will!" And I would again in a heartbeat.

In the summer of 1999, I made up my mind to move to Williamsburg, Virginia and work for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  I flew into Newport News and gave myself one week to secure a job and a place to live.  1.002 kata lagi

A wedding is about more than just a suit...

It’s been an incredibly tough week. Probably one of the hardest working weeks since beginning my career a long 7 years ago. Working in advertising may seem all glamorous and exciting. 381 kata lagi

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class Person
public:     virtual const char * name(void) const = 0;
public:     Person(void) {}
public:     virtual ~Person(void) {}

#define anonymous(c, body)                  \
    []()->Person*{                          \
        class __##c : public c  body ;      \
        return new __##c();                 \

int main(void)
    Person * person = anonymous(Person, {
        virtual const char * name(void) const { return "novemberizing";  }
    std::cout << person->name() << std::endl;
    return 0;

output: novemberizing