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My Proposal

What is a Proposal?

A Project Proposal is a documentary that is split down into 3 different sections. The sections are Rationale, Project Concept and Evaluation. 190 kata lagi


New York City

Guys! This is so, so late – like REALLY late – but I realized we hadn’t done a story yet on our New Years trip to New York. 513 kata lagi


The big 'upgrade'

It looks like I’ll be working on urban caracals for a bit longer! As my project developed my supervisors and I made the decision, about 6 months ago, that it had the scope to be upgraded to a PhD. 545 kata lagi

Timeplan of the week

Monday 21st May

  • Pick out another final image and possibly edit in more detail on photoshop.
  • Write up a blog post bringing together my two final images for my fmp and explain that they will also be my final photos for the summer show.
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Proposal summary - per headings

Urban A.I. – redesigning urban spaces for human and A.I inhabitation

Context: Urban Tech. is being engineered/advanced as Artificial intelligence, or A.I. systems. Urban spaces should therefore be redesigned to welcome the new advanced form of technology as well as cater to the growing human residents already residing in urban centres. 161 kata lagi

Revised position


Urban Sentients – Sentients is no longer the correct terminology for the proposal and research.

Urban intelligence/systems/artificial/A.I

Urban A.I. – redesigning urban spaces for human and A.I. 70 kata lagi