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There was a whirl of emotions flowing through her at that very moment. There was excitement, happiness but there was also a tinge of anxiety. Suddenly she winced, and she furrowed her eyebrows out of pain. 291 kata lagi


Phase A Full-Time Job Into Part-Time, Then Retirement

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Ready to talk with your employer about going from full-time to part-time for a few years before you retire entirely?

Seems like a reasonable idea to me. 807 kata lagi

Money Matters

Should you live together before you propose??

Like most things in relationships, this is very individualized. There are some benefits to both. On the side of living together The obvious being that it is a bit of a test run of if you can spend that much time with the other person and live with them 24/7. 110 kata lagi

Live Together

Apple proposes new emojis to represent people with disabilities

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Apple has proposed a number of emojis to the Unicode Consortium, the emoji gatekeeper of sorts, to better represent people with disabilities and depict accessibility-related tools like hearing aids, guide dogs and prosthetic limbs. 277 kata lagi


Apple Submits New Accessibility Emojis to Unicode Consortium

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As outlined by

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In its proposal, Apple says it is aiming to better represent individuals with disabilities to provide a more inclusive experience for all. 576 kata lagi


Tips from Jewelers Mutual: 5 Real Proposal Stories With All the Feels

Did you know there is an actual day created for those who have patiently waited for their intended to pop the question? It’s called National Proposal Day, which took place on March 20. 65 kata lagi

American Gem Society