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Week 3 | Activity 1 - Draft Project Proposal

Below you can find a downloadable copy of my draft project proposal complete with referencing for imagery and copy resources.

Assessment 1A_Project_Planning_Proposal


Meera Weds Vasu Part 30

Vasu ….smiles at Meera when madame strums the strings of her guitar with Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse  a movie song  .Closing his eyes he feels her smile , touch of fingers caressing his hair through the music emitting from her guitar .Feeling  a lot tired from several business trips he just wants  to relax  with Meera by his side , but his  Meera madame  is really upset with his restless  travelling schedule . 109 kata lagi


How to Love on empty pockets

I reach for the only dress I own, sitting at the back of my closet

Waiting for the next special occasion it would be worn, 334 kata lagi

South County Residents Speak Out Against Proposed Apartment Complex

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Many south St. Louis County residents continue to speak out against a proposed apartment complex.

Ernie Trakas was among those speaking out during this week’s County Council meeting against a proposed apartment complex at Tesson Ferry and Bauer Roads. 150 kata lagi


A Proposal and thereafter ...

Something i wanted to do in reality.. alas, never got a chance as it’s always from the other side :)..

So here’s a piece from my fictitious mind …. 315 kata lagi

Webster Park Proposal | Brandon + Courtney

To her it was a day like any other. Church, church summer picnic and then hanging out at Brandon’s house. She was hot, exhausted and just wanting to sleep, but her relentless friends forced her to participate in their Sunday plans. 114 kata lagi

Lifestyle Photographer

Who Should I Marry?

I am a 37-year-old man. I met Amaka during our church’s annual convention two years ago. This girl is incredibly beautiful; she is everything I want in a woman. 566 kata lagi