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What have a parking garage for cars and a depot for art in common? Both are about storage of products: painting, sculptures and cars. What is we combine these two together and make a depot for cars and art. 183 kata lagi

Project Proposal

Unit 7 Project Proposal



Thomas Rickman

Candidate Number



Foundation Diploma 3D

Project Title

FMP Music venue

Section 1: Review

Throughout the first six units I feel I have made steady and successful progress at developing my skills and ideas. 975 kata lagi


How Maja popped the question!

Let’s face it we all love surprises; and when they come in the form of a WHOLE GIFT BASKET of pink and gold perfectly packaged gifts from your bestie, well, that’s just even better!! 410 kata lagi

Bex & Maja

We're engaged!!!!

Whoaaaaaaaa. This was a BIG BIG BIG day for us both. Sedona is magical and put it’s famous love spell on us today. Here is what happened : 1.258 kata lagi

Roadtrip USA 2017

Do Whatsstatus!

 Bored with your usual WhatsApp status?

Want a WhatsApp status that’s more funny, more witty, or just, more of You?


Got a jhakaas or thought provoking status that you feel should grab more eyeballs? 367 kata lagi