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Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule

Contains 80% black bee Propolis that claims to brighten, hydrate and boost skin defenses against roughness and dullness. Contains antioxidants and has soothing and healing properties. 78 kata lagi


Review: CNP Propolis Deep Moisture Pack

I chose to pick this up at a time when I was breaking out. I was looking for something to soothe angry spots, and it was on sale from around KRW 30,000 (ca US$ 30) to around KRW 21,000 (ca US$ 21) at my local Olive Young store. 306 kata lagi


CosRX's Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask

“Enriched with more than 87% propolis extract, and natural bee wax, this mask provides intensive hydration with refreshing moisture.”

quanitity, price: At  60 ml and priced at sgd 15.50, it is highly affordable. 393 kata lagi

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[REVIEW] Lee Gee Haam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule

Though I have tried a few others propolis / honey based skin care, I have to say that nothing beats your curiosity to the original one, the one that come up with the idea first, especially since everyone in skin care community raving about this particular product since a couple of years ago. 645 kata lagi



The year is 1211. Severed heads wash up on the shoreline near the small monastic outpost at Clynnog Fawr, in Wales. The heads have had their hair shaved off at the top and in front, which suggests they’re bards. 825 kata lagi

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Harga Propolis Moment 100% Asli

Masih banyak masyarakat yang terkecoh dengan harga Propolis Moment di internet, sangking variatifnya.

Bahkan tidak jarang penjual yang memberikan harga Propolis Moment jauh dibawah harga normal, yang menurut saya sangat tidak masuk akal! 269 kata lagi

Propolis Moment

Inilah Cara Tidak Mudah Haus Saat Puasa Ramadhan

Terkadang kita merasakan haus di kerongkongan saat puasa ramadhan, padahal pas waktu sahur sebelumnya sudah minum bergalon-galon air

Seolah-olah air yang kita minum tidak memberikan efek sama sekali. 230 kata lagi

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