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Rick Perry Political Super-PACs Pushing Legal Campaign Envelopes - Now Taking Over "Get Out The Vote" Operations...

Honest question:

If a candidate registers his or her name for ballot placement, and then does nothing for the entirety of the campaign (literally stays home and does nothing), and the Super-PAC funded organizers run every single aspect of the campaign – without any contact with the candidate – 668 kata lagi

No Surprise - Texas Shooting Suspect Has History as "Mentally Incompetent" In Prior Criminal Trials...

From the outset, even before Miles was identified, we suspected the narrative surrounding the “person of interest” would encompass “mental incapacity“; apparently our suspicions are confirmed.

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Sometimes not playing the game is WAY better than winning :) (I miss Ron Paul.)

h/t to Johnny who talked about this on the last week’s show and sent it along…made my day!

Ron Paul

They're Not So Different Those Canadian Politicians . . .

. . . like their US counterparts – election promises and money share the same characteristics: neither materialize.

Trudeau To Unveil Multibillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan To Boost Economy… 7 kata lagi

Government Fury

Ted Cruz Discusses Blood Trail From White House To Deputy Darren Goforth....

MILFORD, N.H.  – Sen. Ted Cruz today blamed President Obama for the ambush murder of a sheriff’s deputy in Houston, asserting that the president’s vilification of police has created a dangerous climate. 204 kata lagi

The Megyn Kelly Iowa Poll Shows Ben Carson Closing On Donald Trump (Full pdf data included)....

Dana Perino and Megyn Kelly give high-fives !!  Watch for it….

A newly released poll by Mommouth University shows Ben Carson pulling even with Donald Trump in Iowa.  1.215 kata lagi

t l i . / g o p d / w W V U O / 1 10 300 (also known as Pinocchio's Crucifix)

Cut the arms off a crucifix: t
Leave a branchless tree trunk: l
hack off and throw, Pinocchio’s head: i
leave on the ground, lest more lies spread: … 93 kata lagi