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"Danger!!" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Part 1

In late March 1915, The Evening Star, a daily newspaper in Washington D.C., published Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story “Danger!! Being the Log of Capt. 587 more words


Does it matter who controls the media?

Prior to commencing my university degree, I didn’t really know who controlled the media. In fact, I didn’t really care. I didn’t see how this impacted me at all. 485 more words


Youtube is the New TV : Youtuber as PR Contractor

Does ‘demo’ watch TV or Youtube?

Youtube, probably

Then, why is propaganda still stuck in TV?

Okay, taking care of ‘power demo’

But, we shall all future-proof our asses… 25 more words


It’s time to end the lie that Labour and Tories are ‘the same’ on austerity - Sunny Hundal & Sue Jones

It is a claim so ubiquitous that most people repeat it without even having to explain it:

‘there’s hardly any difference between the main political parties’. 1.876 more words

adorned wink

the alienation is complete.
everything according to plan.
the new zion.
there’s no such thing as time.
there’s no such thing as enlightenment.
a buncha wise guys making $$$ selling it and a buncha fools buying it. 1.211 more words


The Nectar of Not-So-Transcendental Book Distribution

In this blog’s most recent post I tried to make the case that the shiny-happy ISKCON of the present day is not exactly what the movement’s founder- 2.629 more words

Toward understanding North Korean state fears of Dandong

On March 26, the Korean Central News Agency reported at length on a truly remarkable press conference. I say “remarkable” because it dealt with a topic that, if even half of the allegations stated were true, contained more than a few bombshells about a cluster of sensitive subjects. 1.686 more words

North Korea