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San Demetrio London (1943)

“I’ll do my best to steer her in the right direction but it’ll be between a guess and God.” So says the captain of a downed merchant tanker which the crew reclaims from their lifeboat after U-boats have torpedoed it and they find it floating and on fire in the Atlantic. 92 kata lagi


Current Desperation - There are Trillions of Dollars At Stake...

From October 2013 forward we have discussed the presidential election of 2016 and foretold/warned what was to come.   There are trillions of dollars at stake. 697 kata lagi

Media Bias

28 April 1916 - Supreme in the Sky

Today, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, At a meeting organised by the Navy League, held at the Queen’s Hall, again set forth his views on the need for an Imperial Air Service with the motto In Celo Impero (Supreme in the Sky). 1.571 kata lagi


Huffington Post Blog Calls On Christians and Jews to Unite Against Muslims

A blog post appearing on the nominally progressive Huffington Post on April 12 called on the world’s followers of the Christian and Jewish faiths to unite against what the piece claims is a common enemy: Islam. 1.520 kata lagi


Propaganda G.O.S.P.E.L.

This is, with out a doubt, one of my favorite explanations of the Gospel. Check it out! When your done, check out some of his other spoken word videos. 15 kata lagi

Miscellaneous Religion

Propaganda and Mass Indoctrination in the End Times

Some thoughts about both propaganda and mass indoctrination from both the Bible and antichrist, worldly sources.


“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” 1.323 kata lagi

End Time Deception