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Falcons Sacrifice Taz Anderson

Taz L Anderson Jr =177. On the day the Atlanta Falcons defeated the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football with a total score of 77 points for Matt Ryan’s 77th win, former Falcon and hall-of-famer Taz Anderson died age… 178 kata lagi


Corbyn "unelectable" : Origins

This is going to sound like such a conspiracy theory, but in light of the recent Labour Leadership election that Corbyn won. The fact that the SNP smashed Labour out of Scotland, proving left-wing politics are very electable and the mountains of people claiming in despite of all evidence that he’s unelectable. 475 kata lagi


The CIA is trying to protect the privacy rights of someone who doesn't exist

In the 1950s and 60s, newspaper readers around the world received many a story from the pen of global economics pundit Guy Sims Fitch.

Except they didn’t—because… 278 kata lagi

Understanding why U.S. Psychological Warfare Operations do not use drones to infiltrate propaganda into North Korea.

First published in March 2016 through a different media channel           An RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.            (U.S. Air Force photo/Bobbi Zapka)

     My USAF unit was the sole American military outfit that flew drone reconnaissance missions for 11 years during the Vietnam War in Southeast Asia .   776 kata lagi

Military Operational Research

Duped New York Concert Audience Gives Standing Ovation to North Korean Propaganda

The Ureuk concert at Merkin Hall in February was timed to mark the birthday of Kim Jong Il, one of North Korea’s biggest holidays, known as the “Day of the Shining Star.” The concert was hailed as a propaganda victory by Pyongyang’s state-run Korean Central News Agency, which described the U.S. 34 kata lagi

North Korea

Shimon Says: The Death of President Peres & Zionism By The Numbers

Shimon Peres =69, the ultimate Zionist coding. State of Israel =69. Jerusalem Israel =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Yossi Cohen =69 (head of Mossad). White Supremacy =69. 412 kata lagi


Beating the same drum

Habits are things that we consistently do on a regular basis, sometimes even without recognizing it for what it is. This is especially true with thoughts, words, and actions. 115 kata lagi

North Korea