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Interesting piece about propaganda and it’s origin, with a link to Plato which I might want to dive into. Apparently, the term propaganda doesn’t exist that long yet, and Plato had his own definition for it, as quoted here: 38 kata lagi


Trump Twitter tirades deepen Asia alarm over conflict risk


© AFP/File / by Kelly MACNAMARA | Observers say Trump’s fondness for Twitter diplomacy is creating a situation ripe for dangerous misunderstandings as he pursues an increasingly personal row with Kim Jong-Un… 822 kata lagi


Today we were told the news
As it happened
And when more happened
They told us the news again

At the current rate of use… 72 kata lagi

BBC STILL pushing #studentdebt falsehood

After the General Election result the Tories, in their desperation to check the ‘Corbyn surge’, started claiming that the Labour leader had rowed back on a supposed promise to cancel existing student debts. 255 kata lagi

A Holocaust Witch Hunt

Grab your popcorn boys there’s another holocaust denial witch hunt under way. Burn the heretics!

A speaker at a Labour Party fringe meeting on free speech dared to opine that any issue should be open to debate…..including the Holocaust!!!! 408 kata lagi


BC NDP under fire for possible partisan posts on government’s Facebook page

The BC NDP called it “government propaganda” while in opposition, but now it appears they’re producing their own.

The government of B.C.’s Facebook page contains a number of posts similar to those the NDP criticized the BC Liberals for. 379 kata lagi