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Hey Greenpeace, could you find us Finns a warm place to live in?

A recent Greenpeace news release leads to an inescapable conclusion: that us Finns need to be evacuated immediately, because radiation hazards of living in Finland exceed those encountered at Fukushima evacuation zones. 629 kata lagi

Nuclear Energy & Weapons

Ep. 27 - The Truth About The Deep State - What They're Not Telling You

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 27 of the Propaganda Report.

The mainstream media is officially talking about the “Deep State”, which means they’re lying to you about it. 100 kata lagi


There's a Difference: Fake News and Junk News

Source: OfTwominds.com
Charles Hugh Smith
February 21, 2017

Media junkies on the tragic path to extinction believe the junk news, non-junkies see through the manipulation. 482 kata lagi


Further thoughts on the movie "Jackie"

I thought Oliver Stone’s JFK would be the weirdest movie I ever saw about the Kennedy assassination, but Jackie has surpassed it.  I went to see it again, thinking I must have been mistaken in my first impression.   722 kata lagi

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Canadian Survey: Massive Drop in Trust in Government - Significant Number Blame Media Bias...

Another research report surfaces today highlighting a growing international trend.  More People are beginning to identify the structures of liberal government as untrustworthy; it is quite an interesting dynamic. 415 kata lagi

‘Prove that release of captives is not propaganda’ – AFP to NPA

Since the word “propaganda” is being used frequently, here is a basically new use of the word.  

Propaganda, here, means something is completely fabricated, intended only to make oneself look better.   261 kata lagi


The Truth about Euromaidan vs LSE Propaganda

I’ll be doing video reportage on the subject this week, as yesterday I attended a panel discussion organised by the London School of Economics, LSE, as part of their literary festival. 166 kata lagi