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International Law - A Tool To Knead Morons

Russian Presstitutes Department

So called “international law” is a myth, both in the “internationality” and the “legality” (of law). It defines “rules” convenient for some governments (that’s why the “rules” constitute rather their “whims”). 149 kata lagi


How Official Russian Press Sells Out Russia

Russian Presstitutes Department

Under the guise of “balanced” article TASS spread softly pro-liberal junk. I do not want to rant that TPP was “forced on” agreement, protecting American corporations and de facto pseudo-international economic accord. 308 kata lagi



all good clean fun—


—and wizard wheezes, eh wot? Oh … sorry … what was that? Times change?

No, surely not.

Just innocent boyish pranks, and they should be treated as such: 767 kata lagi


Again, I Say


I thought I sometimes spoke in flowers—but with moi it’s deliberate misuse of my native langue; with this writer (see snippets below) I believe English to be her second (or other subsequent) language. 789 kata lagi


No, Marco Rubio DID NOT Defund The "Risk Corridors" Inside ObamaCare...

We knew back in November, that Marco Rubio advocates were going to try and proclaim that his legislative action defunded the insurance risk corridors within ObamaCare; and, as expected, Rubio advocates are indeed trying this approach.  1.046 kata lagi

Record Number of U.S. Citizens, Green-Card Holders Cut Ties With U.S. in 2015

  • A record 4,279 individuals renounced their U.S. citizenship or long-term residency in 2015, according to data released by the Treasury Department.
  • Last year was the third year in a row for record renunciations, according to Andrew Mitchel, an international lawyer in Centerbrook, Conn., who tallies and tracks renunciation data.
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