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IRS Investigation - Treasury Inspector General: "Potential Criminal Activity Occurred"...

Regarding the ongoing IRS Lois Lerner email fiasco, the Inspector General is now reporting to congress that potential criminal activity might have occurred surrounding the email cover-up.  171 more words

Media Bias

The art of satire

“Clever is when one is crafty enough to mistake your imagination for intelligence. Smart is when one assumes they are too educated to notice the difference.” -Kerry E. 1.233 more words


President Obama Honors Third Anniversary Of Notorious Burglar, Thief and Knock-Out Participant's Death...

TODAY …”President Obama on Thursday commemorated the third anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black high school student shot dead in Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

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Whatever became of economists?

That’s the question that Paul Craig Roberts asks:

According to the official economic fairy tale, the US economy has been in recovery since June 2009.

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Lockstep, the propaganda wars continues

Yes, I admit it; I’m bias to the core and although I’m not into politics on either side; but if I we’re, I’d definitely avoid the two major political parties, the liberal’s/demarcate and the republican’s party, of which I’m unsure who side there really on. 120 more words


Jihadi John Identified as Mohammed Emwazi

February 26, 2015 / ISIS Study Group /

Mohammed Emwazi was born in Kuwait in 1988 and moved to the UK in 1994. He was raised in a middle class family in Queens Park, London, UK. 1.229 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Konfliktenes elefant

Når det gjelder krig og konflikt i verden, er det nok å ta av, men elefanten i rommet er kanskje “Midtøsten” (begrepet er en generalisering, men regner med den er forståelig og unødvendig å henge seg opp i). 1.267 more words