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Americans Bombarded With As Much Propaganda As North Koreans

And this article doesn’t even address the real elephant in the room: the fact that essentially all mainstream media, news and entertainment alike, is crafted by Jews with an explicit agenda to deceive and mislead us. 1.392 kata lagi

Daily News

Dr. Drew TV Show Cancelled Days After Questioning Clinton's Health...

It was only August 17th when Dr. Drew Pinsky said Hillary Clinton may be receiving “inadequate health care that is not optimal for her condition… 74 kata lagi

Hillary Clinton Goes Full Tinfoil - Declares Planetary "Nationalists" are Out To Get Her...

The “vast right-wing conspiracy” went weirdly global today when Hillary Clinton delivered an actual presidential speech claiming she was being chased around by looming global forces of darkness, aligned in ideological intent to ensure her destruction. 192 kata lagi

Media Bias

Russia ramps up the propaganda machine

Influence operations take many forms. This is nice exposè of what appears to be a Russian influence operation focused on the US Congress.

All it takes is one Congressional staffer to get a hook in their mouth, and the operation may be successful.   871 kata lagi


The ratio of personnel losses of the AFU and Russian armies in the Donbas was one to ten

Input from an anonymous expert, following my comments.

My analysis stands, Russia is great at producing gee-whiz weapons but terrible at fighting wars. Russian soldiers lack training, discipline, professionalism, and probably experience. 728 kata lagi


Trump Hasn’t Read Coulter’s Trump-Worshiping Book

Donald Trump hasn’t read Ann Coulter’s book about him.

A book worshipful in tone and glorifying in substance.

A book written by one narcissist to another narcissist. 35 kata lagi