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Belgian Journalist: "Each War Is Preceded By A Big Media Lie" (13 MIN)

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya…and maybe Syria too. This investigative journalist points out some important similarities.

Source: Journalist: “Each War Is Preceded By A Big Media Lie” 601 kata lagi


The Plan for ISIL (and how your hate is helping them)

The Islamic State can be very sneaky and tactical when it comes to propaganda and the viewing of their image… I’ll keep this short.

First, they appeal to potential ‘believers’, harnessing their powers of illusion to persuade people to join their cause and to make them think that they are doing the right thing. 334 kata lagi


The Death of Context

We all love a good death don’t we. The Death of Reason, The Death of Jesse James, The Death of Pop, The Death of Death Metal? 525 kata lagi

To Understand France's Jihadis, Look At Where They Came From

By Daniel Hannan ~

Eurocrats rarely see Molenbeek, the Brussels commune that has become the focus of police investigations following the Paris abominations – except, occasionally, from the windows of their chauffeured limousines. 788 kata lagi

Public Opinion

The Dirty War on Syria

Tim Anderson | 27 Nov 2015

The following text is the introductory chapter of  Professor Tim Anderson’s forthcoming book entitled The Dirty War on Syria… 3.348 kata lagi

Syrian Crisis

Colorado Springs Shootout Hoax: Synched-Up to Columbine

And oh will ya lookit that. 6066 days from the Columbine Shooting of 4/20/99, which occurred 100 km north of the Planned Parenthood on the the side of I-25, which is also 103 km away from Aurora Cinemas, site of the 7/20/12 Batman Shooting Hoax. 245 kata lagi