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Perversion of the sanctity of sex

I recently had to put my self in the shoes of one of these women who have to know their husbands have neuropaths crossed in their minds from childhood or inherited trauma who as a result sometimes act on perverted desires. 1.536 kata lagi

Processing: How to Load All Images in a Sketch Folder

Did you know you can create an array of images?! I just learned this. And the really exciting part is that you can rig up Processing to look through your Sketch folder to get the names of images to load into that array. 471 kata lagi

Gif Guides


The behavior and information of a program is usually seen and controlled at either the time of compiling or at runtime.

For compiled languages, attributes and types cannot be manipulated dynamically to the them extent it can be for a language like Python. 13 kata lagi


Kernel Code Execution Time Measurement (kcetm)

This post mainly talks about the correct usage of tsc counters provided by Intel x86/x86-64 architectures to measure the Linux kernel code execution time. Most of the content here is borrowed/inspired from [1]. 1.312 kata lagi


Codechef Problem - Best Cake Ever

The link to problem : https://www.codechef.com/problems/KMXOR


We take an example to understand the solution.

Binary representation of 9 is 1001

Because we have to make maximum XOR so it is obvious for n=1 we will print… 294 kata lagi


Cutting to the Quick: The Software Craftsman

Sometimes you can spend years trying to find a book that you can recommend to someone who’s asked you a question. My latest read, The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism… 575 kata lagi


How to package Service Fabric application into SFPKG in .NET Core using MSBuild task

This task wouldn’t require much efforts but:

  • Service Fabric doesn’t support packaging its “package” (which is not a real package but just a directory) into .sfpkg out-of-the-box.
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