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Synchronizing Amazon S3 Buckets Using AWS Step Functions

In my free time, I run a small blog that uses Amazon S3 to host static content and Amazon CloudFront to distribute it world-wide. I use a home-grown, static website generator to create and upload my blog content onto S3. 110 kata lagi


End of Year Presentation

For the end of the year, I created a presentation of all of my previous (good) work that year. This includes projects I’ve done outside of college, along with my final VFX shot. 34 kata lagi

3D Modelling

Lewis Library Announces August Adult Programs!!

Rufus A. Lewis Regional Library

Adult Programming

August 2017

After 5 Book Club’s Discussion

Monday, August 7 @ 6 P.M.

Title: No Way Back by Andrew Goss… 259 kata lagi



The Java language project was started by James Gosling, Mike
Sheridan, Chris Warth, Patrick Naughton
and Ed Frank in June 1991 at Sun Microsystems. Many more people contributed for… 38 kata lagi


3D Maze Remix

Download for Windows | Download for OS X | Download for Linux

For the last few months I’ve been learning Unity and C# and built 3D Maze Remix. 180 kata lagi

Fun Stuff

Text Analysis using Concordance

When analyzing longer text, especially if this text was written by oneself, it helps to read the text in a different way, here using a concordance. 381 kata lagi