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TWU 101: Agile Development, Continuous Integration and Delivery, and Code Smells

As you know, through my ThoughtWorks 101 course, I have been doing a series of readings and programming assignments to prep for my job as a software consultant. 521 more words

Computer Science

Recent Thoughts on Neural Nets:

After attending Stanford’s Theoretical Neuroscience course yesterday I started wondering about more biologically derived methods of training neural nets, specifically incorporate  the neurogenesis , simplicity of early classifications, randomness/noise, mixtures of supervised and unsupervised learning and linear pre-processing with nonlinear processing and classification, & finally varying where the “raw” data is fed in order to obtain more general network architecture. 249 more words

Artificial Intelligence

U of M High School Computer Science Day (May 22 – 2015)

Watch the above video for a recap of a great and successful day at the University of Manitoba’s 6th annual High School Computer Science day. Schools from all over the province came and we won 3 of the 4 trophies.

Computer Science

May 22nd: Confusion

This is slow going, not so much because it’s super difficult as because I’m having a bit of trouble focusing. Hopefully this will go away naturally in a day or two as my mood shifts. 61 more words

Daily Update

Category feature for Ulysses-Post-to-WP

After a recent feature request I decided to look into adding category support for my Ulysses-Post-to-WP script. In the end it was actually easy. It involved changing one variable from… 60 more words


Summer Reading Program: Five Outstanding Kid Heroes

I am knee deep in organizing and planning my summer reading program which is set to kick off in just TWO weeks!  YIKES!  The theme this year is “Every Hero Has a Story.”  Yes, I am definitely using superheroes, but I also wanted to show the kids who they can be a hero in the world.  497 more words

Library Resources

Reading data from a Relational Database using Spark

While building a tool, one of the tasks was to have the ability to build relational data from a database. Well its a pretty basic thing but sometimes the Spark SQL APIs confusing, so writing the basic steps in here to benefit others. 512 more words