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Glute Activation - Beyond Bridges and Mini-Bands

Summer booty is more than just for show.  If you pay enough attention – you’ll notice that the fastest sprinters, strongest squatters, and most powerful lifters in the gym have a rump larger than the average bear.   337 more words


Generating Random Numbers

Often while programming we require to generate random numbers to play with data or for testing. In this post I will mention how to generate random numbers using Java and Python. 89 more words



Deadlift, 4×4

3 Rounds
1 minute each movement
Wall Balls (20/14)
Push Press (95/75)
KB Swings (55/35)

Rest 1 minute between rounds.  22 more words


Gaming made him a stronger person and it helped him deal with real life problems

Hristo Georgiev is a junior at AUBG majoring in Business Administration and Information Systems. Besides academia, Georgiev also enjoys programming and bodybuilding. He spends around 2 hours per day in the gym and the rest creating code on his laptop. 474 more words

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Apache Tomcat

Apache là một Java Servlet (Servlet là trung tâm của công nghệ Web trong Java, Servlet thay thế cho các ứng dụng CGI truyền thống) được phát triển bởi… 333 more words


"Lots of Potential"

I’m approaching completion of the program in terms of meeting criteria, with at least three quarters of the necessary algorithm made, it’s just a matter of: 78 more words

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D4DME – HTML Forms (Part Four)

Having completed the sign-up form, all I had to do for the next one was tweak a few details.

Screenshot of my submit form

The only things that needed to be changed were the names of the fields and certain input options (drop downs rather than text entry). 186 more words

Design For Digital Media Environments