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Top 10 Programming Languages 2017

We can’t deny the fact that programming languages are dying, so as a programmer or a developer we have to adopt to the latest languages and most popular in these generation. 556 kata lagi

Programming Languages

Equipment! Loot! Mysterious Artifacts!

How do you identify an adventurer? They’re the ones carrying their own weight in weapons, armor, and dungeoneering paraphernalia. Cool equipment and treasures are essential to the CRPG experience. 334 kata lagi



A. Clean, 2×2@60%, 4×2@70%, 2×2@73%, 2×2@75%
B. Block Jerk, 10×3@70%
C. Back Squat, 4×2@75%, 6×1@80%

Olympic Weightlifting

Membuat sitemap.xml di codeigniter

Masih membahas seputar framework sejuta umat codeigniter, kali ini saya akan menulis bagaimana cara membuat sitemap.xml yang akan di buat secara otomatis menggunakan database di codeigniter. 396 kata lagi


Overcoming roadblocks and seeking growth

Today I started my first Capture the Flag (CTF) competition.

There are only 3 challenges, ranked as Easy, Medium, and Hard. I solved Easy with no complications (a simple HTML problem).

653 kata lagi

You Can Go Home Again (At Least to Visit)

I’m one of those alt-cert teachers who was in another career before I decided to become a teacher. Specifically, I spent 20+ years as a computer programmer and network administrator. 412 kata lagi


New Programming Series for Beginners

It Started Out as a Feeling…

I got this idea last week from watching Facebook recipe videos. Speaking of which, I need to remember to try out that Oreo cheese cake that looked  47 kata lagi