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(Almost) free Ruby on Rails classes

Hello Java, PHP, Python, people, college grads. Learn Ruby on Rails to get a great job with great salary. And its almost free. With this technology you can build websites faster than any thing you can think of. 217 more words

Tự lập trình wordpress bài 5: Tạo Menu

Trong các website thì menu là phần rất qua trọng không thể thiếu, nó là shortcut đưa đến nội dung chung một categories một cách nhanh nhất… 171 more words


I'm taking classes again after so long!

There’s this site called Coursera and it’s really cool… online classes from different universities. Fun classes too. Honestly, I’d rather take these than go back to an actual college! 143 more words


CLion and coding challenges

As of a few days ago, CLion 1.0 has been released!!!!! I downloaded it and I’m super excited to finally have it for real. If you didn’t already know, I prefer CLion over Xcode for normal programing (i.e. 239 more words

Webster Programming Club

Recently, I started an after-school programming club at Webster Elementary in Pasadena where my kids go to school. Students from third to fifth grade were introduced to Scratch and learned how to make a simple game. 122 more words


Functional Doubly Linked Lists

It’s often been said that functional programming just isn’t cut out for certain tasks. File IO? Please… Databases? Forget about it!

I’ve always figured that the humble Doubly Linked list was on this list. 619 more words


Numbers: Morpheme Tales II

NINE: Manhunt in the Heartland (Muñoz Was a Righteous Bust)

I hear the inner intern’s bobbin knob popping, an interurban daily Davey Crockett slop bucket parapet stopping clocks on the aboveground spot to talk shop. 1.769 more words