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AMD hints at new processor architecture for “game console” in 2016

AMD hints at new processor architecture for “game console” in 2016

We like to keep abreast of whispers and rumors concerning what could be happening next in the realm of gaming here at Wii U Daily, so Devinder Kumar, the CFO of AMD has made some interesting statements in regards to the direction his company will be taking over the next few years. 392 more words


Today in the History of Technology - March 22 and 23

Happy Monday, friends! :D

This weekend was full of sleeping in, catching up on “Vikings” and editing, editing, editing until my eyes were ready to fall right out of my head. 97 more words


Windows 64-bit

For 15 years, computers ran on a 32-bit CPU. This supported up to 4GB of RAM and was sufficient for those dark ages when everyday tasks did not require too much power. 135 more words
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Reviewing the new Samsung Galaxy 6 and 6 Edge in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S6 and 6 edge

The Difference

Samsung like all other top phone manufacturers aimed to surprise the world with their new flagship models during official launch. 507 more words

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How CPU was previously shutdown due to thermal overheat ? How to solve ?

I bought my computer in 2008 since then I didn’t find any problem in processor. But for past one month I was hearing processor’s running sound so heavily and few times i was encountered with error at the booting time saying CPU was previously shutdown due to thermal overheat. 93 more words


HTC One M9 test shows 131 degree surface temp while running GFXBench

It looks like there is definitely some truth to evidence suggesting that the Snapdragon 810 has been facing some problems with overheating. Dutch site… 313 more words