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How The Dis-integrated 6502 Came To Be

I made a bee line for one booth in particular at this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire; our friend had his MOnSter 6502 on display. If you missed it last week, … 339 kata lagi


Asus ROG GT51CA: 4K gaming PC for $7,498

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – Fancy playing PC games at 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) resolution? PC maker Asus has launched a desktop PC that will run the latest games smoothly with all the eye candy. 258 kata lagi

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Dr Burton and the micro computer

‘Karen Anson,’ the technician replied.

Dr Burton frowned. ‘That’s an unusual name.’

‘Which one?’

‘Anson. I expect more letters.’

Karen paused, and then said, ‘Shall I show you how the computer works?’ 433 kata lagi


HAWKEN First Impressions. Gameplay. Ultra Settings On A FX-9590 8-Core CPU. Two GPUs. 32 GB RAM PC

Playing HAWKEN. Mech game available from Steam. First Impressions. Commentary. Cinematic intro and deathmatch gameplay. Playing on the ‘DREAM computer’ For  PC specs check VIDEO:   6 kata lagi


Best komputer valuable menurut Admin


AMD Godavari A10-7870K (Radeon R7 series) 3.9Ghz Cache 2x2MB 95W Socket FM2+ – AD787KXDJCSBX – With 95W Quiet Cooler ( Lihat di google ). 66 kata lagi


Gambar perbandingan kemampuan processor AMD Godavari A10-7870K

Dengan slogan

More performance, better price berarti hal yang sangat mengembirakan bagi kocek kita plus kemampuan hardware yang melebihi dari harganya.

Superior online gaming, seneng lah kalau maen game online pake setting medium (untuk dota2, starcraft2) dan high setting untuk LOL(game ter-paporit admin) dan CS : GO… 12 kata lagi


Intel; the Great Charade

Last weekend I was reading a few blogs on Intel’s recent Broadwell chip.  The current offering is the EP variation.  I regularly read & enjoy articles at… 981 kata lagi