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Xiaomi Redmi 4

A low budget phone with a budget below 10,000 is the latest smartphone released by Xiaomi. This phone has really good rating 8/10 and is easy to use. 122 kata lagi

Intel Core i9 Versus AMD Threadripper: Massive CPU War Is Coming

The high-end desktop market looks set for a massive showdown this summer between Intel and AMD. The former is set to release its new X299 platform and the latest rumors point at up to six Core i9 and Core i7 CPUs sporting up to 12 cores as it looks set to replace its current X99 platform… 262 kata lagi


AI chip and supercomputer by Google


Recently, Google announced the AI processor named as Cloud Tensor Processing Unit, which not only executes program at high speed but can also be trained more efficiently than traditional processors. 66 kata lagi

Future Of Computing

Apple to Announce New MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Possibly MacBook Air at WWDC

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The MacBook Pro, which was just updated in October with a slimmer design and a Touch Bar, will be refreshed with a faster Kaby Lake processor, an update from the Skylake processors in the current machines. 540 kata lagi


OnePlus 5 launch soon: Device to have flagship features for half the price

The OnePlus 5 smartphone might launch sometime this summer

OnePlus 5, the next flagship device from the stable of China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, is making a lot of buzz over the internet. 277 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Samsung will manufacture processors and memory chips for other companies

In an expected move, Samsung has separated the processors, memory chips and semiconductors sector into a separate, independent division that allows it to contract with companies to manufacture for its benefit. 104 kata lagi


Why you should upgrade your RAM!

How much RAM you need in a your system depends on what you intend to use your system for, how long you intend to keep it, and whether or not you can upgrade your memory post-purchase. 230 kata lagi