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Goondu review: Sony Xperia X

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

The Sony Xperia X is a curious product. While its innards are not exactly flagship level – its choice of processor comes to mind – it is clearly not a mid-ranger either, packing 3GB of memory and a 23-megapixel shooter with a large f/2.0 aperture. 1.154 kata lagi


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MediaTek has added Samsung to its list of clients

We all know MediaTek for producing SoC’s for lower end and mid-ranged devices, and we don’t typically give them as much credit because most of the more prestigious OEM’s tend to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC’s or their own in house processors like Samsung, Apple and Huawei. 195 kata lagi


Intel core i7-6950x got an extra potential - overclocked to 5.7GHz !!

Intel had launched its core i7-6950X at computex 2016,and it has a new Broadwell-E processor with 10 processing core running at an amazing speed of 3.0GHz. 407 kata lagi

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You can buy a powerful HackBook Elite laptop to run Mac OS X for just $349

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Intel i5 processor and 120GB SSD

Can’t bear to splurge on the latest Apple MacBook? Here’s an alternative that will get your money’s worth. 169 kata lagi


In Class Animate

long timer;
float framespeed= 50;
int circleX=100;
int Yo=180;
int circleW=186;
int circleZ=180;
int circleJ= 1;
int circleL =20;
int circleR =20;
int circleM =50; 111 kata lagi

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