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Intel teases upcoming 10nm+ Ice Lake processor series for 2018/2019

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Intel today has announced early details of its future Ice Lake series of processors. Ice Lake is a successor to Intel’s Coffee Lake processors, which will be officially unveiled next week. 353 kata lagi


AMD Launches Ryzen Threadripper The Fastest Processor for Desktop Computers

AMD has announced the latest additions to the new Ryzen series, the Ryzen Threadripper, the latest, fastest and most powerful processor of all the company’s desktop processors, according to the company, the fastest in the history of computers Desktops in general. 172 kata lagi


Intel and AMD Processors Price Line Up

Today, we sum up the current pricing of the two giant companies with their latest offerings of Central Processing Unit or what we commonly called, the ‘Processor’. 395 kata lagi


Bespoke Processors Might Soon Power Your Artisanal Devices

Modern microprocessors are a marvel of technological progress and engineering. At less than a dollar per unit, even the cheapest microprocessors on the market are orders of magnitude more powerful than their ancestors. 381 kata lagi