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i3 8th gen : Everything you need to know about Coffee Lake Desktop Processors

So just six months back , when the whole of the tech world was thinking that its the time for Ryzen to rise and Intel’s demise, this thought was turned upside down by intel with its all new monsterous 8th gen processors. 476 kata lagi


Huawei Mate 10 to Feature 4,000mAh Battery, Coming on October 16

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The Chinese company

Huawei Mate 10 Pro (Image via Evan Blass)

With Samsung, Apple, and Google all having played their cards in the 2017 smartphone wars, Huawei is hoping to make a big splash to round off the year with its Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, set to be officially announced on October 16. 515 kata lagi


Introduction to Multithreading, Superthreading and Hyperthreading

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Back in the dual-Celeron days, when symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) first became cheap enough to come within reach of the average PC user, many hardware enthusiasts eager to get in on the SMP craze were asking what exactly (besides winning them the admiration and envy of their peers) a dual-processing rig could do for them. 1.408 kata lagi


Software for Quantum computers

Quantum computers may be heralded as the future of computing but we need software to make use of them. Otherwise, Quantum computers would be a technology with untapped latent talent. 185 kata lagi

Future Of Computing

PS VR gets a redesign and an updated processor unit

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It’s been nearly a year since Sony launched PlayStation VR on these shores, but while we’ve seen the occasional price drop, there’s been nothing in the way of hints that a new version could be on the way. 111 kata lagi


Sony Announces An Updated PlayStation VR Headset

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The newly updated PlayStation VR headset features a revamped design with some welcomed changes like integrated stereo headphone cables and an updated processor.

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