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Well I’ve got my office pretty much done. It looks ghetto but I love it! I have a station for my cricut. Which by the way should be here Saturday according to the tracking. 252 more words

3 Things the Printing Companies Don't Tell You

Sometimes I wonder if those who work in the field of sheet-offset printing have the interest or not to share their knowledge and skills with their customers. 296 more words

Offset Printing

PCB Etching for the Gen 7

So Today we etched the PCB for our electronics. The Github repository has the PCB layout in PDF format but there is actually a problem in the PDF file. 554 more words

3D Printer

Affordable solar power – myths and facts

Everybody in South Africa is concerned to some degree about our electricity supply situation. The honest truth is like most problems, it will get worse before it gets better. 457 more words

Cuneiform printer, plan A

I’m cheap, and it’s genetic. My parents probably think I ditched the cheap gene somewhere, but I still see it when it comes to projects. If there is any chance that I can use something for free, even if it is a pain, I’ve got to give it a go before shelling out for the proper parts. 191 more words

Spring Clean Your Printer - 7 Easy Steps

Spring is here … FINALLY… and along with the usual spring cleaning around the house and office you need to consider spring cleaning your printer. … 341 more words