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Why To Choose The Printer Is Like to Buy A New TV

Recently I’ve been contacted by an art magazine publisher who was interested in printing the issue 1. Since the first chat, I understood that he was quite confused about the printing industry but relieved to have found me. 453 more words

Offset Printing

LA-Based HelloTech Wants to Be the Uber of Tech Support

Lots of things can be summoned with an app now, at least in certain markets — drivers, carpool buddies, fast food, slow food, dog treats and shaving tools — so it only makes sense that the idea would extend to at-home tech support. 532 more words


Hot Deals of the Day!

Deal of the Day – USA

63% Off Select Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software

Original: $539.00 List price: $199.00 (63% off)

 Rosetta Stone software creates a natural, intuitive process for new language learners through interactive technology. 138 more words


This Printer Isn't Working (Diagnostic Ping-Pong)

“Hi I’m just ringing about the printer. It’s not working.”

It was the printer just over the partition from me. I had taken it on myself to try and fix it. 388 more words


Mesin cetak 3D

Membuat hasil karya 3D dengan cara yang baru?rasa baru?bentuk baru?

why not?

Harga? silahkan menghubungi kami…

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