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The New 3D Craze

For DIY fanatics that love obtaining their hands filthy, locating the best 3D printers for residence usage should not be that much of a battle. Brands like SeeMeeCNC and also RepRap supply user-friendly DIY sets at reasonable costs. 418 kata lagi

The New 3D Craze

There are different processes in 3D printing, with quick prototyping being one of the most used. Prior to the real printing process, it is essential to examine the digital design first for mistakes such as holes, noise shells, faces normals as well as self-intersections. 514 kata lagi

The New 3D Hype

If you actually intend to have enjoyable with a 3D printer, go ahead and take that jump. You’re generally merely developing things from plastic, yet the rush you receive from developing something on your own is most definitely worth the shot. 618 kata lagi

The New 3D Craze

With the gradual rise of 21st century technology, the three-dimensional age is slowly reviving. You may be picturing it as a scene right out of a science fiction – of bright lights, flying vehicles as well as things emerging from thin air. 400 kata lagi

The New 3D Buzz

When developing a 3D printer of your very own, adhering to the instructions included in the package deal is of utmost relevance. The choice of developing your very own printer just relies on your enthusiasm for playing with modern technology. 1.039 kata lagi

Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/29~

What artist was apprenticed to a miniature-painter, then to a theatre-scene-painter, eventually becoming a teacher and a painter in watercolors and in oils?

What artist is best remembered as a master printer who created illustrations and compositions with his experiments in type?

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Visual Arts

Photo Friday: Good Enough to Print

This photo of Frankie and Puck would make a great print, if only I had a printer that wasn’t jammed with a cat.