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Printer Woes

I love Canon printers, they have always delivered amazing print-outs at superfast speeds and their tanks have always been great value (the “start” time has never been great, but I can live with that!). 308 more words



In any work environment utilizing computer systems, printers play a vital role.

These utilities provide the services of enabling to get hard copies (printer)

A printer is referred to as a peripheral which produces hard copies (tangible, on paper) … 238 more words


米3Dプリント大手「メイカーボット」、社員の20%を解雇 [ #cbajp ]




shopping for new electrical goods

Something is happening in my home that I can’t quite explain, my electical goods are all dieing. First it was my toaster that decided that it had enough of roasting my bread, then my kettle decided to join in and became a little temperamental and stubborn, not always wanting to boil and sometimes just giving up halfway through. 520 more words


Lexmark Rebrand - By Moving Brands

Lexmark is joining the rebranding revolution with the help of ‘Moving Brands’, an independent, global creative company (as they describe themselves) with offices in London, Zürich, and the United States. 552 more words