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According to Treehugger.com, “Fasting can be a preventative and therapeutic approach against obesity and metabolic disorders.” This is probably good news for people who find it possible to abstain from eating for hours or days on end. 185 kata lagi


National Women’s Health Week Begins On Mother's Day

Tameca R. Wilson, MBA
Title X Outreach Coordinator
Division of Women’s Health

In an average day you work at least eight hours in the office, help with homework, get the kids to practice, cook dinner, and check on your parents. 207 kata lagi

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How to interpret your Liver Blood Test Results?

Liver tests are common blood tests used to determine if the liver is functioning normally. The blood samples for the liver tests are drawn from a vein and sent to a laboratory for analysis. 862 kata lagi


What does a Complete Blood Count (CBC) tell you about your health?

A CBC, also known as a complete blood count, is a common blood test performed on patients on a regular basis (annually or every six months, for example). 412 kata lagi


How Green is Your Dental Routine?

Go green for Earth Day! Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin Senator created Earth Day.  In 1970, 20 million Americans rallied in streets, parks, and auditoriums for a sustainable environment. 562 kata lagi

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Preventive Measures To Avoid Falls > doctor Dwight Aged Bone

Preventive measures to avoid falls Many people over the age of 65 are susceptible to falls; the main cause of injuries to them. There are plenty of reasons why people in that age range fall. 24 kata lagi

Friday Favorites # 10 of 52

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers, and happy weekend!

I’m back here in WordPress for today’s new segment of Friday Favorites. This week’s favorite is no other than… … 505 kata lagi

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