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Using preventive maintenance (PM) schedules in TRIRIGA

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is currently using the Preventive Maintenance area of TRIRIGA. Specifically in relation to setting up and using Work Procedures on PM Schedules and within Work Tasks. 177 more words


Predicting equipment failures through facility maintenance

In most manufacturing plants, the demands on FMs are high; but the data is insufficient or nonexistent… Without this kind of information, FMs are left to rely on planned preventive maintenance (also known as PMM or Planned Maintenance) schedules, which can be expensive and can cause unnecessary downtime… 149 more words


Dentist open 7 days

Dentist open 7 days

At Miranda Dental Centre dentist open 7 days for dental treatment. Miranda Dental Centre we can be available with appointment for 7 days between 9am to 6 pm. 272 more words

Clear Braces


Yesterday I had my second ever colonoscopy. I am young for one, much less two, of these procedures. But when you have symptoms, they like you to get one. 1.067 more words


Introducing... Men's Health NG!

Hello all!

Welcome! As you’ve noticed, this is a blog specifically designed to keep the menfolk updated about their health – mental, physical, social and spiritual. 170 more words


Whether you have one machine or fifty, your equipment deserves the same care!

Heavy equipment maintenance involves an understanding of all the systems found on large, motorized machines, such as bulldozers, cranes or backhoes. Heavy equipment may include hydraulics, large diesel engines and many moving parts and thus require specialized maintenance and repair techniques. 133 more words