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Heal Thyself and Your Years Be Golden

The human body is actually quite equipped to do just that. there is tremendous redundancy in tissues (skin, vessels), muscles (424) and organs (2 kidneys, lungs, eyes). 574 kata lagi


5 ways to be a Well-Woman

As soon as International Women’s Day nears, I see a lot of ads that prompt women to “Pamper Yourself” or “Celebrate Womanhood” by spending a day at the spa, getting your nails painted or, perhaps, a new hairstyle. 601 kata lagi

Health Insurance – Preventive vs Reactive Care

Although insurers get a lot of attention when problems with the current health care system are discussed, such discussions are often a case of missing the forest for the trees. 28 kata lagi

Life Secrets And Tips

Mencegah Cyber Crime

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya dapet email yang mengajak untuk mencegah cyber crime. Awalnya saya cuma baca aja karena udah hampir tau isinya gimana, tapi sekarang saya mau share. 615 kata lagi


Kang, "preventive Medicine" Concept Was Born Of Japanese Products - Yunnan Hong Kang,

China Olympics Years Day of Industry First Sound Ray: Dian Hong Kang “Five Anti” series of costumes available
Olympics, the whole nation is jubilant, because the state-owned wedding. 20 kata lagi

2017 Strategy Focus: Bringing Supply Chains Closer to Markets

For almost 30 years now, the dominant business meme has been globalization (tech disruption is a relative latecomer). Particularly after the symbolic breaking of the Berlin Wall in November 1989… 457 kata lagi

Hundred Thousand Feet

Driving against traffic: Police studying preventive measures

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

More recent cases of people driving against traffic are being investigated, but most of these incidents were unintentional, the Traffic Police said yesterday. 516 kata lagi

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