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Predictive Maintenance for Zen State of Manufacturing

In a previous entry, Mission Industry 4.0 @ Balluff, I explained that the two primary objectives for Balluff’s work in the area of Industry 4.0 are to help customers achieve high production efficiencies in their  automation and achieve  ‘batch size one’ production. 562 kata lagi

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Preventive Dental Work Gilbert AZ

Preventative DentistryIn the United States, each year more than 30,000…

Preventive Dentistry Practices Your Family Dentist Wants You to Know

They say prevention is always better than cure. True enough, preventive measures that are taken regularly for your oral health. Doing so can save you from future complications that might arise from ignored dental conditions. 93 kata lagi

PCPC3 notes revisions to USPSTF research plan on PSA screening

PCPC3 — the patient-centered prostate cancer collaborative coalition — has just issued a statement about the revised research plan issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in reassessing the value of PSA screening for risk of prostate cancer. 128 kata lagi


Common Preventive Dental Treatments from a Dentist in Corning, NY

Generally, people don’t visit their dentist in Corning, NY or nearby areas unless they have an unbearable toothache, an unsightly cracked tooth, and other dental problems. 128 kata lagi

Australia to tax sugary drinks?

A new study by Deakin University’s Gary Sacks and colleagues has calculated the impact on Australia of a tax on sugary drinks, similar to the one that will come into effect in the U.K. 143 kata lagi


Hello: Awkward friendship moments save lives on the road

A new campaign from the New Zealand Transport Agency focuses on driver distraction, a serious road safety issue all over the world. It is often the initial cause of a chain of events that results in serious injury and too often death.  54 kata lagi