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Greenville, SC Family Dentistry: What to Expect from Preventive Care

Decay and gum disease are the two leading causes of tooth loss. Early detection and treatment of these issues can help you avoid going through the painful, costly process of losing your teeth and then paying for dental restoration solutions. 61 kata lagi

Types of maintenance

Maintenance types and strategies can be classified (Ref: BS EN 13306:2001) into:

1. Preventive maintenance: Maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals or according to prescribed criteria and intended to reduce the probability of failure or the degradation of the functioning of an item. 209 kata lagi


Cold turkey better than hot pharma for smoking cessation

It turns out most people quit smoking without any assistance, despite the push by big pharma to sell their products and services. While some people think cold turkey implies there are no “interventions”, years of efforts to change behaviours and social norms have probably produced the effect of an intervention on those who choose to give up without help.


What is the planned usage for building system and system node?

We are working on a facility assessment implementation and wondering about the planned usage for Building System / System Node, which are hierarchical objects. My understanding is that it can be used to organize assets into systems and share procedures across buildings for preventive maintenance (job plans). 30 kata lagi


Using preventive maintenance (PM) schedules in TRIRIGA

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is currently using the Preventive Maintenance area of TRIRIGA. Specifically in relation to setting up and using Work Procedures on PM Schedules and within Work Tasks. 177 kata lagi


Predicting equipment failures through facility maintenance

In most manufacturing plants, the demands on FMs are high; but the data is insufficient or nonexistent… Without this kind of information, FMs are left to rely on planned preventive maintenance (also known as PMM or Planned Maintenance) schedules, which can be expensive and can cause unnecessary downtime… 149 kata lagi


Dentist open 7 days

Dentist open 7 days

At Miranda Dental Centre dentist open 7 days for dental treatment. Miranda Dental Centre we can be available with appointment for 7 days between 9am to 6 pm. 272 kata lagi

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