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Truth is

Tomorrow I go to get blood drawn to see what’s going on with my thyroid an if I am considered diabetic. I pray and hope that’s not the case, but I also know over the years I should have paid attention to health. 209 kata lagi

Five best practices for capital planning

Many breakdowns can occur in updating facilities and equipment data. If work orders are not entered in a timely fashion then the data is almost obsolete and lacks the ability to be used to successfully forecast future expenditures. 153 kata lagi


Image from page 143 of "Practical preventive medicine" (1920)

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Image from page 143 of “Practical preventive medicine” (1920)

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Title: Practical preventive medicine… 8 kata lagi

IV79517: Scheduled events are created with inconsistent times

Business Scenario: The job is set as monthly to take place on 1st day of every month starting at 09:00 on 1st December 2015. No offset duration or shadowing tasks are set… Planned end dates are scheduled the next day, when in fact they should end after 2 weeks. 80 kata lagi


PhilCare launches Unlimited Medical & Dental Consultation cards

PhilCare upholds importance of preventive health, launches Unlimited Medical & Dental Consultation cards

Filipinos tend to think only about their health when they are sick and more often than not, I admit I’m one of the people who tend to self-medicate during times of illness. 462 kata lagi


Bike Maintenance Errors to Avoid

We all make mistakes, but SRAM mechanic Sara Jarrell says she frequently meets cyclists who make the same common errors when it comes to bike set up and maintenance.  30 kata lagi

Digital Therapeutics will only partially disrupt Healthcare Industry: Waiting for AI

The previous post indicated how it may be just a matter of time that fintech would disrupt the banking industry. The barriers for such disruption of banking were seen to be a combination of regulations and certain monopolistic behaviors by current actors in the industry. 1.253 kata lagi

Customer Cost Curve Implosion