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REVIEW: 'Face-Isobel' at Oran Mor

A Play, A Pie and A Pint

The story goes-there are three sides to a story: one person’s side,another person’s side and the right one. 194 kata lagi

Lorna Irvine

سیاسی جماعتوں کے مسلح ونگز

سی آئی ڈی پولیس کے مرحوم ایس ایس پی اسلم خان نے 2003 میں عزیر کو سجاول میں واقع اس کی آبائی زمین سے گرفتار کیا تھا لیکن کراچی سینٹرل جیل میں محض دو گھنٹے گزارنے کے دوران پیپلز پارٹی کے کچھ کارکن اسکے ساتھ رہے جنہوں نے رہائی کے بعد اسے محفوظ پناہ گاہ بھی فراہم کی۔



Uzair Baloch, the gangster was seen quite grim with submissive body gestures at the time of his arrest. His quite presence was surely not the one, he was known for. 449 kata lagi

Hard Talks

Smart Cities. Financial Mechanisms

Despite all the benefits that Smart Cities bring alone, the progress towards “future” cities is not being made as quickly as it could due to a number of financial barriers. 429 kata lagi

Internet Of Things

OJ urges use of votes as weapons against Jammeh as PPP commences North Bank tour

By Baboucarr Ceesay

The leader of the People’s Progressive Party, PPP has called on Gambians to use the power of their votes as their supreme weapon to end the dictatorial regime so as to send-off intimidation, harassment, torture, disappearance, illegal dismissal, impunity and all forms of injustice. 468 kata lagi


Losing Their Religion

Benazir Bhutto is an important woman in Pakistan, even in death. She was the first woman to make prime minister in a Muslim country. Her father, also once a prime minister, founded the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). 139 kata lagi