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My peer taught lesson

I decided the topic for my peer taught lesson would be “Satanism.” I decided on this for two reasons: the first being is that i know the subject well (i did my honors program on the occult and Satanism was featured greatly in it). 188 kata lagi


Book review: Tharoor, An era of darkness

Shashi Tharoor’s latest book originated in a debate at Oxford on whether Britain should pay reparations to its erstwhile colonies. The YouTube clip of Tharoor systematically demolishing the opposition, his brilliance evident in the thrust and parry of debate, has been watched by more than three million viewers. 1.502 kata lagi



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SCRUTINIZING those who need US to VOTE them into POWER; the POLITICALLY Incorrect Way of Doing It Effectively

Politicians need to face stuff like these before a thumbs up comes from the audiences rallying up for them. But we live in Ghana. We need more time for more people who will be able to see the varying perspectives of the problem. 510 kata lagi

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