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FG Is Adopting PPP For Effective Healthcare Delivery, Says Osinbajo

The Federal government has restated its resolve to achieve effective healthcare delivery by nurturing primary healthcare development towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the country by fostering healthy Public Private Partnership (PPP) collaboration. 414 kata lagi


Finance Minister Bill Morneau says federal infrastructure spending is on target

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he’s comfortable with the amount of infrastructure money the Liberal government has managed to get into the economy, despite a report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer that questions the speed of the federal government’s spending program. 458 kata lagi


Model Concession Agreement, or Why Environmental Clearances are Not Required Before Financial Closures?

There is something called a model concession agreement, which is tied with what is termed a financial closure. Model Concession Agreement (MCA) forms the core of public private partnership (PPP) projects in India. 409 kata lagi


Shoe Task Research

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is the founder of ‘Lisa Says Gah’ – a fashion blog  and “shop that used fashion to build a community of creative, insightful women” ( 248 kata lagi


PPP: learning from the past

It is not difficult to find examples of failed public-private partnerships (PPP). From Mexico to France, and from Australia to the US there are many many examples of how PPP has failed to deliver the benefits intended. 528 kata lagi

New plants for XMAS 2016 ... awesome!!!

Vee has named this cool plant as Key Lime

This guy is Aloha Sparks Halloween!

This one had a long name according to Vee… “as sweet as Purple Pudding Plum”…. 8 kata lagi