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Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk [Includes example opening lines]

Of the countless presentations you’ve likely heard, how many have really made you listen? Often, they can sound and look a lot like all the rest. 432 kata lagi


Death by Powerpoint

John and Jennie sat in the back row of the conference room, squirming impatiently like small schoolchildren.  For forty minutes they had endured a presentation from the new regional director, thinking all the while of all the things they could more usefully be doing. 144 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Intro to PowerPoint 2016

This video shows a few of the new features in version 2016 – if you’re providing visuals, there are some very exciting techniques to display images. 54 kata lagi

Recovering Unsaved Office Documents

Have you ever forgotten to save a document you were working on? Maybe you accidentally clicked the No button when prompted to save your spreadsheet on closing it? 226 kata lagi


Thing 23 - End Game

So the final thing is reflection…what have I learned? What will I do next? Am I a better person? Who really did frame Roger Rabbit? One thing that remains, unfortunately, is my overall scepticism of the personal benefits to these sorts of communications in a professional context – and to clarify again, I’m referring to my professional context. 321 kata lagi

23 Things

Must have Gadget : Lumia 950XL with Free Fitbit Flex + Free Office 365

Bundle smartphone deals which come along with free value add-ons are almost non-existent in the South African smartphone market. When last did you buy a brand new smartphone and get some freebies thrown, just to say thank you? 246 kata lagi

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