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Class 26 Powerpoint

Here’s the pdf of the powerpoint from December 1st.
Class 26 – Museums


Write up of Professional Placement – Week Ten

Module Leader – Ananda Breed

1st December

This session we worked towards presenting a mock presentation in relation to our case studies for the CW1 aspect of the module, with this we were able to present our presentation and gained insightful feedback from Ananda in regards to relating back to the criteria and achieving the best possible grades for our work. 537 kata lagi


Multimedia Learning

Post 9 – EDCI 336: Technology Innovation in Education

With multimedia learning, the focus can shift to making students the experts. In order to increase cognitive interest, the student must feel… 169 kata lagi

Blog Posts

@Prezi tutorial on #SPSM, 11/22/15, 9pCT

@DocForeman shares a Prezi tutorial on SPSM, 11/22/15, at 9pCT.

Presentation slides should be easy to archive, share, and google…plus they should be engaging and fun. 59 kata lagi

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Are you using PowerPoint for presentations? Have you heard of or seen a presentation using Prezi? I still have not figured out to use it but SPSM chat (Suicide Prevention on Social Media) just did a wonderful tutorial on this internet tool. It is a dynamic way of presenting that also links well to your social media. Thanks Dr. April Foreman for putting this together...