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How to make a boring bulleted list visually appealing

If one slide after another is filled with bullet after bullet, try this for a change!

Step 1: Click in the text placeholder or the text box and press Ctrl A to select all content… 160 kata lagi


Working with Vector Graphics in PowerPoint

Vector are images that are made up of shapes, rather than a grid of pixels.  They can be scaled to a larger size without losing any image quality. 34 kata lagi


Slide Design Project

This is What Enduring Love Looks Like from Micole Mayfield

Process: First I found a Ted Talk that interested me. You can find the link below. 283 kata lagi


Grapes of Wrath Introduction

My teaching schedule is a little odd for 11th grade – I do not see them at all on Monday and Tuesday and then have three hours with them on Wednesday. 499 kata lagi

11th American Lit

What not to do in PowerPoint

I chose this video for multiple reasons.  I find the video hilarious, but I also find it useful.   In the educational field, I have seen thousands of PowerPoints (from students, coworkers, and other professionals).   75 kata lagi


What makes an engaging presentation?

Presentations created using PowerPoint have been a large part of the business world for the past 20 years. A presentation is a speech that’s meant to inform, persuade or build good relationships; the slides that appear behind the speaker are there to compliment their words. 692 kata lagi


Microsoft PowerPoint Templates and Themes

There are many new Powerpoint Themes and Templates available, either as part of the standard installed application, or free of charge through Microsoft Office.

PowerPoint is not just for presentations – some of the great templates available include Photo Albums, Planners, Maps and Timelines. 21 kata lagi