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Pirmais, lielais ieraksts!

Sveicināts, manu dārgo lasītāj! Šodien ir mana jaunā gada 4tā diena un jau precīzi četras dienas mani neliek mierā ideja par savu domu, ideju, piedzīvojumu, pārdzīvojumu, ceļojumu, atklāsmju un citu labu lietu plašāku izklāstu savā blogā. 628 kata lagi


When it comes to the people in your PowerPoint or eLearning programs, do looks matter?

Over the weekend, I found myself chatting about visual imagery with a co-worker as we zoomed in and out of traffic on our way to the Pune (India) airport. 430 kata lagi


Making the Jump to Prezi

“Prezi is not a replacement for PowerPoint.”

That’s what I was told in the workshop, at least. Having been a user for roughly four years now, I’m tempted to disagree, although with a caveat.  785 kata lagi



One of the biggest highlights of Office 365 and SharePoint Online is the capability for accessing the files anywhere and anytime! An extra benefit, in my opinion is somewhat a revolution in the Collaborative World, it is the ability for opening and editing docs in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel right from your browser. 1.252 kata lagi

What do you do?

When I worked in the District, the most important question asked at every social engagement was some variation on “What do you do?” or “Who do you work for?” The answer, of course, would immediately raise or lower your social standing or level of attractiveness. 293 kata lagi


Microsoft Office for Mac gets 64-bit support for better performance

”Microsoft announced in April that it would make the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit for Office 2016 for Mac,” Billy Steele reports for Engadget. “Well, the time has come.” 118 kata lagi


Zooming in on a PowerPoint Slide

Ever been doing a presentation and you have a chart, image or data you want to zoom in on. Perhaps you just want to make it stand out or get your audience to focus on it or perhaps it is a little difficult to read. 33 kata lagi

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