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But why isn't it shaped like a

. a S perger
. . .. N ostalgia
p O litics .
co W ardly .
arti F icial . . ..
il L usion… 8 kata lagi


Cine face ce, cui și de ce?

La mijlocul anilor ’90, psihologii au început să studieze similaritățile dintre antreprenori și sociopați. Șarmul superficial, lipsa empatiei, un simț exagerat al propriei importanțe: trăsături îngrijorătoare în contexte obișnuite sunt acum prețuite în sala de conferințe.  1.732 kata lagi


Smoke & Burn

The door of independence is slamming shut with a silent and sudden swing. The hinges are hammered loose with a tool called propaganda, while the door is being locked and loaded with foreign ideologies. 2.740 kata lagi

Laying The Foundation

The Historian

Andre The Giant announced the new realism –
while Academians worked to validate the status quo.
Andre The Giant died on the Twenty-Ninth of January… 64 kata lagi



The world
Today is full
Of vibrations.
An unstoppable
Ring. Ring. Ring
Incessant and
Disturbing in our heads
Our hearts, our futures
And the little we know of our pasts… 9 kata lagi

Original Works

Postmodern Belief: American Literature and Religion since 1960

How can intense religious beliefs coexist with pluralism in America today? Examining the role of the religious imagination in contemporary religious practice and in some of the best-known works of… 61 kata lagi


Critical Postmodern Readings, Part 1: Lyotard

I’m over nine years into this blog, so I think most readers know my opinions and worldview on many issues in philosophy. I roughly subscribe to a… 1.225 kata lagi