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You know how you know when you know.

Something overlaps between an earlier time and tomorrow,

somehow casting a shadow, today. Knowing the moon

comes out at night at noon. 46 more words


Ten reasons why you should make a commitment

My friends and I were discussing a very interesting article the other day. It’s one of the click-bait articles that is designed to generate traffic to a website:  1.477 more words


Consistent, Never Mundane

I’m not an optimist.
I am not deaf and dumb.
I’m not a pessimist,
by blood because
benzos and narcotics
aren’t my thing

I’m sinusoidal. 64 more words


Spring Break at Incline Village

On the drive up the mountain
dotted with snow,

I saw low-set clouds
dwelling in the midst of forest pines

like wisps of cotton
embedded in Velcro, 126 more words


We Never Go Out of Style

There is no such thing as the world; just an extended photo-op
Life is but an elaborate joke
An insecure joke
A hesitant laugh
A startling, striking insincerity… 65 more words


The Ghost

Once, a ghost grew tired of his idle life and decided to take up a trade. In the graveyard one evening, he heard a drunken preacher with a whisky bottle lecturing a tombstone on the inability of ghosts to teach anything to humanity. 427 more words

Beneath the city lights, a river, echoing answers to questions mumbled out loud by the very drunk. Beneath the river’s water, fish pretending to be bears, waxing about the phase of the moon and the relative efficacy of privacy law. 28 more words