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To my cat and to the twentysomethings

You’re a drinking machine
A pissing machine
A fucking machine
A moaning machine, an eating machine
You’re also a groaning machine
A purring machine
A comfort seeking, sleeping machine… 442 kata lagi


Time, Memory, and the Myth of Progress

by Amanda C. R. Clark

In our post-postmodern culture, text and image are increasingly fractured. Disciplines such as literary studies and art history are segregated and kept at a distance; Starbucks and Apple logos sans text are reduced to little more than semiotic cliché.  777 kata lagi


House of Leaves, postmodernism and the administration of fear

Originally published on Ready Steady Book.

In his recent piece on the administration of fear, Mark Thwaite asks whether “The Ministry of Fear is not just the name of a novel but a name for what novels are?” Does Art itself have as one of its tasks the administration of fear, the potential to perpetuate the environment of fear in which the State has placed us? 1.192 kata lagi


Peterson's Petulance Problem

Jordan Peterson is burdened by the impossible oppression of actually having a job.

When his employer requested that he address all students in class with the requisite courtesy customary of students, even if some prefer the… 2.918 kata lagi

Bill C16


A found-footage horror/SF movie that so closely follows the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT’s beats I thought I heard someone shouting “Josh!” PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is not a movie I would recommend to anyone. 454 kata lagi