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The City & The City (China Miéville 2009)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything by China Miéville but I am glad I picked up The City and The City. This novel is one of them strange novels which defies genre, being a mind bending mix between a police procedural, science fiction and fantasy. 659 kata lagi


Media industry: Four important lessons from Jeremy Paxman’s last interview

Jeremy Paxman went unmasked in his last interview given to The Times magazine (24.09.2016). As one of Britain’s most popular and controversial journalists, Paxman, 66, has amassed various juicy anecdotes and has led “war-gaming” interviews with the most influential public figures for the last decade on Newsnight for the BBC. 619 kata lagi

Blow Off the Dust.

A Short Plea to Millennial Evangelical Protestants

       In today’s culture, we have become more infatuated with our feelings rather than truth. The post-modern secular worldview promotes personal happiness over moral universalism, which insights a Pandora’s Box of problems. 334 kata lagi

Definition of Object. 

“an object is a postmodern subject”

-Lance Kair.


Sketchbook 12.05.98 by Terry Farrell & Partners

Sketchbook 12.05.98 by Terry Farrell & Partners soon to be available at the outstanding BookLovers of Bath web site!

Published: London: Right Angle Publishing, 1998, Paperback. 167 kata lagi

BookLovers Of Bath: The Shop!


My time-travel experiment had failed. I was doomed to spend the rest of my days travelling between the past and the future with no hope of returning to the moment I had ignited the engine on my time-vehicle. 789 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Παιδιά φυλακισμένων γονέων: το πριν και το μετά…

Με τα παιδιά των γονιών που βρίσκονται έγκλειστοι σε κάποιο κατάστημα κράτησης εκτίοντας την ποινή τους, ασχολούμαστε στο postmodern στο άρθρο που φέρει τον τίτλο … 12 kata lagi

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