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Through Prose Tinted Glasses

This is the poem that’s been taking up a little too much of my time lately, and the product of a creative writing assignment with the incredibly specific command of “write 30-40 lines of free verse poetry”. 215 more words


Reading Log: Asterios Polyp and the Literary Merits of Graphic Novels

I’m a big fan of graphic novels; one the the projects I’m working on right now is a collaborative effort that extends into visual narrative. I enjoy comic books (check out ‘Y: The Last Man’ and ‘Preacher’ if you want some pulp fun but have burned out on superheros). 340 more words


The Attributes of Postmodern Photography

Before leaving the subject of postmodernism I want to look more closely at the work of Cindy Sherman and specifically at Untitled Film Stills (1). I do this partly to continue the process of understanding postmodernism and partly because I find this work, which is often cited as a pure example of postmodernism and feminism, ambiguous and perhaps a better example of Geoffrey Batchen’s idea of post postmodernism than postmodernism. 1.751 more words

Research And Reflection



The course guide asks how Sophie Calle’s Take Care of Yourself and Sophy Rickett’s Objects in the Field reflect post modern approaches to narrative. To answer this question it is first necessary to gain some understanding of postmodernism. 897 more words

Research And Reflection

Sex, happiness and meaning

If you can’t sleep, might as well write about sex, right?

As a single guy in his early 30s who is a Christian in the midst of a large, not-unrelated internal Church theological crisis who also lives in 21st Century America, I do my fair amount of thinking about sex. 995 more words


Perplexingly Postmodern

Sometimes reading postmodern literature is like reading those texts where people just type the first words their iPhone suggests… For instance, compare the authorship of: … 64 more words


Satin Island - Tom McCarthy


Something is not nothing, even if it isn’t everything. (163)

This novel is not nothing, it is something but not everything, it’s a collage, a roaming thing, and like our own daily internet distraction sessions, this novel flicks from one idea to another, it uses a loose Heideggerian tool perspective to riff on the dynamics of parachutes and then jumps to meditations on how…

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