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A Word for Millennials

So you’re a twenty-something adult who still feels like a kid. You’re not sure when those feelings of “adulthood” are suppose to take place, and you’re a little worried about it because you have already  married, landed a successful job, bought a car, bought a house, paid off your student loans, given birth, etc. 1.233 kata lagi


Gender and Identity: Posthuman Bodies, Online Identity

The module started off with an in-depth discussion on ideas such as online identity, Posthumanism and Posthuman bodies, cyborgs and cybernetics, and technologization of the self. 764 kata lagi


Seiobo There Below -Laszlo Krasznahorkai


Because not to know something is a complicated process

Essentially it’s a 400-and-something page meditation on the nature of art and the artist and whether art and our engagement with it can offer some sort of profound meaning to alleviate our existential dread.

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Postmodern Picturebooks

Hi all,

This post is to let you know that every Saturday for the next four weeks (starting tomorrow) I’ll be introducing interesting and avant-garde picturebooks. 17 kata lagi

Book Reviews

The Public Burning - Robert Coover (Prose #23)

But wherever they go, sooner or later they will come to Times Square. Today, of course, this is required of them, even the locals will be here tonight, but even without the public electrocutions, they would gather here. 135 kata lagi


All of the chairs in our house are used
Or broken.

It doesn’t really matter, I guess,
It’s just a Russian roulette
To see who’s gonna break what first. 112 kata lagi

Free Verse

The Orchard 

A lonely young woman walked in her walled pear orchard, its eternal prisoner. There may have been a time when she loved her golden pears, their rounded shapes, sweet nectar and soft flesh, but she never thought of those days. 139 kata lagi