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Jurassic Park & Postmodern Media

Welcome you all again <3 How was my last blog? I hope that it looks well for you because now I am going to guide you to another chapter of media in postmodernism again but it will be deeper into the remarkable thing of postmodern era, it is an overlapping of… 1.533 kata lagi


Postmodern news

It’s news and it’s not.
It’s hard to refuse.
It’s cold and it’s hot.
It’s postmodern news.


Go away
They said today

And so I went away
I walked all night and day
Ended up far away
I saw it all
I heard it call… 6 kata lagi


Priestly Prose

As a Priest I straddle between two worlds, spiritual and material worlds, trying to preach a message two-thousand years old in a time of anxiety, where anything said or done is subject to being thrown back in your face. 99 kata lagi

Family Guy: Postmodernism

Have you ever watch Family Guy before? What do you see from the cartoon? Let me guess. First things that you see is that they are American. 1.244 kata lagi