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The Oubliette 

A physicist was punished for various intrigues and thrown down the interminable shaft of a modern day oubliette. An oubliette was originally a type of medieval dungeon, dug into the lowest depths below a castle and only accessed by a one-way entrance—a hatch through the ceiling above without a ladder or stairs leading back up to it. 197 kata lagi

St. Augustine's Advent Sermo: Responding to the World's Hecklers

The first post that will be part of a series of posts during this Advent season taking a look at St. Augustine Sermo LI

My Dear Charity in Christ, (How Augustine addressed the faithful) 973 kata lagi


The Enigmas 

They are not thieves, though they can be said to thieve. To thieve and to war without scars, without possessing. They will come. In the crepuscular time, in the tattooed, blue twilight they will come, with their hands filled with stars, planets and sands they will come, their shadows upon the earth like the blades of ancient scythes. 68 kata lagi

The Pale King - David Foster Wallace (prose #20)

The school smelled of adhesive paste, rubber boots, sour cafeteria food, and a warm biotic odor of many bodies and the fixative of the tile floor as three hundred mammals slowly warmed the rooms throughout the day. 147 kata lagi

Majesty Replaced By Mystery

A few years ago, because I wanted to look up something about God’s character, I pulled out my copy of The Knowledge of the Holy… 991 kata lagi