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Textures & Discrepancies

Wikipedia Poem, No. 533

debord jp
male writers
kenneth adrip
goldsmith evanescent
a substance despised

twenty ten is divided by
gwathmey… 71 kata lagi


Post postmodern church

The post-postmodern church will be a customized app so your “worship” time is customized and privatized by/to you. You set up a portfolio icon/image and discuss things with other members via chat and prayer rooms separated by age groups. 139 kata lagi


The Threat of Postmodernism

Is there a corner of society immune to it?  It permeates coffee shops and fills talk radio. On college campuses, it is sacred to professors and students alike. 1.276 kata lagi


Hitchcocking a Ride On the Rails

I ride the Bahn for free;

the plastic seats are my warm cocoon.

I’m watching out for control,

an outsider in a foreign land.

The looks they’re giving me… 68 kata lagi

On Poetry

In college, I majored in creative writing and minored in professional writing. I had a fantastic college experience, and I enjoyed (nearly) every single class I took. 1.423 kata lagi


Leading in Postmodernity (Part 2)

Words matter! As we continue the discussion regarding leadership in the Postmodern Era, it is important to note that this battle over terminology (and its degradation) is nothing new. 247 kata lagi

Christian Leadership


SURF’S UP by Chris Green

Most people in the UK associate surfing with Newquay but Widemouth in North Cornwall was its original home. Widemouth is where the Australian pioneers of the sport came when they first arrived in the country to test the waters. 2.676 kata lagi

Short Story