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For Want of a Favorable Reality

The coal industry of West Virginia had found themselves in a crisis. Coal had become unimportant to the economics of West Virginia. Well, that really wasn’t the crisis; exports could take care of that. 1.131 more words

The Monument

Once upon a time, a traveler came through the village, and stayed for a day, selling beads under a straw parasol out on the roadway. Nobody had ever seen such kindness, heard such tales of wisdom or enjoyed such good company in years. 62 more words


so the whizz kid
freshly-minted doctorate
still bright red around around
those shoulders
I would peel
it back from

tells me I am localized, theorized and so… 46 more words


We the nova

We the energetic

We the nova

We the degenerate star


Bombers refueling, the others unequal in strength, those alkaline metals injected into the upper region of the torso, what is the melting point? 95 more words

No sex please, we're physiotherapists

The physiotherapy profession has a rather odd relationship with sex and sensuality.  On the one hand, it lies at the heart of everything that physiotherapists do, on the other it is almost completely invisibly; un-theorized, glanced over in graduate programmes, and almost invisible in models that try to explain what physiotherapy is and isn’t.   1.275 more words



then, to my surprise
the Universe
wrote on
my dance card whereupon
we sure did waltz

and all the time we were
really getting to… 38 more words