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A study on consumer society (unfinished)

(picture courtesy to an undergraduate project “What are people really wearing?”)

A society involves a lot of agreements between people, and oftentimes we forget the actual reasons these agreements are in place. 839 kata lagi

для всех

senescence (a haiku)

I was almost not going to post this…

but just to show you where my mind is at

faint whispered death wish
getting weaker by the day… 54 kata lagi


Women and Men - Joseph McElroy (Prose #13)

For hear us falling. Toward the horizon albeit oblique, for we imagine it isn’t our natural state. We are some power to be here and to have changed toward life even to think distinct from these angels lately to be heard speculating in us as if they were learning to hope. 8 kata lagi

Modern or Post-Modern?

What time is it? How can we describe where architecture is at these days? That was a question that occurred to me a few years ago and so I thought I’d get my civil engineering students to find out for me. 277 kata lagi