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John MacArthur on postmodernism and rationality

John MacArthur has a new book, The Truth War, which he is adapting for a series of blog posts on his GTY — Grace To You — … 1.554 kata lagi


philosophical thought in radiohead's amnesiac

when i read jude the obscure i raved at the stark pessimism i found in it, because i was 15 and dying for a story with a realist ending, with a reminder that escape is painful and dangerous, and that most people couldn’t handle the implications of what it meant to escape the status quo – you find yourself with no-one, no support, and god turns on you. 2.137 kata lagi


Just Walking Around by John Ashbery

Below is John Ashbery reading his poem “Just Walking Around” back in June of 2014. At the bottom of this post is my reading of the same poem. 62 kata lagi

Honor Pledge, Research and Art in the Digital Age, and Peer Review Prep

Class Agenda

  1. Tech Presentation #3: Instagram
  2. Wrap-up plagiarism, copyright, Honor Pledge, and adding a Creative Commons license to your blog using widgets
  3. Sirc, Duchamp, readymades, and postmodern art/creativity sharing…
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The Magus, Part Two

The distinct pleasure in reading The Magus has been, for me, remaining constantly off-balance and uncertain of the next steps in the story. Similar to the central character, Nicholas Urfe, I am allowed to bear witness to the events that transpire but am largely unable to make any safe predictions about what comes next. 462 kata lagi


BOOK REVIEW: Italo Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler

You are about to begin reading Sirena’s book review on Italo Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler. Adjust the lighting or the brightness on your phone or laptop, so as not to strain your eyes. 736 kata lagi


Sirc, Duchamp, Readymades, and Writing

As you know, Tuesday’s class is cancelled, and the following post contains all the information you need to be ready for Thursday. I have published the project details for the  2.363 kata lagi