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The New Cult of Personality

Do you get the feeling we are involved in a big game of poke the bear?  No, not Trump. Not Putin or Clinton.  Not Congress, or SCOTUS.  438 kata lagi

The Persistence of Play, acrylic on canvas, 32 by 38 in. Emilia Kallock 2017

Emilia Kallock


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Eggs, and Other Things

~A Pulp Fiction inspired short: that wants to read like a script, but would lose the whole tone in that format. Eh, post-modernism is all about saying ‘fuck it’. 2.068 kata lagi


Why Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 Word of the Year Matters

Another great contribution by Ravi Zacharias. What comes through so clearly is the irony of scholars and media personalities who will insist there is no truth and then complain about lies. 264 kata lagi


Armageddon Obsession

Years back, at DisInfoCon (I’ll try to find the link later and stick it here), Grant Morrison, comic-book writer, ritual magician and Glaswegian, mourned what he considered the western youth’s slide into what he deemed “apocalypse culture.” It’s an interesting cultural development; this is perhaps the first time in history that a vast amount of our consumable entertainment media has been based in worlds which appear to be ruined versions of our own. 720 kata lagi


The Epiphany 

In a moon-white desert full of sand and blue stars, the three magi traveled quietly on their camels, heading into an obscure east. Three nights had passed since the strange star had vanished, since they had departed from the holy cities and their weeping tombs. 291 kata lagi