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Daily prompt : Love to love you

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

The thing that I love most about myself is how easily I find humor and humorous situations. 179 kata lagi

You Are Free of the Chains that Bound You To Me


I made sure that my hotel is still booked for the trip to Guthrie.  I couldn’t find the email confirmation anywhere and I was sure I paid for it, sure I settled on doing it versus camping, but the absence of the email when I have just about every other email that’s ever been sent since the advent of tubes and webs, was unnerving.   577 kata lagi


Diary of a Poisoner - Day 669

Ok, today’s post was going to be about the fun day I had with my lovely friend and her tribe as we adventures to the the Zoo, I was then going to finish it off with a bit about ongoing illness, and how after the sickness bug my body is starting misbehave as it finds it’s equilibrium of torment once again. 832 kata lagi


New plantings purchased today

I am not planting my new plants today, as soon as we got them home, I watered them and that’s it until Monday. I was serious when I said that I wasn’t going to do anything physical until Monday. 72 kata lagi

Preparations for tomorrow's Memorial Day celebrations

As the curator for the Blandford Historical Society, I have taken over my mother-in-law’s responsibilities, in particular, her role in preparing and organizing the Blandford veteran exhibit at the Historical Society which is open prior and after the Memorial Day parade. 194 kata lagi

Kegiatan Pelayanan Sosial PMI Kabupaten Kapuas

Pada hari kamis tanggal 09 mei 2013 PMI Kabupaten Kapuas melakukan kegiatan pelayanan sosial ke kecamatan Bataguh khususnya di Terusan Raya, Komplek kabulat didesa Handiwong, dan asrama SLB di kapuas, PMI Kabupaten kapuas mengunjungi para lansia, dan keluarga yang kurang mampu untuk membagikan sembako. 12 kata lagi


Iron Man 3: a movie review

The baby girl, the hubby and I met up at the cinema to go see Iron Man 3 in 2D. I made the decision to see it in 2D because 3D gives me frightful headaches and I don’t find it to add that much more to the entertainment factor. 299 kata lagi